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July 4 - 8 2011

Bella Cooper - Shortland Street TV2

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Monday 4th July (ep 4778/4779) One-hour episode

Callum explains to Wendy that after Shane Tucker's fall from grace, he has arranged a meeting with the DHB to address the possibility of his return as CEO.

Chris overhears and informs Rachel that Callum is manoeuvring to claim back the top job and hopes she intends to apply and challenge him.

Rachel is unsure but Chris lobbies for Gloria Springer, a member of the DHB, to support Rachel's application.

Rachel demands that Chris stop speaking on her behalf but is given food for thought when Gloria encourages her to apply for the job.

TK is still struggling with Owen and Sarah pledges her professional support, should TK need it while she is acting CEO.

Sarah is surprised by Owen's defensive attitude when she asks him an innocent question about paperwork.

Gloria Springer from the DHB is admitted and Owen's manner puts Gloria at ease.

When a teenage boy dies in the ED, Owen refuses to stop resuscitating him and Tracey is forced to request Sarah's assistance.

Owen is belligerent and defensive leaving Sarah irked by his behavior.

Gabrielle offers Bella a place to stay but Bella immediately takes over with all her possessions.

Jonathan agrees to attend a medical conference with Gabrielle.

When he and Gabrielle encounter a medical emergency, Jonathon feels inadequate when he is unable to assist.

Jonathon admits his feelings of fear and inadequacy to Gabrielle but is left feeling more isolated than ever.

A depressed Jonathon lashes out at Gabrielle, accusing her of not understanding his situation and bitterly instructing her to go the medical conference without him.

He is surprised when Gabrielle takes him at his word and leaves.

Observed by Bella, Jonathon is left in anguish over his failed career and failed relationship.

Gabrielle goes to the conference alone, fearing that her relationship with Jonathon was a mistake.

Jonathon despairs, but Bella's advice leads him to an epiphany and he asks her to take him to the conference.

Jonathon admits to Gabrielle that he must finally accept that he will never get his career back and must make a fresh start on a whole new life.

He realises it was his fear of not being able to perform as a surgeon that caused his hysterical blindness.

His only way hope of a cure is to put those fears behind him by finding a direction.

Gabrielle agrees to help him through the process.

Next morning, Jonathon is elated to find that his sight has returned.

Tracey is concerned when Owen returns to the ED as if nothing has happened.

Worried about a recurrence, she prompts Sarah to talk to Owen.

Sarah's persistence pays off when Owen explains some of his personal history.

Sarah is touched to learn that Owen still feels guilty and inadequate over a teenage driving accident.

It is this accident that prompted him to take up medicine and it's the reason he demands such high standards in his ED.

Sarah is sympathetic, but she can't break Owen's confidence by telling TK what she knows.

Instead, she tells him that Owen means well and urges him to give Owen another chance, leaving TK annoyed.

Callum lobbies Gloria Springer, who informs him that Rachel is now in the running for CEO.

However she agrees to hear his unfair dismissal case, provided Sarah, Rachel and Chris are there to give their points of view.

Sarah pledges her support, but Chris insists that Rachel mustn't support Callum, as this would spoil her own bid for the job.

Rachel doesnt want to lie in regard to Callum's claims about Shane wrongfully dismissing him,but Chris argues that she must, for the good of the hospital.

Rachel is swayed, but ongoing rivalry simmering between Chris and Callum makes her feel the strain.

When it comes to a conscience vote, Rachel crosses the floor to side with Callum, paving the way for his return as CEO and leaving Chris appalled.

Tuesday 5th July (ep 4780) 

Rachel is frustrated by Chris' inability to see she did the right thing in supporting Callum.

Meanwhile, Gabrielle is concerned by Jonathon's sudden eagerness to return to the workforce.

Rachel is overjoyed to learn of her brother's recovery and she's pleased when Chris downplays their disagreement for Jonathon's benefit.

Jonathon makes plans to return to work.

Chris reminds Rachel that her choice to back Callum means she will most likely have to seek workout outside Auckland.

Jonathon hits Chris up for a job at Shortland Street.

Chris agrees, but a spiteful Callum puts the brakes on the idea.

Tracey is grateful for Scotty's support as they prepare to go for her first scan to check the IVF treatment is progressing as it should.

Scotty learns his Indonesian friend Angkasa is in serious medical trouble and chooses to protect Tracey by keeping it to himself.

When he tells her later, Tracey realises how much Angkasa means to Scotty.

She suggests they use some of their savings to bring her to New Zealand for medical treatment.

Jill arrives back in Ferndale and she's relieved when Roimata accepts her apology with regards to her wedding.

On learning about Regan's rip-off, Jill finds she cant keep her distance from Callum.

Callum tries to get Jill to talk to him about their shared feelings but Jill can't cope and she insists shes making a new life in New Plymouth.

Callum attempts to distract himself from his feelings for Jill by investing in Hunter.

But when he learns that Murrays car has been found on the road to New Plymouth, he deduces that Regan may be trying to track Jill down.

He appeals to Roimata and gets Jill's contact details.

A perceptive Wendy sees this but Callum attempts to deny that he has feelings for Jill.

But it's clear that Wendy is unconvinced, leaving Callum dismayed that hes given himself away.

Wednesday 6th July (ep 4781)

Feeling nervous about being without an income, Sarah finishes her last day at work.

She then learns that Scotty and Tracey have agreed to care for Timorese friends Angkasa and Kitu.

