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Shortland Street

Weeknights at 7pm | TV2

January 18 - 22 2010

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Monday 18th January (ep 4401) SEASON PREMIERE

Maxwell reassures Sarah that he'll keep quiet about their liaison, but a confused Sarah insists she must go straight to TK. 

She tries to be honest with TK, but falters and TK is left with the impression that her visit is a good sign. 

Brooke tries to play sympathetic, and is disappointed when she learns that Sarah has made contact and feels she's missed her chance at romance with TK. 

Sarah uses Gabrielle as a sounding board and is challenged when Gabrielle urges her to be truthful with TK. 

TK is astonished when Sarah admits to sleeping with Maxwell.

Sid arrives at the bar and rigs it to go up in flames.  Meanwhile, Sophie sleeps on upstairs, completely unaware of the danger she's in. 

Waking behind the wheel of her still-idling car, Rachel drives home.

Kieran arrives at the bar and saves Sophie.  Sid feels extremely guilty for almost putting Sophie in danger. 

Meanwhile, Gerald allows himself to be reassured by Nicole when he discovers that Morgan hasn't arrived home from the party. 

Rachel wakes with a headache and a sore neck, but struggles to remember what happened the night before.

Gerald and Nicole check to see if Morgan went home with Tania, but discover she didn't.

Rachel's sense of foreboding grows when she arrives at work and spots the damage to her car. 

Kieran confronts Rachel under the guise of asking about the cafeteria reopening and is relieved when he confirms Rachel has no memory of the party. 

A worried Callum chides Rachel for driving home drunk and states that she's lucky she didn't injure herself. 

Rachel worries when she fails to recall any of her journey home. 

Hunter learns that Morgan has been missing since the party and joins Gerald and Nicole in their hunt for Morgan. 

The trio search the road near the party venue and are shocked to discover Morgan's lifeless body in a roadside ditch. 

Rachel learns that Morgan has been killed in a hit and run, and realises with horror that she may be responsible for Morgan's death. 

Rachel heads into ED and comes clean to the police.  She admits that she hit Morgan on the way home from the party.


Tuesday 19th January (ep 4402)

TK is furious at Maxwell for sleeping with Sarah, but in the ED he has to put his rage on hold. 

Maxwell dreads the imminent conflict with TK.  When the ED is finally quiet, TK confronts Maxwell.  Tracey condemns Maxwell for his self destructive behaviour. 

Daniel invites Sarah to dinner.  He is confused when she rules out any chance of reconciliation and goes to TK for answers. 

TK refuses to reveal what Sarah has done to either Daniel or a curious Brooke.  Later, Brooke overhears Maxwell and Tracey arguing, and is privately pleased that Sarah has betrayed TK.

Everyone is shocked by Morgan's death.  Yvonne insists on taking the tragic news to Tania herself.  However, the tragedy fails to draw mother and daughter closer.

Tania is left even more distressed than before. 

Rachel's confession horrifies those gathered in the ED.  Hunter confronts Rachel as the police take her away.  Rachel endures the humiliating arrest and is daunted by the charges she faces. 

An angry Sid attacks Rachel's car in the carpark, smashing more headlights.  Callum appeals to the staff for calm and professionalism. He asks Libby to move Rachel's vehicle out of sight.

Libby notices a stray cigarette butt in non-smoking Rachel's car, but thinks nothing of it.  Kieran realises that the cigarette butt could potentially incriminate him but he is too late to retrieve it. 

While his fiancé and his brother comfort Hunter, Gerald and Nicole, a guilty Kieran does his best to hide his guilt. 

Callum delivers the terrible news to Chris, who doesn't know if he wants to support Rachel through this. 

Gabrielle persuades him that visiting Rachel at the police station could help.  Chris visits Rachel and tries to explain that he can no longer bring himself to help her. 

Rachel desperately lashes out at Chris, accusing him of failing to help her when she returned to Shortland Street. 

If she hadn't been drinking at the party Morgan would still be alive. 


Wednesday 20th January (ep 4403)

Chris arrives home and reveals to Gabrielle how conflicted he feels about abandoning Rachel in her time of need.  Gabrielle comforts him.  Libby is unsettled to witness them kissing.

Maia worries when Nicole turns up for work, despite being on bereavement leave.  Nicole's grief catches up with her in theatre and Gabrielle has to replace her. 

Maia sends her home.

