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From loathing to love

Brooke and Boyd survived their first year together as husband and wife, and while it may not have been the most conventional of courtships, they are now stronger than ever!

We take a look back through their bumpy first year:


Brooke and Boyd started their union as a marriage of convenience after Brooke hatched a plan with Boyd's sister to get him disinherited from his family estate, allowing Boyd to continue his career in the medical field.

While they may have been far from in love at the time, things have certainly changed for the better now!


The couple have certainly had their fair share of ups and downs. Brooke finally fulfilled her dream of CEO of Shortland Street, but when she went into renal failure; their relationship was truly put to the test.

Thankfully it only brought them closer together, but their relationship was tested once more when Brooke's sister Bree returned. Boyd only wanted to save his wife from the stress and danger which Bree presented, but Brooke was torn by her sisterly duties.

After a rocky time, Brooke realised that she needed to give Bree the tough love treatment in order to save Bree from herself, and Brooke's marriage, but not before learning the truth behind the kidney that saved Brooke.

This isn't the only secret Brooke and Boyd have been keeping together; they are also keeping the secret of Chris's baby with Grace from Rachel. But how long can their relationship last under the strain of so much deception?


Either way, the pair is now more in love than ever. So much so that Boyd decided they needed a real anniversary to celebrate, not the date of their once-sham marriage. He decided to re-propose to Brooke and the two held a recommitment ceremony with their closest friends. With talks of babies, what more does their future together hold? Watch this space!