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Shortland Street

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July 05 - 09 2010

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Monday 5th July (One-hour episode ep 4525/4526)

Daniel maintains that he doesn't need Sarah and fails to follow through with his planned apology.  Sarah offloads to Maxwell who thinks she overstepped the mark by blowing up at Daniel.

TK offers Sarah the support Maxwell can't.  Meanwhile Daniel overstays his welcome at the flat when he and Brodie get drunk and make a mess. 

Hunter evicts him.  Daniel turns to TK but is dismayed to realise he is no longer welcome in TK's home.

Harry gifts Dallas one of his old soccer balls. 

Chris gives the ball to Dallas, but realises he's still being kept at arm's length by Zoe. 

But Zoe is grateful for his help in promoting the new hospital menu to Callum and Rachel.  

Chris offers to look after Dallas for a while, suggesting they play in the garden.  Chris feels sparks when Zoe thanks him for his support and sets up a play date for Dallas and Harry.

Kieran is discharged from hospital and returns to the I.V.  Gerald, his only remaining friend takes care of him, only making him feel more guilty about his deceit. 

In the courtyard, Kieran reflects on all the bad things that have happened there. 

Brooke is hopeful that Annette is on track for rehab when she finds her a spot at the top clinic in Ferndale. 

However she is dismayed when Annette is determined to have one last hurrah.  She is also mildly disturbed that Annette has a crush on TK. 

In attempt to help, TK invites Annette to stay.  Brooke is bemused to hear TK has offered her a room but is unsettled when Gerald suggests Annette is attracted to TK. 

Brooke confronts Annette at TK's house and accuses her of this.  In a scuffle, Brooke is shocked when she sees serious scarring on Annette's back.

Chris is left hopeful when his play-date with Zoe goes well.  Unaware that Zoe and Isaac are sparking, Chris is thrilled when Zoe agrees to a coffee date. 

Rachel picks up on their rekindled closeness, and tells herself she's happy for Chris. 

Zoe botches the menus and realises that once again she'll need Chris's help to fix the mistake and keep up with the rest of her workload. 

Zoe has another frisson with Isaac at work and then turns up at the Warner house claiming to see Chris. 

Zoe kisses Chris, leaving him convinced that all is well between them.

Daniel meets up with Sophie in Sugar after spending the night in an internet cafe. 

Sophie urges him to grow up and apologise to Sarah.  Daniel takes Sophie's advice on board, but is disappointed when his apology to Sarah falls flat. 

TK reminds Daniel saying sorry isn't going to cut it - he has to mean it. 

Daniel goes through the motions of an apology once more but is startled to realise how sad he feels when Sarah suggests they cut their losses and stay away from each other. 

Eventually the two tentatively reconcile. 

Brooke is sympathetic when Annette explains her scarring.  She realises that this is part of the reason her mother is drinking so heavily. 

Brooke gets her a consultation with Chris. 

Chris advises against surgery, but Annette refuses to give up, suggesting Brooke get a refund from rehab to help pay for the procedure. 

Rachel urges her to stay strong and push for rehab.  Rachel is concerned when a drunk Annette infiltrates a business soiree, using the opportunity to net more alcohol. 

Rachel calls Brooke to intervene and Brooke is devastated when a vindictive Annette blames her for causing the divorce with Grant and making her whole life a misery.

Tuesday 6th July (ep 4527)

Hurt by Annette's words, an angry Brooke decides to wash her hands of her mother. Brooke takes her hurt out on Wendy. 

Off her rusty nursing skills, Wendy is intimidated by Brooke.  She chooses not to query the dose of medication Brooke charts for a patient.

It proves to be incorrect.  Meanwhile, Rachel offers Brooke support over Annette's nastiness. 

Rachel visits Annette, accusing her of pushing Brooke away because she's terrified of going to rehab.

She warns Annette that she will lose her daughter for good if she doesn't change her behaviour.

Zoe is stressed when an emergency with Dallas means she cannot oversee the roll out of the new lunch meal plans. 

Chris offers to supervise it for her and Zoe is grateful. 

Chris asks the kitchen to remove the bread from the low-carb meals, confident that Zoe would not have wanted it.  |

On Zoe's return, she's dismayed to hear from Callum that there has been negative feedback about the small portion size of the meals. 

Nicole tells Zoe that Chris removed some of the food and an angry Zoe has a go at Chris.

But once aware it was a kitchen mistake, Zoe apologises.

Scotty reveals that he has decided not to go to Warren's funeral.  Tracey defends a grumpy Scotty to the other nurses by revealing the health insurance plan. 

Scotty's disappointed when Callum informs him that it's not financially viable. 

Scotty confronts Tracey about breaking his confidence and getting the nurses' hopes up. Chris notices.

Tracey defends that Scotty has a lot on his plate due to Warren's death and Chris warns Scotty not to alienate Tracey. 

Scotty apologises to Tracey, revealing that he feels responsible for Warren's death. 

Wendy interrupts, distressed about her mistake with a patient's medication.  Scotty offers his support by accompanying her to Callum's office. 

However, he takes offence when Callum sides with Brooke.  Determined to stand by Wendy, Scotty lashes out at Callum. 

Callum gives Scotty a formal warning. 


Wednesday 7th July (ep 4528

Tracey helps Scotty talk out his anger after receiving a formal warning from Callum.  

She asserts that he's angry because he missed Warren's funeral. 

Scotty contacts Warren's family to attain closure, leaving Tracey relieved that Warren's death is behind them.

