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Shortland Street

Weeknights at 7pm | TV2

January 17 - 21 2011

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Monday 17th January (ep 4651 SEASON PREMIERE)

When Tracey manages to escape strangulation, a homicidal Scotty sets off in pursuit. 

A terrified Tracey hides from Scotty, but he doesn't give up his search. 

Scotty catches Tracey and sedates her with the stolen drugs, but TK rescues Tracey and is shocked to realise that Scotty has gone crazy. 

Tracey is distressed to realise Scotty's madness might incite drastic police action when TK advises the authorities of the attack.

Phoenix is alarmed to realise that Chris might be in danger when he finds his car outside the burning building with Murray. 

Murray calls Evan's phone, but Evan lies unconscious in the basement as peril grows closer. 

Chris manages to get Rachel out of immediate danger, dragging her to the fire escape and away from the smoke. 

Phoenix rushes to help Chris, putting himself at risk.  Murray struggles to save Evan as the fire draws ever closer. 

Phoenix and Chris get Rachel outside, and Phoenix fears the worst when Chris braves danger to save Callum. 

Phoenix is shocked to realise Evan is seriously hurt when Murray escapes the basement with him. 

Chris succumbs to heat and smoke, and he and Callum are rescued at the last possible second by fire fighters. 

Hunter is horrified to learn of Callum's injuries when he's admitted to ED. 

Rachel comes to in ED, and feels guilty when she learns Callum isn't out of the woods yet. 

Daniel does his best to console Sophie when Callum goes under the knife. 

Chris reluctantly supports Rachel when she chooses to be at Callum's side.  Hunter is furious when Rachel tries to be sympathetic.

Brooke is unconvinced when Isaac claims his anxiousness is over Jim and not Luke. 

Brooke is suspicious to learn that Jim was seemingly mugged at random. 

The pressure mounts when Jennifer watches Isaac operate on Jim. 

Brooke's suspicions are confirmed when she finds Jim's wallet full of cash, and realises Jim hasn't been robbed. 

Jim is dismayed to learn his career is over, and has Isaac over a barrel when he demands money for his silence. 

Brooke calls out Isaac on his lies, and challenges Isaac to go to the police and potentially save Luke's life. 

Isaac bites the bullet and goes to the police, intent on confessing all.

Tuesday 18th January (ep 4652)

Luke is brought into the hospital. 

Hoping she's in time, Brooke calls Isaac and prevents him from confessing all to the police. 

Isaac is hugely relieved and is grateful for Brooke's timely call. 

But Brooke is unimpressed that Isaac kept her out of the loop for so long. 

Isaac is relieved to discover that Luke has no idea why he was abducted and encourages Luke to believe it was a case of mistaken identity, hoping that this will put the matter to rest for good.

Rachel can't shake her feeling of responsibility for Callum's plight despite Chris's reassurances. 

When Rachel visits an unconscious Callum, Hunter warns her to keep her distance for Sophie's sake. 

Rachel turns her focus to the fire investigation, hoping it will provide answers. 

Scotty is still on the run and Tracey's worry increases. 

Hine and TK continue to support her by staying with Tracey. 

Lying awake late at night, Tracey hears a noise, but she fails to spy Scotty lurking outside the house, spying on her.

Phoenix is worried for Evan and feels guilty for helping him hide from his parents. 

Phoenix cannot bear it and he confesses.  Chris and Maxwell are forced to address Ula and Phoenix's deception. 

Murray is furious but still blames himself for driving Evan away. 

Wendy's heart breaks as Murray curses himself for his failure as a parent. 

When Evan wakes, father and son emotionally reconcile. 

All is forgiven and Murray hopes this will prove to be a fresh start for their relationship. 

Evan is upset to learn that Rachel, Chris and Callum were in the fire and he can't bring himself to confess how the fire started.  

Wendy and Murray are shocked when Rachel reveals the police have found evidence of an accelerant and believe that Evan deliberately set the fire.

Wednesday 19th January (ep 4653)

Evan denies deliberately setting the fire but Murray doesn't believe him. 

However, Wendy feels that Evan is telling the truth and challenges Murray to do the same. 

But when Murray sees Sophie angrily blaming Evan for Callum's injuries, he doesn't intervene.  

Jennifer wants to extricate herself from her relationship with Jim but she cannot bring herself to refuse him support when the injuries to his hand mean he can no longer be a surgeon. 

Jennifer confides in Maia who urges Jennifer to put herself first and escape her bad relationship.

When she finds the stash of money in Jim's ward, Jennifer follows Maia's advice but Jim reacts badly, accusing Jennifer of ruining his life. 

Jennifer is upset and Maia comforts her.

