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Shortland Street

Weeknights at 7pm | TV2

June 07 - 11 2010

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Monday 7th June (One-hour episode ep 4501/4502)

Rachel is concerned when Ursula threatens bad publicity for Shortland Street.  Rachel informs Chris and adds that Ursula filled her in on the details of their break-up. 

Chris is uncomfortable that his lie about being dumped by Ursula is exposed. 

Rachel reviews the footage and realises they'll cause too much damage to the hospital.  Chris feels terrible when Ursula reveals the footage has been returned, heavily edited. 

She accuses him of emotional manipulation, asserting that he only dated her to keep her under control. 

Scotty is troubled when Tracey suggests Chris and Rachel are hot for each other.  Scotty comments on his concerns, and wishes he hadn't spoken when Chris berates him.

Isaac is over a barrel when Ursula threatens to slander Chris on TV if he doesn't give an interview on Chris's failings in surgery.

Yvonne feels she's losing Ben again now that Anita is moving him to the South Island.  Tania takes the matter up with Anita and oversteps the mark, reducing Anita to tears. 

Yvonne does her best to make amends with Anita, offering to take her home to pick up some of Ben's music.  

Anita realises how close Yvonne and Ben were, and begins to accept her relationship with Ben. 

Kieran is pleased when phase one of his plan works perfectly and Henry enlists him to talk Jane into backing out of her investment property. 

Kieran plays Henry when he claims to be able to get a dodgy builder's report to sour the deal. 

Henry is disappointed when Jane sticks with her house-buying plan and decides to negotiate the price.  

Henry comes up with plan B, determined to fleece Jane by topping her bid on the house. 

Kieran and Jane celebrate when Henry puts up a $160,000 deposit to buy the house, then Jane ruins Kieran's chance to speak to Sophie.

When Kieran reads too much into Sophie's attempt at contact, Hunter dashes Kieran's hope, revealing Sophie's call was business-related only.

Henry's money  is transferred, leaving Kieran smug at stinging the stinger.  Henry soon figures out Kieran has scammed him, but is powerless to do anything about it. 

Kieran gives Jane $75,000, and asks her to leave Ferndale. 

Jane's crushed, but Kieran insists their affair was just a way to deal with her blackmailing.  Jane goes, and Kieran focusses on winning Sophie back.

When Hunter runs into a troubled Anita at the I.V, he invites her out clubbing. They return, drunk, to the McKay's - and Anita makes a pass at Hunter. 

Hunter turns her down, feeling guilty about Ben's accident.  The next morning, he confesses this to her but Anita insists he has nothing to feel guilty about..

She hints that she did something far worse to Ben.  Hunter mentions this to Yvonne.  Anita tries to have Ben transferred without Yvonne knowing - but she finds out. 

In the ensuing argument, Anita reveals she and Ben haven't spoken for years. Yvonne helps Anita find closure with the past.  

Anita cancels Ben's transfer and gives permission to switch off the life support. 

Isaac agrees to an interview with Ursula, hoping to protect Chris's reputation.  But once the camera starts rolling, he has to work hard to defend Chris from Ursula's character assassination. 

At work, a busy Isaac is unable to warn Chris Ursula is gunning for him. 

Scotty observes an exchange between Ursula and Gemma, and reports his suspicions to Chris. 

Chris's concerns are momentarily put on hold when a "rough-cut" of Ursula's documentary arrives, along with a pleasant request for feedback. 

The rough-cut is sensationalist and defamatory, leaving Chris furious. 

He runs into Ursula and rants at her,  but she's secretly filming him - the DVD was just a set up to film some angry footage.  

Rachel chides him for falling into Ursula's trap, but Chris responds cruelly, leaving Rachel hurt. 

Tuesday 8th June (ep 4503)

Chris is fuming after his run in with Ursula and argument with Rachel.  

Scotty knows Chris's stress might be due to unresolved feelings for Rachel, and prompts him to apologise. 

Rachel makes it clear they'll only ever be friends.  He apologises to Isaac too. 

Chris resolves to face up to the media but Rachel has cunningly organised him to do some volunteer work to boost his image. 

Scotty suggests some time away will do him good.  Chris agrees.

Having decided to turn off Ben's life support, Anita struggles with Ben donating his organs despite Yvonne's encouragement. 

Hunter knows it's what Ben would have wanted and talks Anita round.  Anita agrees to the donation and embraces Yvonne as family.

Anita thanks Hunter for the advice and support.  Together, Yvonne and Ben's friends send him off with love.

Wendy is late to work due to car trouble, and comes in smelling of petrol. 

Reuben tells her off, but Sarah feels she's made the right choice in Wendy when she shows enthusiasm for her job. 

But when Wendy talks one of Reuben's patients out of getting a flu shot, Reuben is further angered.  

A tired Wendy has also forgotten to order supplies Reuben's asked for.  Sarah talks to Wendy about her behaviour and she tries to make amends by picking up the supplies.

When an exhausted and disorientated Wendy is caught napping at work Reuben puts his foot down. 

He accuses Wendy of being a solvent abuser, and disbelieves her excuse she works nights at a petrol station.  Wendy quits. 

