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Monday 20th January (5407)

Realising Kylie is unhappy when she signs his relationship contract, Nate rips it up and insists she take more time to think about what she wants.

Finding home-life dull, Kylie caves into Nate’s demands, but not before she’s made a commitment to spend time with Toby.

When she overlooks this commitment and double-books with Nate, he refuses to let her break her promise to him.

Kylie chooses Nate over Toby, fobbing Toby off with cash.

When she later discovers Nate has no plans for the time she could have spent with Toby, Kylie is upset, but her devotion is rewarded when Nate gives her an expensive gift.

Ula’s belief that Vasa killed Travis causes stress between her and Vasa.

When the discord starts threatening their relationship, Vasa follows Vinnie’s advice and stops fighting with Ula, allowing her to believe that Vasa has made a tacit confession.

Although it calms Ula to think her mother is finally confiding in her, Vasa is left feeling worse about the whole situation.

Nate sets out to sabotage Bella’s new job as Grace’s P.A by encouraging her to continue to express her unique personal style at work.

Grace is annoyed when she prints an official document on pink paper and reprimands Bella.

Hurt, Bella turns to Nate, who urges her on, pleased that Bella’s demise seems imminent.

But when Bella makes an emotional stand in front of Nate, Grace realises from Nate’s reaction that he is responsible.

Feeling for Bella, Grace shares some personal history with her as a means of offering a fresh start. Bella is grateful and an unlikely friendship is formed.

Fearing his recent distracted behaviour at work has tarnished his reputation, Boyd resolves to prove himself.

At first, he loses his nerve in surgery, but Nicole is a loyal supporter. Strengthened, he goes on to have a big surgery success.

Instead of celebrating with his team, he goes home to Brooke. But she urges him to enjoy his success, so he leaves to indulge in a rare night out.

Having lost track of time, Boyd chooses to not disturb Brooke by calling home and commits to partying with Nicole instead.

He returns home with Nicole later and they find the apartment abandoned and in disarray. Boyd realises he's had 5 missed calls and it looks like Brooke has suffered some kind of trouble while he was out...

Tuesday 21st January (5408)

Boyd discovers Brooke is okay, with Vasa having rushed her to hospital.

But she’s frustrated when Boyd, guilty at his absence during her hour of need, plans indefinite leave to care for her.

Not wanting Boyd to sacrifice the work he loves, Brooke pleads with Grace to decline his request. This angers Boyd but Brooke works to absolve his guilt.

When Vasa offers to help with at-home care, Brooke’s happy with that solution - an unlikely friendship grows.

Mourning Roimata and missing his family, TK loses himself in hard work, but alienates Vinnie with an unwarranted reprimand.

When Harper points this out to TK, he tries to apologise, but Vinnie is resistant and TK’s frustrated to see that his grief-driven work ethic is costing him friends.

Seeking solace at The I.V, he finally realises that work isn’t sating him and he enjoys friendly bonding with Dayna, ignoring the signs that she still has a crush on him.

Harry stews over Chris’ affectionate relationship with Grace, and when he discovers that Grace still has a soft spot for her Star Trek-obsessed ex, Harry sees a way to get her out of his father’s life.

Lumped with Kane for the day, Harry enlists him and Toby into helping him pull a mean prank on Grace to achieve his end.

Kane is reluctant, but plays along in order to make friends.

When Nate almost busts Harry and the boys, Kane takes the heat for all of them, impressing Harry who feels sure his prank on Grace is now certain to succeed.

Bella tries to bond with Grace, encouraging her to return her ex’s phone call.

Grace leaves a message for Antonio, and is intrigued when she later receives a romantic email written in Klingon.

Grace updates Chris and Rachel on Antonio’s renewed interest in her and they give their guarded blessing.

When Grace gets an invite with GPS coordinates for a rendezvous, Bella encourages her to go.

While Grace waits for Antonio wearing her Spock ears, Bella and Nate realise what the boys are up to and that Grace is actually the victim of an elaborate joke.

Bella races off to warn Grace while Nate nabs Harry and Toby as Harry is about to send Grace on another wild-Antonio chase.

Confronted, Harry admits all and accuses Grace of being a man-hungry home-wrecker who won’t leave his father alone. Grace is left mortified.


Wednesday 22nd January (5409)

Embarrassed by Harry’s accusations, Grace insists she has no romantic interest in Chris and demands that the three boys and their guardians have an urgent meeting.

Rachel is furious her private life is now public speculation, more so when Chris accidentally reveals the full details of their arrangement to Bella.

Bella is awkwardly sworn to secrecy but both Rachel and Grace are frustrated when Chris shows a lack of parental control.

Rachel manages to help Chris regain authority over Harry, but Bella sadly realises her knowledge of Grace’s situation has damaged their fledgling friendship.

TK feels at peace when he finds himself protecting Dayna in his big-brother friendship with her and is pleased when his relaxed attitude carries through to his work life.

But when Dayna starts pushing the boundaries of their friendship, TK worries he’s given her the wrong impression.

Though Dayna insists he hasn’t, TK remains doubtful until Harper chastises him for his inappropriate behaviour.

