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January 30 - February 3 2012

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Monday 30th January (4911)

Bree and Vinnie enjoy a night of passion. But doubt creeps in for Bree and she decides she must tell Brooke about Vinnie.

When Brooke makes a rare effort to be nice, Bree realises she can't risk damaging her fragile relationship with Brooke and breaks it off with Vinnie instead.

A disappointed Vinnie suggests they keep it quiet but Bree refuses. However, Bree struggles to keep her distance from the irresistible Vinnie and tells him that she's happy to keep their relationship a secret after all.

They return to the flat anticipating a night of romance. However, they are shocked to discover Nicole has moved in to Lana's room and their love nest hopes are thwarted.

Nicole hears that Maxwell wants her to move back in with him but she is unsure if shes ready.

Nicole learns that there is an ED conference coming up in Australia and it rings alarm bells when she realises Bethany will probably be there. Nicole gives in to jealousy and checks Maxwell's computer for Bethany's name on the conference invite list.

Maxwell discovers her and surprises Nicole by being understanding that it will take time to rebuild their trust. But Nicole is annoyed by her own jealousy.

Nicole needs a place to stay and is pleased when an offer comes, via Gabrielle, to stay in Lana's room at the flat.

Daniel is impatient to go home, believing he will recover faster there. TK witnesses Daniel unable to complete a simple task and is concerned to see confirmation that Daniels need for constant care will be high if he goes home.

TK counsels Sarah that she will put too much demand on her own health needs if she takes on the sole care for Daniel and Tillie at home.

Sarah admits she is worried about how she'll cope and acknowledges that she has been hiding from her own better judgement. But when Daniel makes an emotional plea to go home, Sarah can't say no.

However, Sarah is left wondering how she will cope taking care of Daniel alone.


Tuesday 31st January (4912)

TK is concerned to learn that Sarah has given into Daniels plea to come home. He challenges Sarah but, despite her reservations, she backs him off.

However, once at home Sarah realises that caring for Daniel is much harder than she anticipated. To Daniels dismay, Sarah and TK organise interviews for a carer.

Rachel feels suffocated by Chriss attempts to rebuild their relationship. When she visits Callum and offers to help with Hunter, Chris feels like Rachel is deliberately avoiding him.

Meanwhile, Callum is feeling the strain of caring for Hunter and accidentally leaves the front door unlocked after Rachels visit.

Hunter cant resist the temptation to flee and seek drugs. But he finds himself unable to go through with it and returns to Callum, urging him to keep him properly contained in future.

Callum hits rock bottom, not coping with being Hunters jailer. Hunter is upset to see Callum so low and decides to go to rehab.

Vinnie and Brees chance of romance is further stymied when Maxwell arrives to visit Nicole. Vinnie is frustrated but promises Bree that he will organise something special for the next night.

Vinnie is impressed when Brooke is generous towards Bree after Brees help with the remote surgery initiative pays off. He and Brooke clear the air and Brooke is left encouraged that Vinnie still has feelings for her.

Having observed the exchange, Bella draws the same conclusion and when Vinnie makes a dinner reservation for himself and Bree, Bella offers to pass on the message.

However, she mistakenly believes its for Brooke who assumes Vinnie wants to get back together.

Brooke turns up at the dinner but is mortified when Bree arrives and she discovers Bree and Vinnie are seeing each other

Wednesday 1st February (4913)

Guiltily realising Brooke still cares for him, Vinnie tries to explain the mix-up and invites Brooke to join them for dinner.

Brooke is too hurt and humiliated and flees. Following Brooke, Bree apologises but her sympathy makes Brooke feel like a fool for daring to hope she and Vinnie could have a future.

Hurting, Brooke lies to Rachel about her progress with remote surgery, vengefully preventing Bree from gaining any career boost related to the project.

Brooke pretends she's over her embarrassment and sarcastically wishes Vinnie luck with Bree. But Bree refuses to continue the relationship, not convinced Brooke's blessing is genuine - leaving Bree and Vinnie at a stalemate.

Despite Daniel's reluctance, Sarah employs a live-in caregiver, Zac, to aid him during his recovery.

Forced to accept Zac's employment, Daniels pleased when he manages to negotiate computer time to continue working on his software for Rachel.

But staring at a screen gives Daniel a bad headache, leading Zac to remove the computer, much to Daniel's frustration. He tries to convince Sarah to replace Zac and hes dismayed when Sarah
stands firm.