Sarah's aware Wendy hasn't denied the solvent abuse accusation, but can't help feel sorry for her. 

Determined to help, Sarah goes to Wendy's address and is surprised to find out it's a petrol station. 

She realises Wendy wasn't lying about her cover story and feels bad.

Wednesday 9th June (ep 4504)

Sarah is frustrated when neither TK nor Reuben will allow her to rehire Wendy.  She discovers that Wendy has applied for a job at the hospital. 

Sarah writes her a reference but Reuben tells Scotty that Wendy is unsuitable. 

Wendy is disappointed to miss out on the job and assumes Sarah's reference is to blame. 

Sarah learns that Reuben bad mouthed Wendy and he is the reason Wendy missed out on the job. 

Determined to make amends, she and Reuben offer Wendy her old job back.

Daniel has interviewed for a full time job with an IT firm and is confident he will get the position. 

He and Loren have also decided to take a flat and are determined to be independent. 

Sarah can't help being impressed by his maturity.  Daniel is dismayed when he misses out on the job.

He reassures Loren that he can get extra orderly shifts and other part time work.  He puts up a notice at the hospital offering to fix computers. 

Nicole approaches him to help with Helga.  She's annoyed that Helga has robbed her of overtime. 

Daniel fixes the nurses' station computer for Maia and in the process replaces the code which directs Helga to Ferndale's weather to Antarctica instead. 

Rachel discovers what he's done and angrily fires him. 

Meanwhile, Nicole is pleased to get extra shifts when Helga predicts the necessity of more staff. 

Nicole's delight turns sour when Rachel and Gerald piece together what has happened and Daniel loses his job.  

Nicole confides in Maia who urges her to confess to Rachel.  But Nicole fears that she will lose her job and decides to stay quiet. 

Maia is called to Rachel's office and accidentally reveals that Nicole put Daniel up to tampering with Helga. 

Nicole feels betrayed by her girlfriend

Thursday 10th June (ep 4505)

Rachel suspends Nicole for two weeks and puts her on strict probation.  Nicole and Maia blame each other.

An angry Nicole dodges netball practice to apologise to Daniel, who has lost his job completely. 

At the bar, Nicole uses Isaac's latest racetrack win to encourage him to come out clubbing with her.

Tania gives her blessing for Isaac to have a good time, in spite of it being her last night before leaving town for Ben's funeral in the South Island.  

A drunk Nicole returns home,wakes Maia and they argue again.  

Nicole crashes at Isaac's for the night.  Defiant, Nicole asserts that she will simply avoid Maia and work elsewhere during her suspension.

Looming team absences for Ben's funeral and Nicole's no-show sees Tracey and Scotty drafted into the netball team. 

TK charges them with enlisting enough other players, but Tracey and Scotty struggle to do so.  

Brooke offers to join the team for next week's inaugural game against Central.

Sarah demands to know when Henry will finish installing his dental practice and pay the back rent at the GP practice. 

A financially strapped Henry fobs her off. 

Kieran becomes suspicious when he learns Henry is betting large on their horse, scraping together $10,000 to bet on one last race. 

Kieran snoops around the stables and catches Henry in the act of doping the horse. 

A desperate Henry justifies that he is extending the racing life of a champion horse with a knee injury. 

Maxwell overhears their fight and angrily confronts Henry, demanding to know if the accusations are true. 

Henry begs an appalled Maxwell to stay silent until after the race.

Friday 11th June  (ep4506)

Brooke feels lonely when none of her netball team members want to join her for a drink. 

Later, the team changes their mind but forget to invite Brooke.  Brooke's hurt, assuming the netball team has deliberately shunned her. 

Gerald is intrigued to learn from Tracey that the real reason Brooke is playing netball is to be close to TK. 

Gerald's father is diagnosed with hypertension, prompting hypochondriac Gerald to become paranoid about his health. 

When he catches Brooke exercising, he demands to join her, and an unlikely alliance is forged in the name of fitness.

Maia and Nicole can't resolve the fact that Maia is Nicole's boss, and has to discipline her if she breaks protocol. 

Nicole lands on the solution of not telling Maia when she's up to mischief, but Maia has reservations.

Scotty bristles under HELGA's impossible demands, but Rachel doesn't take his criticism seriously. 

To placate HELGA, Scotty cancels his date with Tracey then coerces her into working an extra shift. 

Tracey's left aware that being the boss's girlfriend comes with disadvantages. 

Maxwell gives Henry an ultimatum, either withdraw the doped horse from the race or he will inform the authorities. 

A desperate Henry asks for Kieran's help to convince Maxwell to let the horse run but Kieran washes his hands of the matter. 

When Tracey thinks she catches Maxwell placing a bet at the TAB, she disapproves of his gambling. 

Maxwell realises that Henry's addiction to scamming is very similar to his own gambling addiction. 

Hoping to put pressure on Maxwell, Henry sells Sarah on his charitable vision for a better world. 

Sarah enthuses to Maxwell about Henry's charity projects, leaving Maxwell torn by the cost to his community if he reports Henry to the authorities.  

Henry plays on his long time friendship with Maxwell but Maxwell realises Henry is manipulating him. 

Devastated, Maxwell reports Henry to the police for fraud.