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July 25 - 29 2011

Callum and Jill - together much to Hunter's disgust, Shortland Street TV2

Romance blossoms between TK Samuels and Roimata Ngatai - Shortland Street

TK arrives at the hospital to see his child - Shortland Street TV2

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Monday 25th July (ep 4797)

Sarah regrets backing TK off so forcefully but feels that she made the right decision.

Meanwhile, TK vents to Scotty who counsels TK to give Sarah time and space.

TK reluctantly agrees to this and turns his thoughts to Roimata's homecoming.

He's disappointed when Roimata reveals that she's still undecided about the wedding.

Roimata confides to Jill that shes concerned about where TK's loyalties lie, with her or with Sarah and the baby.

Jill counsels Roimata to give TK another chance and Roimata realises that Jill is right.

She agrees to go away with TK so they can work on their problems together.

Winston is annoyed when Alex prevents him from carrying out personal errands for Brooke.

Alex assumes that Brooke has asked Winston to run around after her and accuses Brooke of being the same spoilt brat she was as a teenager.

Brooke is stung and reveals the difficult time she had after her father's arrest.

Alex feels bad for hurting Brooke which results in the realisation that they've misjudged each other.

This leads to a thaw between them which confuses a concerned Winston.

Rachel and Chris attend a Kids Aotearoa charity event where Rachel is lauded for her role in securing the construction of a therapeutic pool at Shortland Street.

Meanwhile, Callum is disappointed when Jill considers taking a job at Central.

He appeals to Scotty to take Jill back and Scotty agrees, although he suspects Callum's request was motivated by his relationship with Jill.

Scotty lets this slip to Chris who is stunned.

Chris passes it on to Rachel who refuses to judge Callum.

Instead, Rachel gives a new initiative of Callum's her backing in front of Gloria Springer from the DHB.

But Rachel is disappointed to learn that Callum has missed the deadline to extend the surgical tourism contract.

She helps Callum save the contract but is dismayed when Callum decides to use the money destined for the pool.

Rachel appeals to him to find another way but Callum refuses and Rachel outs Callum's incompetence in front of Gloria who rejects Callum's initiative.

Callum is furious but Rachel is unrepentant - shes made him look good for far too long already.

Tuesday 26th July (ep 4798) 

Chris is thrilled that Rachel has finally acted against Callum, but Rachel insists they move on and forget about it.

Back at the hospital, Bella is shocked to discover Jill and Callum in a romantic clinch.

Lana suggests Bella keep the information to herself but Bella cant help gossiping to Nicole - and DHB rep Gloria overhears.

Gloria asks Rachel to confirm the rumours but Rachel refrains.

Gloria addresses the matter with Callum and he assumes Rachel has been maligning him.

He unfairly tells her off, warning her not to visit the hospital unless on official business.

But Rachel has the final say when she informs Callum of her interim position as financial officer for the DHB.

Callum now has to answer to her.

Tracey gets library books out for a bored Kitu who is missing Harry while he's busy elsewhere with school holiday fun.

When Scotty brings news from an adoption organisation that an American couple have managed to adopt a child from Timor-Leste, Tracey
urges him to find out more.

Scotty discovers that the couple had to spend a lot of time in Timor-Leste and he and Tracey would have to do the same.

Tracey feels nervous about her possible pregnancy and decisions are put on hold.

When Tracey takes Kitu for a walk to the primary school's playground, he gets excited to learn this will be his new school if they adopt him.

Tracey feels guilty for unwittingly getting his hopes up.

With tension remaining between her and TK, Sarah is disappointed to learn of his and Roimata's romantic getaway.

In the Bay of Islands, Roimata is made uncomfortable by reminders of her failed wedding.

But off the kind comments of a fellow holiday-maker, Roimata makes an effort and steps up the romance.

TK is elated and he believes their relationship is back on track.

He starts talking over wedding plans but his ideas are too extravagant for Roimata, who is still stinging from being jilted.

It's not until Roimata is reminded of everything she and TK have already overcome together that she decides he's worth the risk.

TK and Roimata exchange heartfelt vows and commit to a future filled with love.

Wednesday 27th July (ep 4799) 

Phoenix decides it's time he made amends with Jasmine and is pleased when it goes well.

Meanwhile, Murray works on his motorbike but is disappointed when Evan's interest wanes.

Jasmine and Phoenix arrive and Murray is delighted with Phoenix's enthusiasm for his bike project. |

Jasmine is annoyed when Phoenix forgets their movie date due to being distracted with bike repairs.

Ula arrives and is impressed with Phoenix's knowledge of motorbikes.

Evan, keen to get Ula's attention, becomes a sudden expert as well and is pleased to make progress with her.

Tracey continues to feel the strain of being primary caregiver for Kitu at the same time she's feeling anxious about her possible pregnancy.

When Chris suggests that he might be able to wangle a place for Kitu on the week long St Bart's soccer camp, Tracey asks him to try, but doesnt mention it to Scotty.