Deciding to bury his doubts, TK chooses Dayna’s friendship over Harper’s, leaving Harper very concerned.

Brooke is glad when Boyd’s return to a normal work routine signals the fact her illness no longer impacts on him.

But she’s challenged when Bree returns needing help because she fears her psychosis is taking hold again.

Knowing Boyd will not welcome Bree, Brooke is torn, but Bree’s genuine need strikes a chord with Brooke and she can’t turn her away.

Brooke agrees to look after her sister behind Boyd’s back.

Ula warns Vasa not to meet Travis’s sister, Janet, at the police station, fearing the invitation is a trap to make Vasa incriminate herself.

Needing to restart her life, Vasa insists on going and Vinnie offers his support.

When Janet confronts Vasa, she forgets herself and admits she wanted Travis out of her life, drawing Roman Sylvester’s interested attention.

Meanwhile, Evan and Ula discuss Vasa’s decision and the subject of the tyreslashing comes up.

Overhearing, Nate realises he has to pay for damage to prevent him being charged by the police.

Upset by Janet, Vasa refuses to take money from Nate, but he insists on distancing himself from Travis.

When Vasa notices Nate is driving a new car, she accuses him of killing Travis and spending the stolen cash on upgrading his hit-and-run damaged car.

Accosting him, she angrily vows to bring him to justice - not realising she’s under close police watch and her unbridled anger doesn’t look good.

Thursday 23rd January (5410)

When Vasa sees Nate being vindictive to Vinnie, she realises her family will suffer if she tries to prove his guilt.

Rebuilding her life instead, Vasa attempts to reviews her job suspension with Grace but Nate forces her into a low level paperwork role.

Nate needles Vasa to react angrily in front of Grace.

But Vasa keeps control and, convinced Nate will betray his guilt sooner or later, Vasa resolves to watch and wait.

Aware Bree will distract Boyd from his focus on work, Brooke hides her from Boyd.

But when Boyd almost sees her, Brooke realises hiding Bree is unsustainable and decides to take her away.

Brooke lies to Boyd and claims she’s going to a recuperation retreat by the beach.

Boyd is concerned about her going away on her own but Brooke insists that it's the best solution so Boyd can get back into his work.

Harry lies that he’s going to the movies and instead grabs Toby and Kane to investigate the scene of Travis’ murder.

Kane discovers a shoe box with thousands of dollars and a cell phone in it.

But Bella sees they’ve been up to something and brings the situation to Chris.

Chris demands the truth, but Harry lies that they found fifty dollars and bought lollies .

Chris accepts this and gets credit from Rachel for his parenting.

Alone, Harry, Toby and Kane check the phone but it’s locked and they don’t recognise the man in screen saver - Travis.

When Dayna cuts herself and ends up in ED, Murray’s unsettled to see the connection between her and TK.

TK truthfully assures Murray there’s nothing going on.

But worried that Dayna’s getting the wrong impression, TK asks her to stay away and realises he’s done the right thing when Dayna reveals her infatuation.

Hurt, Dayna turns her attentions to Evan. Breaking their agreement just remain friends, the couple kiss, only to be busted in the act by Murray.

Murray and Wendy strongly clamp down on any romance. But Dayna enjoys Evan's attention too much, and Evan’s stoked when Dayna agrees to a secret relationship.


Friday 24th January (5411) 

When Kane’s departure becomes imminent, Murray realises how much he’s going to miss him.

Cautious, he broaches the idea that Kane stays in Ferndale, but when Kane starts to embrace the idea, Murray worries he’s built his hopes up when they discover his school fees might have already been paid for.

But Kane’s absent dad refuses to pay for boarding school for Kane wants so he commits to staying with the Coopers and Murray's pleased.

Loving his new home, Kane accidentally alerts an angry Murray to Dayna and Evan’s relationship...

Nate’s furious when he contracts scabies and takes his feelings out on Vasa and Kylie.

Vinnie sees his bad temper as a sign of guilt, and vows to find evidence Nate’s responsible for Travis’s death.

When Vinnie learns Nate’s alibi is no longer as solid as thought, he reports this to the police. He’s vindicated when Nate’s hauled in for questioning.

Making good on her promise to Sarah to look after TK, Harper’s satisfied she’s found a way to keep an eye on him at work.

But when his dogmatic working style proves dangerous, Nicole implores Harper to calm him down.

Harper gets a win when she manages to make TK take a break, but is caught out when TK calls her on her management.

He asserts he’s fine and can cope on his own. Despite that, Harper feels she’s made progress.

Evan is happy in love with Dayna. But when Dayna seems to have second thoughts, Evan worries it’s all over before it barely started.

When Kane inadvertently highlights his family security is on the line, Dayna realises she can’t continue the relationship.

Meanwhile, Evan’s given doubts by Ula. But when he hears Wendy bolster that Kane and Dayna need support, Evan refuses to let Dayna go.

He refuses to let her break up with him, but as they recommit to their love, they’re snapped by a furious TK.

With Murray about to bust them, Evan makes a heartfelt plea for TK to keep their secret.