Hearing that Rachel still cares, Callum asks to see Rachel. 

In the face of Sophie's disdain, Rachel visits him.  But seeing Callum in so much pain only compounds her guilt. 

Chris arranges to cook dinner for Rachel, hopeful of taking her mind off the terrible ordeal they've been through. 

Rachel agrees to the dinner but is side tracked when she learns that Callum has deteriorated. 

She tries to stay away from Callum but, guilt-ridden and desperate to know how he's doing, she visits him again. 

This time Callum surprises Rachel by asking her to stay. 

Rachel agrees to do so, even though it means missing her dinner with Chris.

Thursday 20th January (ep 4654)

Rachel feels conflicted about her new role in Callum's life. 

She wants to be there and support him but Sophie especially is unhappy about this. 

When Harry catches Rachel and Chris in bed together, and is put out about her moving in, it is another timely reminder to Rachel that her decision to be with Chris has consequences. 

Chris too feels guilty when he sees Callum for the first time after the fire. 

Rachel is put under further pressure when she not only overhears hospital gossip about her and Chris but when the DHB put her through the ringer about being acting CEO. 

Although Rachel has no doubts about her commitment to Chris, they decide it's best for her to move back to a hotel. 

Jennifer confronts Maia about her feelings.  Maia admits that she is attracted to Jennifer but manages to clear the air with Jennifer, allaying her worries. 

Trying to put Jennifer out of her mind and reconnect with Nicole, Maia plans a romantic evening.

Later, Jennifer is won round by Maia's compassion.

Alone in the lockers, Jennifer realises that she is attracted to Maia. 

Jennifer fights her feelings and when Nicole asks her to stand in for her cancelled date with Maia, Jennifer avoids the situation. 

But Jennifer can't fight her growing desire any longer, and against her better judgement, joins Maia for a romantic dinner.

Tracey's fears continue to grow when Scotty still hasn't been located but she and Hine manage to make a small step towards reconciliation.

Tracey's brother Peter arrives and instead of offering support, insists that she leave Scotty and come home to Christchurch. 

Tracey refuses and hopes Scotty will reveal himself.  He does when he tries to nab her at the park. 

Peter manages to grab him but Scotty eventually escapes. 

Later, he turns up at the Warner house and Phoenix manages to get him to stay, while surreptitiously texting Chris to come to the rescue. 

Chris starts to talk him down but the arrival of Tracey and his friends freaks Scotty out.

He's terrified and tries to escape, forcing his loved ones to capture him.


Friday 21st January (ep 4655)

Maia and Jennifer's dinner progresses well until Jim arrives and spoils the mood. 

Maia and Jennifer head back to Maia's place where they connect while playing music. 

More wine gets drunk and inhibitions disappear until Maia and Jennifer end up kissing. 

However, Maia gets an attack of guilt and sends Jennifer home.

The next day sexual tension continues at work but Maia and Jennifer keep their desires in check.

Then they find they are alone together in the lift. 

Once again, they end up kissing.

Scotty is brought in to ED, where Maxwell orders a brain scan. 

The scan shows Scotty has a tumour in his brain, which Chris suspects is causing his disorder. 

The next morning post Scotty's surgical consult, Tracey learns Scotty's brain tumour caused his PTSD symptoms and has triggered a rare disorder which causes him to believe she is an impostor. 

She and Hine pray the risky procedure to remove the tumour will work. 

The surgery proves more complicated than suspected and Tracey fears for Scotty's life.  

Scotty eventually emerges from the procedure and Tracey is greatly relieved that it was a success. 

Tracey hopes the wedding will soon be back on track, but Peter thinks Scotty has proved himself to be a violent man and informs her that the Morrisons are now opposed to the union.

Isaac attempts to mend bridges with Brooke, but she continues to keep him at arm's length.

Luke approaches Isaac with niggling questions about "William Wilson's" surgery.

Isaac attempts to shut him down, but Luke is determined to satisfy his unease about the case. 

Isaac is shocked when the morning newspaper contains pictures of wanted criminals Tintor and Miliash, but manages to hide the paper from Luke. 

However, Bella draws Luke's attention to the article leaving him shocked. 

In an attempt to cover his involvement, Isaac pretends he also just learned they were criminals.  

Luke checks with Jennifer and learns that Isaac bumped a patient in order for Tintor's surgery to go ahead. 

He queries this with Isaac, who accuses Luke of mounting a witch-hunt and tells him to let the matter go. 

Luke does so until Bella advises him to check the false NHI number Tintor was admitted under. 

Luke does and confronts Isaac - the file was created after Tintor' surgery, proving that Isaac was part of the cover up. 

Isaac is sprung.

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