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Shortland Street

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Josh Gallagher

Chris Tempest plays Josh Gallagher in Shortland Street on TV2

Josh has arrived in to New Zealand from London.  The E.R of a large metropolitan hospital was the perfect place to gain experience as a new doctor and Josh satiated his hunger to learn with gusto. 

He loves emergency medicine and is showing promise as someone who could make a huge success at it.

Josh has always had an itch to scratch in terms of excitement and limit-pushing. 

In the past, recreational drugs were a favourite hobby.  Hes not an addict and never will be, but he enjoys experimenting in his own time - a controlled way.

This went pear-shaped however when, due to his goading to party harder, his girlfriend Mandy died of an overdose. Though family and friends, put this down to an unfortunate accident, Josh knows that he is to blame.

This led to Josh escaping to New Zealand.

When you first meet Josh, youd be forgiven for thinking he was a bit stand-offish.   This is a subconscious warning shot to others that he doesnt like to get too close.

On a superficial level he can more than hold his own.  Hes witty and dry, and will often identify the ridiculous in situations before others.    His wit is used to excellent effect on difficult people. 

Josh is a strong believer in personal choice and alongside it, personal responsibility this sometimes translates into intolerance, especially when it comes to patients or colleagues who fail to try or help themselves.

With the select few people he allows into his private realm, hes loyal and protective.  When Josh decides youre okay enough to be his friend or lover, youll have him for life.

Josh hestitantly started a relationship with medical intern Paige Forman but it became too much for him and he dumped her. 

Meanwhile he had bonded with PA Lana Jacobs, opening up to her about his tragic past.

They pair begain dating but Lana's odd behaviour around new arrival Boyd Rolleston had Josh concerned. After a rough patch, Josh and Lana eventually got back together. 

Josh was first on the scene to rescue Roimata after her horrific sexual assault and she quickly came to see Josh as a protector, turning to him for support instead of her husdand TK. 

Josh was happy to be there for Roimata but felt conflicted about upsetting his boss TK.

They became good friends but Josh soon realised he had feelings for Roimata.  Meanwhile he was coming under suspicion for the attack against Roimata.

Unable to carry on his relationship with Lana, he broke it off but an upset Lana worked out his attraction to Roimata.  She revealed the truth to a disturbed Roimata who felt she could no longer trust Josh and she questioned whether Josh may have been responsible. 

When it was discovered that it was Zac Smith who was the attacker, Josh helped TK and Roimata prove he was responsible. But not before Zac attempted to set Josh up by kidnapping Roimata then leaving her on Josh's bed. 

After all the drama they had been through together, Josh's instense friendship with Roimata spilled over into affair when she also developed feelings for him. 

TK found out about their affair and ended his marriage to Roimata and Josh and Roimata officially became a couple.

But Josh's overprotectiveness and controlling nature was too much and Roimata broke up with him.

A heartbroken Josh was at a loss when he befriended drug kingpin Neil Hesketh and recruited to be the gang’s official doctor; performing medical procedures on Neil’s henchmen and being forced to steal drugs from the hospital. 

In the 2013 feature length episode it was revealed Josh had been working undercover for the police and he got caught up in a drug raid of the hospital by Neil and his gang. When the attempted robbery turned sour, Josh saved the day, rescuing Bella and baby Adam from Neil's clutches.

But when the attention from his heroics began to die down, Josh craved the limelight again. 

His desire for recognition developed into hero syndrome – a condition where a person seeks attention by creating a desperate situation which they can resolve.

Josh began crossing the line and setting up more and more dangerous situations to make himself the hero; risking a patient’s wellbeing so that he could swoop in and save him at the very last minute, spiking Murray’s drink so he could rescue him from an apparent “heart attack” and setting a trap which saw Nicole’s girlfriend Bonnie get electrocuted.

As Josh’s dangerous behaviour escalates, who will be his next victim and how long before one of his schemes is fatal?