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July on Shortland Street

Daniel Potts flirts with Lana  - Shortland Street TV2

Brooke Williams as Lana Jacobs - Shortland Street TV2

Scotty and Tracey - Shortland Street TV2

Tracey and Bella - Shortland Street TV2

Calllum McKay and Rachel McKenna - Shortland Street TV2

Jonathon McKenna and Gabrielle Jacobs - Shortland Street TV2

Phoenix Raynor - Shortland Street TV2

Roimata and parents await her wedding to TK - Shortland Street TV2

TK Samuels and Owen Sutherland - Shortland Street TV2

It's July on Shortland Street!  Read on for our exclusive sneak preview of this month's dramas, romance, disappointments and revelations. 

With the recent news of her low fertility, newlyweds Tracey and Scotty make the decision to undergo IVF treatment this month, in the hopes of starting a family.

But as the pair commit to the process, Scotty receives some grave news - an old colleague in Dili has been hurt in a fire.

Soft-hearted Tracey shares his concerns and they put plans in place to bring the injured friend to NZ for surgery.

Scotty is relieved as Angkasa arrives safely - but she reveals a surprise that will have repercussions for all. 

Is Scotty's army past set to yield yet another secret?


Bella Cooper is out in the cold this month when she finds she has nowhere to rest her head!

Impulsively abandoning the family home because of her parents' sniping and bickering, Bella assumes she can crash at Hunter and Daniel's flat.

Unfortunately her timing is off due to Paige's drug withdrawal - there's simply no room available.

With little choice, she swallows her pride and prepares to ask for her old room back at the Coopers' - only to discover mum Wendy has wasted no time taking in a boarder - Winston Youn!

As a stressed Bella camps out in an empty hospital bed, she wonders what to do next - until an unlikely angel notices her predicament and offers an unorthodox solution.


As Shane Tucker's power wanes as Shortland Street CEO, former boss Callum McKay finds his mojo and decides to fight for his old job.

Gathering documentation to prove that his was a case of wrongful dismissal, Callum lobbies old colleagues for their support.

But working against him is hospital surgeon Chris Warner.

As Callum's long time rival, he doesn't want him reinstated - he believes the hospital would be in better hands under Rachel McKenna.

But as Rachel warns Chris not to make plans on her behalf, it seems Chris' dream to oust Callum once and for all may be derailed - by his own girlfriend!

As the votes are cast, get set for a shocking twist that will change their futures.


Since an operation left him unable to see, Jonathon McKenna has struggled with his uncertain future.

However a fledgling relationship with surgeon Gabrielle Jacobs has brought some light into his life - until he realises that his disability may be holding her back.

When a petulant Jonathon indulges in self-pity and refuses to attend a conference with her, Gabrielle considers that this relationship may be doing both of them more harm than good.


Teenage couple Phoenix Raynor and Jasmine Cooper are set for a rocky ride this month, as the truth about Phoenix' romantic encounter in Southland is exposed.

Feeling awkward about intimacy with Jasmine after being with Susie, Phoenix discusses his feelings with 'surrogate' mother Rachel McKenna, who persuades him to talk to his dad.

However via a series of miscommunications, Phoenix finds himself forced into a group chat about safe sex, with Chris and Jasmine's parents.

Pressured to reveal that he and Jasmine aren't sleeping together, the parents are confused.

If Phoenix is having sex and it isn't with Jasmine, then what's going on?


Meanwhile as ED consultant Owen Sutherland continues to drive a wedge between engaged couple TK and Roimata, he finds himself drawing closer to TK's ex, Sarah Potts.

As TK's wedding nears, life for Sarah is to change forever.

Divorced from TK, about to finish her job and embark on the daunting challenge of being a single parent, Sarah's life is at a crossroads.

Luckily Owen is nearby to offer support and the two begin to spend time together.

But what will TK make of his enemy Owen moving in on his ex-wife and child?

Watch out for fireworks as the animosity between TK and Owen comes to a head!


Flirtatious Daniel Potts tries to pull off an outrageous lie when he meets a cute new girl at the IV bar.

Intrigued by dark-haired beauty Lana, Daniel boasts that he's a med student at Shortland Street hospital.

But lies have a way of back-firing: when he runs into her the next day, she implores him to assist a patient who's collapsed.

Forced to reveal that he's a lowly developer, he blows his chance to impress.

But Lana has a secret of her own - a connection to a Shortland Street staffer which could give her reason to stay in Ferndale.


And as previously announced, mid-July brings another 90 minute feature will have audiences on the edge of their seats.

It's the long awaited wedding of Roimata (Shavaughn Ruakere) and TK (Ben Mitchell).

Shortland Street Producer Steven Zanoski has this to say about the thrilling episode:

"There is a greater mix of stories in this episode than in last year's 90 minute episode. We've got romance, suspense, action and a bit of medical action thrown in for good measure. The similarity between last year's  90 minute episode and this year's is that in both, we bring to a conclusion long-running storylines.  Last year it was the revelation that Kieran killed Morgan and his self-sacrifice; this year - wait and see!"

While the TK/ Sarah/ Roimata love triangle will play a big part in the 90 minute episode, there are also several other dramatic situations going on, including a feud that develops between a father and son and someone's devious plan to undermine a relationship.

It's a massive July on Shortland Street - be sure to stay tuned as more action unfolds on New Zealand's favourite nightly drama!