Rachel continues to support Callum, who supports her in turn when she reveals Chriss cheating behaviour.

Frustrated Callum is taking so much of Rachels time when he wants to work on rebuilding their relationship, Chris makes another call to Marlowe Bridge House and organises to pay for extra staff to
accommodate Hunters immediate admission.

Delivering the good news, Chris is annoyed when a grateful Callum admits his hope Chris and Rachel can work through their issues.

Chris can't believe Rachel has confided in Callum and hes further incensed when Rachel decides against continuing the remote surgery project.

Chris is dismayed Rachel is still punishing him and avoiding any chance to work on their relationship. Maxwell counsels Chris not to give up, and he determines to try again.

He sadly wonders whether they have any future together and challenges Rachel to make the call - can they fix what's broken or is it too late?


Thursday 2nd February (4914)

Challenged by Chris, Rachel admits shes not ready to jump into repairing their relationship, leaving Chris deflated.

Trying to keep his interest on Jasmine, Phoenix continues to be drawn towards Megan.

Callum books in a meeting with Rachel to hand over CEO duties, explaining he has free time now as Chris got Hunter into rehab. Rachel is warmed, but when she suspects
his motives were less then selfless and calls him on it, Chris reacts badly, souring their relationship further.

Meanwhile, Phoenix starts to believe Megan likes him back. He talks his predicament through with Chris, and when Rachel overhears Chriss self-deprecating advice, shes touched. She pledges to give Chris a proper second chance, and they kiss.

Ula worries about her pregnancy being exposed, and starts to cut calories in an attempt to keep the baby-weight hidden.

Ula struggles to hide her secret from Maxwells nosy Aunt Mary, who has a knack for knowing when someone is lying to her.  The pressure grows when Mary ropes her in to a family christening.

When Murray and Vasa go head-to-head over a skipping fundraiser, a slightly-jealous Wendy lets her competitiveness get the better of her.

She manages Murrays team, but is mortified when she realises hes useless at skipping.

After watching an underhanded Vasa try to get her daughter on board, Wendy coerces Ula to join her team out of spite. Vasa forces both Maxwell and Vinnie to join her side, but when she learns Wendy has nabbed Ula, her determination to beat Wendy grows.

But when she sees a useless Murray skipping, she knows shes got Wendys team beat.

Wendy secures Gabrielle and another non-skipper for her side and despairs theyll never win.

Murray worries shes taking this too seriously and when he overhears Wendy and Vasa talk over how useless he is at skipping, hes stung. Wendy feels bad that her competitiveness has ultimately hurt her husband.

Friday 3rd February (4915)

Murray is determined to prove himself and decides hell give Wendy a run for her money and form his own skipping team.

Wendy needs more skippers and is irked when Murray manages to coerce a reluctant Evan to join his team. Megan offers to join Murray's team when she realises Evan is taking part - and when
Phoenix wants to join to get closer to Megan, Evan regrets he ever said yes.

The teens begin skipping practice until Wendy turns up and feeds them pancakes in a sabotage attempt. Murray discovers her crime and ups the ante by laying a bet on who wins the skip-off.

Brooke has organised a media call due to growing interest about Gabrielle's fetal surgery. Unwilling to risk using the public-shy Gabrielle, Brooke asks Chris to handle the media.

Gabrielle is happy to let Chris do the interview. But when Bree queries why she would let Chris step in on her behalf, Gabrielle realises she's falling in to old patterns and decides to take the challenge on.

Brooke fears the worst and explains Gabrielle's past inadequacy with public speaking to Bree, who supports Gabrielle by giving her public speaking tips.  The interview goes well.

Gabrielle credits Bree's help as making the difference and chooses Bree to assist with an upcoming surgery which is at the limit of her abilities.

A reluctant Ula agrees to go to the Christening when Vasa puts her foot down. Ula hopes she can fly under the radar, conscious of her pregnancy secret.

But her hopes are thwarted when Aunty Mary insists Ula must do a reading from the bible. Ula feels like a pariah compared to her Christian relatives and decides she can't face going to the Christening.

She fakes an illness but is forced to retract this ploy when she realises it could be read as morning sickness.

At the church, Ula begins to enjoy herself until a judgemental Mary admonishes Vasa for her past crimes against Maxwell.

For the sake of peace, Vasa leaves but when Ula tries to get up and read her bible verse, she finds herself paralysed with fear in the knowledge she too will face the judgement of her community.

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