She worries that she and her baby will be a burden on the household.

Then she receives notification that her divorce from TK is complete and feels even more alone.

She attempts to connect with Daniel but his focus is on Paige and her rehabilitation.

However Owen picks up on Sarah' s vulnerability and offers his support.

Chris informs Jonathon of Callum's decision forbidding him from operating for at least a week.

Jonathon is disappointed but Gabrielle urges him to focus on romance instead.

Chris finds their mutual affection nauseating, leading Rachel to accuse him of being uncharitable.

Stuck for a surgeon to replace Jonathon, Chris calls Callum, who distractedly instructs him to handle the matter himself.

He decides Jonathon is the best option and whisks him away from Gabrielle to operate on Angkasa.

Rachel learns Chris pulled Jonathon away from romance with Gabrielle and becomes suspicious of his motives.

She accuses him of harbouring feelings for Gabrielle and for playing petty games with Callum.

Tensions are further fueled between the pair.

Callum arrives at Jill's father's boat but is shocked to discover that Jill just left with Regan.

Regan attempts to win Jill around but she sees through his lies.

However, when Callum arrives it appears to him that Jill is in league with Regan.

Regan leaves and Callum accosts Jill. She assures him she has rejected Regan and Callum is pleased Jill is safe.

They plan to go to the police, but Regan phones and Jill and Callum realise this is their chance to entrap him and get Callum's money back.

Jill meets Regan and Callum calls the police but is put on hold.

Regan becomes suspicious and Callum is forced to reveal himself.

Regan runs but is cut off by Holden and his thugs.

He promises he will pay them what he owes but Holden doesn't trust him and abducts Jill as collateral.

Out of his depth, Regan flees, leaving Callum fearing for Jill's safety.

Thursday 7th July (ep 4782)

Re-captured by Holden, Regan is forced to lead him to the hidden money.

When Regan escapes a second time it's up to a furious Callum to give chase.

Callum persuades Regan to put Jill's safety first and together they try to exchange the money for a frightened Jill.

With the money gone, Regan wants to flee but Callum challenges him to do the right thing and turn himself in.

Jill is amazed by Callum's ability to forgive Regan but she resists the attraction between them, certain it's best if she remains far away.

Callum is left wishing for a relationship with Jill that can never be.

Jonathon points out to Bella that Gabrielle's Asperger's Syndrome makes it difficult for her to comprehend some things.

Bella decides to research Aspergers and she resolves to make life easier for her flatmate.

Picking up on Gabrielle's fondness for routine and her amazing memory, Bella finds herself relating to Gabrielle more than ever.

Bella also has her own routines and a great memory for make-up prices.

Bella is sympathetic when she learns Aspergers makes relationships difficult, well aware that she has also been unlucky in love.

Bella suspects that these similarities are no coincidence and she surprises Jonathon and Gabrielle with her discovery: she has Aspergers too.

Phoenix deflects intimacy with Jasmine, still feeling guilty about cheating on her.

Rachel observes Phoenix's awkwardness and thinks her interruption is the cause.

She's shocked to learn Phoenix was relieved by her interruption.

Rachel presses for an explanation and Phoenix reveals the loss of his virginity.

Out of her depth, Rachel persuades Phoenix to seek Chris' advice.

But Chris gets the wrong end of the stick and mistakenly assumes that Phoenix is trying to tell him that he and Jasmine are having sex.

Concerned parent Chris talks to Murray and Wendy, and when Jasmine and Phoenix arrive they sit the teens down to give them a serious safe-sex talk.

Horrified, Jasmine assures her parents shes still a virgin, leading Phoenix to reveal his mortifying secret: he cheated on Jasmine with Suzy from Southland.

Friday 8th July (ep 4783)

Phoenix is angry that Chris made him admit his cheating behaviour to the Coopers - hurting Jasmine in the process.

Rachel feels responsible and she wonders whether she's cut out for family dynamics.

Chris hopes Rachel will look for work locally but Rachel insists on keeping her options open.

She's bolstered by Jonathon's encouragement to prioritise family, leading Rachel to reach an understanding with Chris.

Pleased that Rachel is putting family first, Chris reports he's offered Jonathon a contract to work in the hospital.

Jonathon is delighted to stay close to his sister but Rachel reveals she has been offered a dream job - in Australia.

Bella learns from Gabrielle that she needs a diagnosis from a psychologist to prove she has Aspergers and she decides to make an appointment.

Bella shocks Gabrielle and Jonathon by changing her entire look to reflect her new identity.

Bella is determined to convince Wendy she has Aspergers and assures her she doesn't blame her parents for failing to identify her condition.

Gabrielle feels overwhelmed at Bella's incessant questions about Aspergers.

She's bolstered by Jonathon's assurance that Bella will get over her obsession as soon as she sees the psychologist.

Bella's appointment with the psychologist is cancelled and Gabrielle is faced with a weekend of Aspergic Bella.

Jasmine is mortified by Phoenix's betrayal and is grateful when Winston offers his support.

Observing Jasmine's blossoming friendship with Winston, Brooke feels uneasy.

Brooke hears from Wendy how easily Winston fits in with the family and wonders at Winston's growing bond with the Coopers.

When Sarah questions Brooke about Nadia, Winston is annoyed on Brooke's behalf.

Winston warns Sarah against judging Brooke, leading Brooke to confront Winston about his need to defend her.

Later, Jasmine discovers Winston sleep talking in Korean and she wonders what kind of nightmare is causing his distress.