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Shortland Street

Weeknights at 7pm | TV2

June on Shorty Street


From pretend vampires, famous faces to court cases, June is set to be an exciting month and a great escape from the cold winter nights.


As more and more people get caught in the tangled web of George (Arlo Gibson) and Dayna's (Lucy Elliott) lies, friend and flatmate Lucy (Grace Palmer) becomes suspicious and is on their case.

But as she digs deeper she lands herself in difficult situation, with a massive decision to make that is surely going to affect the lives of many in Ferndale. 


Meanwhile, Victoria (Laura Thompson) struggles to keep her cool as the number of detectives on her tail grows.

Jack (Reuben Milner) and Blue (Tash Keddy) come across significant evidence to put Tor away for good. But will they get to it before she gets to them?


Also this month, keep a watchful eye out for Boyd (Sam Bunkall) and Drew (Ben Barrington).

They decide to play a game of operation that could have dangerous consequences. 


Join us this June on TV2 as we give winter a warm Shortland Street welcome.