Yvonne is determined to ignore her own problems and focus on supporting Gerald.  Yvonne suffers at work when Tania ignores her completely. 

Brooke poisons Daniel against Sarah by letting slip about her betrayal of TK.   Daniel doesn't believe it until Sarah is forced to reveal she slept with Maxwell. 

Daniel tries to confide in Sophie but she's annoyed that Daniel still has no respect for Kieran.  Daniel is befriended by Loren, a new employee at Sugar.

Tracey is alarmed to find TK and Maxwell sharing a shift in ED.  Although TK refuses to forgive Maxwell, he does assure him he will remain professional. 

Then Daniel angrily confronts Maxwell about sleeping with Sarah.  TK gets Daniel out of ED, counselling him against violence. 

When Sarah insists to Maxwell that her marriage cannot be salvaged, he hints that he is developing feelings for her. 

Rattled, Sarah backs off, but when TK is still prepared to reconcile, Sarah resorts to claiming that she and Maxwell are considering a relationship. 

An all-out brawl erupts in ED between TK and Maxwell.


Thursday 21st January (ep 4404)

Gerald angrily rejects Sid's offer to help with Morgan's funeral.  Filled with guilt for killing Morgan, Kieran offers The I.V free of charge for Morgan's wake.  

Libby traps Tania and Yvonne into a meeting to establish a truce that will allow the entire family to attend the funeral together. 

Tania knows that a truce for the sake of Morgan will only be temporary.  She will never forgive Yvonne.

Callum visits Rachel and is taken aback when she announces her intention to go to Morgan's funeral.

She wants to pay her respects and express her remorse.  But Libby is convinced it will upset Morgan's friends and family.

Daniel and Scotty race into ED to help Tracey pull TK and Maxwell apart.  Daniel is shocked by TK's uncharacteristic loss of control and reports it to Sarah.

She finds TK and Maxwell in Callum's office and is mortified to learn that Callum has been informed of her affair. 

Sarah decides that she needs to successfully convince TK that their marriage is over. 

Sarah goes to Maxwell and tries to convince herself as well as him that they have real feelings for each other. 

Meanwhile, Brooke is annoyed with Gabrielle when she urges TK to go to Sarah and stop her from making a terrible mistake with Maxwell. 

She also accuses Brooke of not having TK's best interests at heart.  TK discovers that Sarah and Maxwell have slept together again. 

He offers Sarah the chance to leave with him so they can start over but Sarah refuses and chooses to remain with Maxwell. 

Devastated, TK leaves.  Brooke offers him comfort but TK angrily accuses her of damaging his marriage. 

Their argument turns to passion. 

Friday 22nd January (ep 4405) 

TK is mortified when Daniel returns home with Loren and catches him after sex with Brooke. 

Maxwell is challenged when Sarah wonders what he wants from her, asserting that she wants to start a relationship with him. 

At the wake, TK becomes upset at seeing Sarah and Maxwell together and leaves early.  Brooke follows him home.

Brooke plays on his sympathy to woo him back into bed.

Kieran is consumed by his guilty conscience and can't sleep, claiming to Sophie that he's just stressed about the funeral. 

Nicole is determined to stay strong for Morgan's funeral when she receives more bad news from back home. 

Hunter berates Callum when he speaks in support of Rachel.  Callum worries that Hunter is more upset about Morgan than he's letting on. 

Kieran attempts to back out of going to the funeral, but has no choice when Gerald asks for a lift to Rachel's. 

Rachel feels undeserving when Gerald tries to show her forgiveness, insisting it's what Morgan would have wanted.

Chris is saddened when Gabrielle reveals that she didn't speak at the funeral because her recent attempts to express herself emotionally have failed. 

However, when she informally talks about Morgan at the wake, others are touched by her story and sparked to share memories themselves.

Gerald is concerned that Nicole isn't allowing herself to grieve.  Nicole cruelly likens Maia to Rachel when Maia empathises with the guilt and pain Rachel must be feeling.

Tania finds it difficult to grieve for Morgan with Yvonne and Ben present so a tense Nicole asks them to leave. 

Maia remembers how selfless Morgan was when the alcoholic who killed Morgan's mother was admitted into her care. 

Maia's fond memories lead Nicole to feel badly for her earlier condemning Maia. 

But when a remorseful Rachel makes a surprise entrance at the wake, Nicole loses her self-control and lunges at her.