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Join us for Shorty's biggest night of the year

Chris Tempest stars as Josh - Shortland Street on TV2

You've been waiting all Winter Season and now we can finally reveal the date of this year's feature length episode - Monday 15th July.

This year promises to be as thrilling as ever and more than one of your favourite characters will find themselves in over their head.

Every year we try and bring you bigger and bolder storylines for the feature length episode and producer Simon Bennett says that this year is no exception.

This year were pulling out all the stops and pushing the production to the limit, he explains.   

Its been very challenging, especially in this cold weather. If the cast werent shooting in the freezing cold water, then they were filming half naked! Many of the actors were pushed way out of their comfort zones for this episode.

While the climax of last years episode revolved around helicopter crash at the hospital, we can reveal that this years 90 minute episode will focus on a fire and mass evacuation of the hospital. The action-packed episode will be sure to leave viewers wondering whats coming next!

We'll also be brining you an exclusive preview of the feature length episode so make sure to keep an eye out for a sneak peek on the app in the next couple of days!

The actors were also pushed to the limit during filming for the feature promo. Take a look out our photo gallery on

Five of the cast - Chris Tempest, Frankie Adams, Amelia Reid, Kerry-Lee Dewing and Pua Magasiva - were up at the crack of dawn on a cold winter morning alongside the crew to prepare for the shoot which saw them dressed up in evening wear and getting into the sea. A mean feat considering the chilly winter temperatures!

But what lies in store for Josh, Bella, Ula, Vinnie and Kylie? Be watching Shortland Street's feature length episode to find out. 

Dont miss Shortland Streets biggest night of the year - Monday 15th July. See you there!

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