Hunter convinces Brodie to get a job as an orderly.  Trying to boost his chances, Brodie attempts to build a rapport with Gerald - but fails. 

Brodie meets attractive Penny, another applicant for the job, and offers to take her partying.  

Penny uses Brodie's party tendencies to nobble him in her final interview, securing the job. 

Brodie is oblivious to the underhanded tactic.  When Chang leaves the boys' flat unexpectedly, Brodie moves Penny in, frustrating Hunter with the lack of consultation. 

Brodie's attracted to Penny, Penny's attracted to Hunter, and Hunter is worried by the awkward flat triangle that's forming.

Sarah's win at finding an ideal doctor for the practice, Neil Gilbert, is undercut by the return of her MS symptoms. 

Sarah wants to tell Daniel, but keeps her MS hidden when he announces his plans for independence.

When Daniel fails to get the position in the boys' flat, he asks to stay with Sarah and Maxwell for a while longer.  Sarah reveals her MS is returning, and is relieved when Daniel reacts maturely.
Brooke realises that her anger at Annette is jeopardizing her professionalism when Callum revisits yesterday's charting error. 

Rachel fumes when Nugent warns that by sleeping with Callum, she is jeopardizing her career and forgetting that her true master is the DHB. 

When Rachel warns Brooke that cutting her losses with Annette will only leave her guilt ridden, Brooke decides to see it through to the end. 

She arranges to have Annette's rehab admission date brought forward, and asks Rachel to come with her for support when she confronts Annette. 

When Brooke and Rachel let themselves into TK's house, they catch William Nugent dashing semi-clothed from Annette's bedroom. 

Aware Nugent is about to have a high society wedding, Rachel has him over a barrel.

Thursday  8th July (ep 4529)

With TK's help, Rachel and Brooke manage to persuade Annette to go to rehab. 

Rachel is amused to have caught William Nugent cheating on his fiancée with Annette and she is quick to Callum. 

Callum hopes to use the information to pressure William Nugent into backing off. 

Rachel talks him round, wary of using blackmail to secure Callum's position as CEO. 

Rachel suggests to Brooke that they keep the Annette-William dalliance secret and Brooke agrees, leaving Rachel satisfied that the issue has been put to bed.

Brodie is frustrated when Penny shows an interest in Hunter.  Trying to prove himself, Brodie makes special flat-warming plans to impress Penny.

Penny soon strays back to Hunter's side.  Frustrated, Brodie takes Hunter aside and tells him to back off, pointing out that he saw Penny first. 

Hunter decides to step aside to avoid flat friction.

Sarah is warmed when Daniel reveals he has been researching MS drug trials on the internet. 

She reviews his findings and excitedly tells Maxwell that she intends to contact the doctors running a particularly promising trial. 

Maxwell is wary. Sarah later meets with TK and learns that their new GP has offered to purchase the practice.

Stressed with her Uni assignment, Sophie turns to lecturer Ash for help. 

Keen to discover the state of Sophie's marriage, Ash visits the bar where he is warned off Sophie by an angry Kieran. 

Sophie is appalled to learn of Kieran's overreaction and she invites Ash to Hunter's flat-warming. 

At the party, Sophie endeavours to appear mature in front of Ash, and when the event becomes rowdy she suggests they leave. 

Sophie takes Ash to the I.V. for dinner to annoy Kieran. Sophie refuses to pay for the meal, reminding Kieran that she is half-owner of the I.V. 

At home, Ash calls Sophie on using him to aggravate her ex.  Ash assures her he doesn't mind. 

He kisses her on the cheek, leaving Sophie aflutter. 

Friday 9th July  (ep4530)

Sophie is happy after her date with Ash. Callum is disappointed that Sophie is interested in one of her lecturers. 

Hunter jokingly suggests she is using Kieran for a divorce settlement and Ash for good grades. 

Sophie determinedly ignores everyone's negative feedback. She is charmed when Ash presses for a proper relationship with her.

Isaac invites Tania to dinner at a fancy restaurant but Tania is uncomfortable with him spending money on her.

She insists she cooks dinner at his place. Meanwhile, Chris invites Zoë out for a dinner. 

That night, Tania cooks far too much food for her and Isaac.  So when Chris and Zoë come home, Tania, with a guilty conscience over the kiss with TK, invites them to stay.

The double-date goes well and Zoe praises her food.  The flirtations between Isaac and Zoe heat up, but go unnoticed. 

After Tania and Isaac head to clubbing, Zoe breaks down into tears. 

Chris is glad when Zoe opens up to him about her past, admitting that she had a breakdown following her separation and is worried she could end up there again.

Sarah is stressing about whether to sell the General Practice to Mike Gilbert or not. 

Maxwell is worried that all this stress will trigger further MS symptoms.  He makes plans to surprise her with a visit to a health spa, but Tracey and Nicole pooh-pooh this idea. 

He then alights on the idea of getting Sarah an ergonomic chair and finds one on nzbuyandsell. 

After work, he stops in at the IV for a drink before heading out to pick up the chair.  But before he can pick up the chair he is paged back to ED where he becomes involved in an emergency.

Sarah can't help being suspicious when Maxwell returns home late, but he assures her that he was called back to ED and heads upstairs to sleep. 

Sarah is up early the next day and discovers a roll of cash, intended for buying the chair.

She is furious when she wrongly thinks that Maxwell has been gambling. 

Seething after Sarah's accusations, Maxwell heads out for a walk and is incredulous when he's arrested for a crime he didn't commit.