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July 11 - 15 2011

Hunter and Callum McKay - Shortland Street TV2

TK Samuels and Owen Sutherland - Shortland Street TV2

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Monday 11th July (ep 4784/4785) One-hour episode 

Jasmine wakes Winston to inform him that he is sleep talking and Winston is alarmed to learn that he was saying the Korean word for guilty.

He lies and tells Jasmine and Evan that the word means hungry.

However, Jasmine checks a Korean/English dictionary and discovers that the word means guilty.

She thinks that she and Evan must have misheard Winston but Evan is adamant that they didn't.

He asks Winston who is flustered at being discovered and fails to give an adequate explanation.

Evan is convinced that Winston is hiding a guilty secret and tries to get it out of Winston as they practice Taekwondo.

But Winston becomes increasingly agitated at Evan's line of questioning.

Scotty is pleased when Angkasa and her son, Kitu, arrive.

Scotty bonds with Kitu and it makes Tracey's desire for a child grow.

However, Scotty is dismayed when Chris reports that Angkasa's surgery led to the discovery of cancerous tissue.

Nicole encourages Daniel to move on from Paige but he struggles to impress at the bar.

The women are impressed by Hunter but he's still holding a candle for Jill.

Nicole encourages Daniel to try his luck with Lana.

Daniel can't face another knockback so lies to Lana, claiming to be a medical student.

However, he regrets his decision to lie when he makes a connection with Lana and wants to see her again.

Nicole convinces Daniel to tell Lana the truth but Daniel is mortified when he runs into Lana and she urges him to help a patient who has collapsed.

Daniel is forced to reveal the truth and Lana is unimpressed.

Bella is still coming to terms with the discovery that she has Asperger's and seeks help from a reluctant Gabrielle.

Bella is stung when the new P.A temp, Lana, criticises her.

Bella defends that she has Asperger's and is pleased when Lana backs off.

But Lana observes Bella and accuses her of not having Asperger's.

Upset, Bella seeks Gabrielle's support.

Gabrielle reluctantly agrees to speak on Bella's behalf but Bella is stunned when Gabrielle sees Lana and reveals that she is her sister.

Gabrielle and Lana greet each other with indifference, leaving Daniel and Bella stunned by the lack of familial affection.

Daniel apologises to Lana for lying to her and is thrown when Lana declares that she doesn't want to impose herself on her sister's patch.

She will transfer herself to another job.

Daniel reports back to Bella that Lana is quitting, and Bella is determined to mend the rift between the Jacobs sisters.

Bella talks Gabrielle into negotiating with Lana, for Daniel's sake as well as Gabrielle.

Gabrielle tries to talk Lana into staying, but when Lana realises Gabrielle is lobbying on Daniel's behalf, she reacts badly.

Evan and Winston continue their martial arts training.

Evan digs further regarding Winston's sleep-talking. Winston momentarily sees red and hurts him.

Evan complains about the incident to Jasmine and Brooke overhears.

She warns Jasmine and Evan to keep their distance from Winston.

Brooke fishes with Winston, deeply concerned that he is covering up his killing of Nadia .

Winston attempts to allay her concerns and in the process learns Evan is potentially on his case.

Winston determines to make amends with Evan, and ropes him into a day of mountain biking.

Brooke is disturbed to learn that Evan is alone with Winston, and even more so when they don't return from their outing at the expected time.

Brooke is dismayed when Evan is brought into hospital on a gurney.

His injuries aren't serious, but Brooke suspects that Winston sabotaged his brakes.

Scotty and Tracey are hit with the financial burden of continuing to help Angkasa.

They commit everything they have to helping her.

Angkasa hears from Kitu about his new friend Harry, and realises he's happy in Ferndale.

Nicole is concerned when Angkasa's condition worsens, and she calls Chris in for help.

Chris stabilises Angkasa, but Scotty is concerned when Chris admits the prognosis isn't good.

