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Shortland Street

Weeknights at 7pm | TV2

July 20 - 24 2009

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Monday 20th July (ep 4285/4286 One-hour episode)

Scotty encourages Shanti to forget their disasters so far and enjoy the rest of their holiday.  But they miss the bus to the B&B they have booked. 

Later in an amorous moment, Shanti suggests that she and Scotty try for a baby but an uncomfortable Scotty makes it clear he doesn't want to start a family yet.

Libby quietly hopes that Chris' new job will take her somewhere exotic and exciting.  Meanwhile, Sarah talks Gabrielle into going with her to Kieran's I.V closing do.

Maxwell invites Gabrielle to dance, but Gabrielle is soon overwhelmed.  Chris offers to teach her some dance steps.  However, they soon begin enjoying dancing together and Sarah realises that the attraction between Chris and Gabrielle is mutual.

Kieran tells Libby he's sold the bar and is staying on as bar manager.   Chris is highly uneasy after his romantic frisson with Gabrielle, and he hurries Libby home from the party. 

Chris asks Libby to move in with him in a bid to cement their relationship.

Callum returns from meeting Justine.  When Sophie and Hunter ask how she took the news about Brooke, he distracts them by announcing that Justine is returning home to testify against John Grainger. 

Brooke is hurt when Callum dumps her without explanation.  Sophie refuses to shed any light on Callum's reasons and Brooke feels she's missing a key piece of the McKay family puzzle. 

She starts to suspect that Callum is having an affair. Brooke follows Callum to a house and is shocked to discover that her competition is in fact Justine - alive, well, and back in Ferndale.

Excited to be invited along on Chris's trip to Italy, Libby considers giving up her studies. She is strongly advised by Yvonne and Tania not to give up on her MBA.

Under the pretext of visiting Libby, Chris finds that he cannot stay away from Gabrielle and chats with her in her exam. 

Later, Chris is alarmed to hear gossip that Justine is alive and attempts to shut it down. 

Their holiday over, Scotty and Shanti arrive home and are appalled to find that Aroha has taken over.  Her mess has Shanti reconsidering the idea of getting a flatmate to save money. 

Later, Shanti convinces Scotty of why they should have children now, and her persistence sees Scotty's argument for waiting fall apart.  They decide to start a family.

Brooke's arrival puts Callum in the firing line as Justine realises he has been having an affair. Callum justifies his affair to Justine and claims that he is committed to their family's future. 

At the I.V, Brooke lets slip that Justine is still alive, inadvertantly exposing her to danger. 

Feeling angry and betrayed by Callum, Brooke refuses to answer her phone when he calls. 

Justine promises Hunter and Sophie that life will return to normal following the trial, but is disconcerted to learn Brooke may not be so easy to get rid of. 

Sophie meets with Kieran,  but on her way out she comes face to face with Grainger, who threateningly tells Sophie to give his regards to Justine - revealing that he knows she is still alive.


Tuesday 21st July (ep 4287)

Callum is alarmed to learn that Grainger knows Justine is alive. He and Sophie head to the safe house leaving Brooke feeling guilty that she has endangered the McKays. 

Sophie admits that Kieran also knows about Justine. Callum and Justine are dismayed by the security breaches. 

Meanwhile, posing as plain-clothes policemean, Grainger's henchmen attempt to trick Hunter into revealing the address of the safe house. 

A quick-thinking Hunter manages to alert the police and to escape. Callum and Justine are relieved when Hunter is safely with them. 

Callum contacts Brooke and urges her to be careful.  Justine overhears and is sure that Callum's feelings for Brooke are deeper than he is admitting.

Aroha assures Gerald that Scotty and Shanti didn't mind her having a jam session at their house. 

Scotty lets Gerald off the hook and wonders if his credit card arrived in the mail.  A guilty Gerald admits he let Aroha handle the mail.

Aroha denies the arrival of Scotty's credit card and shows off her new purchase to Gerald, an expensive microphone. 

Morgan refuses to buy into Gerald's suspicions that Aroha could be using Scotty's credit card.

Tracey is dubious of Maxwell's reformation.  When Tracey sees Maxwell chatting up a young nurse, Julie, she warns Julie off him. 

Tracey offers to help Maxwell with a belligerent patient, but Maxwell dismisses her, not before having a go at her for interfering in his personal life. 

The opportunity arises to rescue Maxwell when his patient turns violent.  

They lock horns again, despite Tania's warning to ignore Maxwell.  Tracey criticises Maxwell in front of a patient and Maxwell has to take her aside to reprimand her. 

The argument gets heated and  leads to a passionate kiss.


Wednesday 22nd July (ep 4288)

Tracey and Maxwell postpone their passion, concealing it from their colleagues.  After their shift they go straight to bed at Maxwell's apartment. 

Afterwards, Tracey and Maxwell try to kid themselves that they've got it out of their systems.  However, they soon succumb to more passion.  

