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Shortland Street

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The life of the party!

Local actor Ari Boyland reprises his role as party-animal Brodie Kemp on Shortland Street this week.

Viewers first met mischievous Brodie in March this year, but now he's back on the scene and ready to have some fun.

It's not long before he has one particular Shorty Streeter in his sights - and he intends to liven up that person's life!

Involved in acting since an early age, Boyland's first big break was on the television show The Tribe when he was just ten years old.

Serving as a launching pad for many local actors including Shortland Street's Beth Allen (Brooke Freeman) and Lee Donoghue (Hunter McKay) , Boyland describes the experience as a dream come true.

From there, the ball kept rolling, with Boyland landing parts on on Power Rangers, Revelations, You Wish and TV2's highly successful Go Girls .

Boyland also spent the summer in New York last year, studying at the prestigious Neighbourhood Playhouse School of Theatre.

"New York is the coolest city I've ever spent time in. There is always stuff to do there. It's buzzing," says Boyland. "The work that I got to do at the school, and the people that I was spending time with, was absolutely invaluable."

Thrilled to be asked back to Shortland Street , Boyland says he can still remember his first day on set clearly.

"I was pretty nervous. It's a pretty daunting thing to be the new person on such a long standing show, especially when it's as productive as Shortland Street ," explains Boyland. "But everyone was really nice and welcoming and made it really easy for me to come in with my best foot forward."

Boyland believes he shares a few similarities with his character Brodie, including a love for life, and the ability to get others in on a good time.

"I get to have so much fun with Brodie. I literally get to play for a job. It's great," Boyland laughs. "I wouldn't want to play any other character."


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