He's further dismayed when Angkasa dies, and he's shocked to learn she's named him as Kitu's father.

Tuesday 12th July (ep 4786) 

Scotty firmly believes hes not Kitu's father but Tracey isnt convinced.

She suggests Scotty try and track down Kitu's biological dad, and Scotty agrees to try.

Tracey is perturbed when Scotty makes a couple of phone calls, but backs out of confronting his old comrades face to face for fear of causing trouble in their lives.

Tracey watches Scotty and Kitu play together and thinks she sees evidence they're father and son.

Tracey confesses her concerns to Chris and admits she wishes Scotty was Kitu's father, to take the babymaking pressure off her.

Chris advises Tracey to come clean with Scotty, but before she can, Kitu finds the letter naming Scotty as his dad.

Chris is frustrated when Lana refuses to give him any professional leeway, to Callum's amusement.

Chris reports back to Jonathon about Callum's pit-bull PA, and Jonathon is challenged to try and win her over with charm.

He attempts to push through a conference booking for himself and Chris, and is pleased when a charmed Lana yields.

Bella ropes Gabrielle and Lana into a sisterly lunch and is pleased when it gets off to a good start.

However, Jonathon arrives and Lana is thrown to realise he's with Gabrielle.

Uncomfortable, she leaves lunch early and Bella is disappointed.

Later, Bella wonders what went wrong and Lana states she doesn't trust Jonathon .

Callum offers Lana a job and she accepts, determined to protect her sister.

Brooke drops in to check Evan's bike for sabotage, and her suspicions grow when Winston has already repaired it.

Brooke's paranoia intensifies when Winston invites Evan to go rock climbing.

Brooke tries to warn Wendy, but is frustrated when she doesn't take her seriously.

Brooke manages to veto the climbing with extra work for Winston, then Winston offers to cook dinner for the Coopers, including a special dish for Evan.

Bella finds receipts belonging to Winston including a purchase of rat poison, causing Brooke to conclude he's going to kill Evan.

She arrives at the Coopers' and snatches Evan's food away from him, claiming it's poisoned, her paranoia totally out in the open. 

Wednesday 13th July (ep 4787) 

Winston assures Brooke he isn't trying to poison Evan.

Brooke doesn't believe him and forces him to eat Evan's food. He does so, proving Brooke wrong.

The Coopers worry Brooke is in the midst of an emotional breakdown.

Wendy ushers her outside where Brooke is forced to admit her mistake and put her actions down to work stress.

Realising how badly Brooke thinks of him, Winston offers his resignation and Brooke accepts.

Wendy learns of this and appeals to Brooke to rethink this decision.

Brooke remains adamant that Winston is untrustworthy, until the police report reveals Nadia's crash was accidental.

Brooke apologises for suspecting Winston of terrible deeds and reinstates his job.

Scotty tries to explain to Kitu that there is little chance he is his father.

However, Kitu believes that Scotty is denying his responsibilities because he doesn't want to care for a poor Timorese boy.

Tracey suggests Scotty does a paternity test in the hope it might help clarify things for Kitu.

Scotty agrees, but points out that they won't know the results for a week.

Kitu wonders what will happen if the test is negative, supposing Scotty and Tracey will send him back to Timor.

He pleads that he doesn't want to go and extracts a promise from Scotty and Tracy that they will keep him anyway.

Tracey and Scotty decide to adopt Kitu, but Tracey learns that legally, they have no chance.

Despite this, they resolve that they will keep Kitu, no matter what it takes.

Jasmine is still refusing to talk to Phoenix after he cheated on her so Chris advises him to try apologising in person.

Meanwhile, Rachel still hasn't told Chris about her job offer in Australia.

Phoenix tries to speak to Jasmine but she rejects him.

Rachel suggests he writes a letter, telling Jasmine how much he likes and respects her.

Phoenix does so but Jasmine tears it up without reading it.

Rachel offers Phoenix motherly support and misses her chance to talk to Chris about her job offer.

