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Makeover magic!

We talked to the two designers behind the Warner home's new look.
You might recognise them; they're Auckland's talented interior design duo Graham Dickie and Peter Reid, owners of the Republic interior design store in Ponsonby.

How did you get involved with refurbishing the Warner home on Shortland Street?

Line Producer Tim Hansen approached us and we discussed some ideas which the design team at Shortland Street loved.

What "style" did you want to bring to the Warner home? (eg modern/ classic/ retro)

Chris' interior was looking very dated so a makeover had to translate/reflect his success and fortune. This is a very sexy, modern look with a mix of diffferent design trends such as retro (sofa) and vintage (chairs), along with organics which are very "now" (coffee table).  Overall it says Chris Warner.

Where did you source the furnishings and décor items?

From our own store - the sofa is our design. Also from our Republic Revolution range sold at The Warehouse.

Do you watch Shortland Street yourselves?

Not as often as we should, but now it's looking all sexy we will have to change that!

Which other "home" on Shortland Street would you like to get your hands on? And what would you do?

The house with all the arched doorways. Not sure whose it is (it's El Rancho) but we HATE archways!

Can you share a few design tips for viewers/readers?

Decorating tips on a tight budget:

  • Painting a room has the most effect. A can of paint is not expensive and we have great colour ranges available to us here in NZ.
  • Recover - take an old armchair or sofa and recover rather than buying new. Great deals on fabrics are available as ends of lines etc.. see Martha's in Auckland for example.
  • Buy second hand vintage furniture and repaint or recover it. Old pieces can look fantastic with a new lease of life.
  • Change cushions/duvets/throws etc.. really inexpensive and maximum effect.
  • Change the furniture round and de-clutter while you're at it. A new placement can really make a room feel different.
  • Most importantly, have a game plan to start with. Pull pictures from magazines of looks you like and cut and paste onto a board to create your mood.

Your 5 decorating must haves:

  • Comfortable furniture
  • Artwork - even if you make it yourself. There's no excuse not to  and artwork really finishes the room.
  • Colour - we are welcoming back colour in a big way. If you're nervous just start with some cushions.
  • Candles are always ambient in a room.
  • Something that tells a story - whether it's a flea market pickup or a hand-me-down. Always have something that you fell in love with at first sight.

If I should do ONE thing to my house this year, it should be...

EDIT,EDIT EDIT - if it's not working, hide it or give it away. We are about to do this in our own house - too many years of too many must haves is not good.