When Kitu gets a place, Tracey worries that Scotty will think the worst of her for needing a break from parenting.

Sarah reassures that Scotty will understand, but when Tracey breaks the news, Scotty's first reaction isn't good.

Tracey is forced to admit that she never realised she would be carrying the caregiving load on her own and Scotty acknowledges the situation can't continue.

Kitu is overjoyed to be going to camp and hugs Scotty and Tracey in gratitude.

When he plants a special kiss on Tracey's cheek, Scotty is touched, thinking she's won Kitus heart.

When Bella observes her flirting with Jonathon, Lana regrets telling Bella of her desire to out Jonathon as a cad.

Daniel is enjoying his new job as bartender at the I.V and Lana is obliged to credit Daniel as a good guy when she observes his concern for Hunter and support to a stressed Callum.

Daniel is pleased Lana has warmed to him but is disappointed when she is distracted by the arrival of Jonathon.

Daniel observes Lana's over-friendly behavior with Jonathon and concludes that Lana has romantic designs on him.

Daniel confronts Lana with his observations.

Lana admits her honey-trap and Daniel is taken aback, pointing out that all she is doing is deceiving her vulnerable sister.

Thursday 28th July (ep 4800) 

Daniel threatens to tell Gabrielle about Lana's flirtation with Jonathon unless Lana ceases and desists.

Lana agrees until Jonathon invites her on a dinner date which Gabrielle is unable to attend.

Lana is convinced Jonathon intends to woo her and tells Daniel, who warns her not to lead Jonathon on.

At dinner, Jonathon is warm and friendly and Lana's suspicions are confirmed.

Lana makes an overt pass at Jonathon, and is embarrassed when he rejects her.

Things remain tense between them the next day and Daniel picks up on this.

Lana admits her plan failed, and Daniel hopes she's learnt her lesson.

Phoenix realises Evan still has a crush on Ula. He urges Evan to ask Ula out but Evan is too shy.

So Phoenix takes charge and arranges for the three of them to go to the fun park.

Jasmine catches Evan borrowing money from Murray for the date and becomes suspicious as to who Evan's new girlfriend is.

Jasmine realises Evan is taking Ula out, and makes a point of revealing his romantic intentions in front of Ula.

Evan is mortified, and blames Murray's big mouth for ruining his chances with Ula.

Suffering from withdrawal symptoms, Hunter struggles and fails to get his hands on more Roytocin.

Daniel notices his frustration and, assuming it is pain related, suggests he approaches his doctor about getting strong drugs.

Hunter convinces Gabrielle he needs stronger pain relief.

He takes several of the pills hoping it will help him relax and allow him to study, but instead it sends him to sleep.

Hunter is frustrated when he wakes up and realises he's done no study.

The next day, he heads into hospital, planning to steal drugs from another patient, Mr Gibson, who he knows has been given a month's supply of Roytocin.

Claiming he and Gibson know each other from his time on the ward, Hunter offers to help him to triage to meet his family.

Hunter is nearly caught stealing drugs out of his bag, but manages to get his hands on the motherlode.

He hurries to the ambo bay to pop a pill, and is startled when Evan catches him on his hands and knees, taking a spilt pill off the ambo floor.

Friday 29th July (ep 4801)

Hunter bullies Evan into thinking he's mistaken about the medication.

Feeling bad for hurting Evan's feelings, Ula assures him they can always be friends.

Meanwhile, Daniel complains to Nicole about Hunter's erratic behaviour, but she dismisses it as typical med student behaviour.

A nearby Evan barely registers Daniel's concern.

Phoenix encourages Evan to be there for Ula as a friend, then things could progress.

A well-intentioned Murray assures him to keep trying with Ula.

Evan decides not to give up, but he's distracted by Wendy's news of missing medication.

The patient's name and time of discharge matches Hunter's incident and Evan realises hes been lied to.

He confronts Hunter and accuses him of being an addict.

Desperate, Hunter offers Evan money in exchange for his silence.

Evan declines, but he's left wondering whether he's missed an opportunity - can he bring himself to blackmail Hunter?

Callum faces further budget pressure when Rachel insists on a DHB driven bed upgrade to accommodate larger patients.

Forced to cut the nurse education budget, Callum feels awful when Scotty calls him on breaking his word.

This has a direct impact on Jill, who is shunned by her colleagues because of her relationship with budget cutting Callum.

Determined to support her beau, Jill volunteers for an extra shift to ease the pressure on Scotty.

Callum faces further pressure when Rachel gives him the hurry up.

Struggling with her double shift, Jill is stretched to the limit by work demands which leads to an oversight where she forgets to send off a urine sample for a patient.

Also, Mr Ford changes a wound dressing himself, causing himself further damage.

A distressed Jill accepts culpability but Scotty maintains that its really Callum's fault - if he'd allowed the nursing budget to remain intact the shift wouldn't have been short-staffed.

Feeling awful, Callum instructs Lana to assign the bed upgrade money to the nursing budget, taking desperate measures to protect his staff.

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