Jasmine sellotapes the torn letter together and is touched by Phoenix's words.

She accepts his apology and Phoenix thanks Rachel for her support and guidance.

Torn as to whether she values her career over her new family, Rachel raises the issue of the job offer with Chris.

However, he is disappointed Rachel has been considering leaving without telling him and warns Rachel that if she takes the job their relationship is as good as over.

Thursday 14th July (ep 4788) 

Rachel is challenged when Jonathon supports Chris' view - travelling to Melbourne for work is not realistic if she wants to stay committed to her family.

She has to choose.  Rachel turns down the job in front of Chris to show her commitment to him.

She feels she can't win when Chris accuses her of turning it down for the wrong reasons.

Rachel decides to cook a special family meal to prove to Chris that she genuinely wants to put family first.

However, she's tempted to ditch the plan when she gets an invitation to dinner with Gloria from the DHB.

Rachel chooses to stay loyal to her family dinner plan but is dismayed when her meal is a flop.

Despite this, Rachel bonds with her family and is encouraged her future with Chris is bright.

Sarah struggles with TK and Roimata's impending wedding but is bolstered by Tracey.

Sarah expresses her concern to Owen that TK's night shifts seem to be taking a toll.

Owen wants to impress on Sarah that he is the good guy, so he helps TK by giving him the night off.

When Owen goes on to help Scotty with entertainment for TK's stag night, TK is less than impressed.

Sarah assures Owen that his efforts at befriending TK are not wasted but is disappointed TK cant be more gracious about Owen's help.

With Scotty's help, Sarah makes TK realise how rude he is being and TK invites Owen to his stag party.

Hunter hears from Roimata that Jill is in town to be a bridesmaid and offers to help with wedding preparations in the hope of spending time with Jill.

Apprehensive about seeing Hunter again, Jill makes an effort to be polite but Hunter takes this as a positive sign.

He admits to Callum his hope that they will get back together.

Hunter declares his desire for a reconciliation to Jill.

Jill turns him down but an over-intense Hunter refuses to listen.

Jill insists he's no longer the Hunter she fell in love with and Hunter assures her he can change.

Hunter throws away his Roytocin, determined to change to get Jill back.

Friday 15th July (ep 4789)

Hunter is adamant that quitting Roytocin will help him win Jill back.

But without the drugs to prop him up, he struggles in the ED.

He perseveres and hopes that by helping Jill with another wedding task, he will win further favour with her.

But when Jill doesn't respond to his text messages, Hunter finds solace in drinking at TK's stag do.

Roimata's stress levels rise when her parents argue.

She is relieved when Brooke's arrival forces Henare and Ruth to be civil but then her father starts to take too much of an interest in Brooke.

Henare had an affair in the past and Roimata fears he could stray again.

Things go from bad to worse for Roimata when her wedding venue floods and she has to find somewhere else to hold the wedding.

Roimata is lucky to secure another venue but its smaller and cannot hold the same number of people, meaning a last minute guest cull.

Family members react badly to this news and Roimata reaches breaking point when her father returns from TK's stag do and appears to flirt with Brooke.

She tells him off at her hen's night, embarrassing him and her mother.

TK is wary of the list of dares Owen has drawn up for his stag night.

But after Owen apologises for his bad behaviour, TK relaxes and accepts the dares, getting into the spirit of his stag do.

At the bar, TK picks up on Owen's romantic hopes with Sarah and gives Sarah a heads up.

Sarah is troubled and backs Owen off.

An upset Owen blames TK and gets revenge, handcuffing TK to a pole and abandoning him.

Jill hopes that Hunter got the message and has accepted that their relationship is over.

She focuses on helping Roimata prepare for the wedding but accidentally damages Roimata's wedding cake.

Jill seeks help from Callum who fixes the cake.

This results in a frisson which both Callum and Jill resist.

But when Roimata's ruminations on love force Jill to confront her feelings for Callum, Jill seeks him out and they finally give in to passion.  

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