Tania detects a change in the atmosphere between them. Over lunch, Tania nearly catches Tracey out when Tracey reveals that the police visited Brooke the previous night, but Tracey covers. 

Tracey gets a text from Maxwell and ditches Tania to meet him secretly.

Aroha's recording sessions confirm Gerald's suspicions that she is in the money thanks to Scotty's missing credit card.  

Morgan is uncomfortable when Gerald asserts that Aroha is using her, and her loyalty is tested when Aroha continues to dodge hard work. 

When a patient loses jewellery that Aroha admired, Morgan accuses a shocked Aroha of stealing to finance her musical career.

Justine's desire for the family to move back to Australia causes tension.  Callum goes along with it,  but Hunter declares a preference for staying in New Zealand. 

Hunter can see that Sophie is also uneasy about the prospect of leaving. Her confused feelings for Kieran are influencing her decision. 

Callum tries to prove to Justine that Brooke is no longer an issue, but when his performance in bed underwhelms, Justine wonders if Brooke is more important to Callum than he claims. 

Meanwhile, Brooke is frustrated to be kept out of the loop. 

Callum is put on the spot when Brooke turns up at the safe house again, insisting they have unfinished business.  Brooke gives in to her feelings and admits that she loves him,.

Justine insists on confronting Brooke herself.  A defiant Brooke tells an angry Justine that there are cracks in her marriage, and that Callum shares her feelings. 

Justine wants to throw Brooke out, but then learns that they must all stay in lockdown together until it is Justine's turn to testify in the trial.


Thursday 23rd July (ep 4289)

Aroha defends herself from Morgan's accusation that she stole Scotty's credit card. Scotty reveals that his credit card was sent to the wrong address. 

Aroha is too hurt to accept Morgan's apology and decides to move out.   Morgan attempts to make it up to Aroha by organising a dinner for her. 

Aroha starts to take advantage by milking Morgan's guilt.

Sarah picks up on the closeness between Chris and Gabrielle. She warns Chris not to repeat the mistakes he has made in the past.  

Libby goes all out to swot up on both Venice and Chris's work and Chris is impressed by her new-found knowledge.

Meanwhile, Gabrielle feels excluded when she cannot share in a funny story that Tracey tells.  She attempts to tell her own funny story, but it falls flat. 

Tracey agrees to help her stage a practical joke on Chris.  The practical joke goes awry and Tracey ends up the butt of the joke. 

Sarah correctly assumes Gabrielle played the joke to impress Chris.  Sarah attempts to warn Gabrielle off Chris, inferring that he has often spoiled things for himself by his faithlessness.

Brooke is unhappy to be forced to stay at the safe house overnight. 

Brooke draws Sophie out on her feelings for Kieran.  She encourages Sophie to pursue Kieran, hoping it will convince her to stay and ultimately lead to Callum choosing to stay as well. 

Brooke's plan works and Sophie tells a stunned Callum that she wants to remain in Ferndale. 

Justine is disappointed, admitting she survived her exile only by the thought of reuniting with her family.  

Callum insists that he wants to be with Justine.  When it's time to leave, Brooke manages to convince Callum to ride with her so they can discuss their relationship. 

Once at the court house, Brooke passionately kisses Callum. And Brooke, who has been mistaken for Justine, is shot by an unknown assassin.


Friday 24th July (ep 4290)

Sarah hopes that a visit to Ryan will end Daniel's bad mood. 

TK convinces Sarah that boot camp is the best thing for Daniel.  Initially, Sergeant Cole gives Daniel the impression that the boot camp will be a piece of cake. 

But later when Daniel learns that some of the attendees are violent offenders, Daniel's apprehensive. 

A desperate Daniel tries to exploit Sarah's hesitation over whether an alternative camp would better suit him. 

But after talking with the sergeant, Sarah reveals to a shocked Daniel that she and TK will be accompanying him.

Yvonne returns to work and tries to move forward after her traumatic experience at the robbery.  Yvonne begins to feel the pressure at work, but she's bolstered by Ben. 

Over coffee, Yvonne senses that Ben's previous relationship caused him a lot of pain.  When Yvonne praises Ben for his emotional support, Maia's jealousy stirs. 

When Ben comes to dinner and makes JJ a toy gun from Lego, she berates Ben for forgetting Yvonne has just been traumatised at gunpoint. 

Callum struggles to keep Brooke alive as the police shepherd his family to safety. 

Maxwell banishes Callum from resus, and realises he'll have to work quickly if he wants to save Brooke's life. 

Maxwell does his best to stabilise Brooke, but she begins bleeding out.  Callum is relieved when he's joined by Hunter and Sophie.

Justine considers that Callum may be in love with Brooke.  Her suspicion is confirmed when she witnesses a tender moment between Callum and Brooke. 

Justine packs her bags to return to Australia. Callum mourns the end of his marriage.