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Home sweet home

The Cooper family

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

The Cooper's have a house! Wendy (Jacquie Nairn), Murray (Matt Chamberlain), Bella (Amelia Reid), Evan (Tyler Read) and Jasmine (Pearl McGlashan) have been on the show for over a year, but it's only now that Shorty fans will be able to see where they reside.

We talked to Shortland Street Head of Art Department, Ana Miskell about how they came up with look of the Cooper family home, and where all the bits and pieces were sourced.

"We wanted to give the Cooper house a 'lived in' feel, so we used a majority of second hand and recycled materials," says Miskell.

"The reasons everything was sourced second hand and recycled were three-fold - reusing and recycling resources is always preferable, it saved a lot of money and very importantly, it meant that the dressing had a used feel - as this is a family house we wanted the dressing to reflect this."

Here's what we used:

The wall flats (sides) and ceiling are 90% reused flats left over from old commercial shoots, we bought a little bit of ply and framing but the majority was recycled

Timber for weatherboards was from the old McKay House set,cut to size and routered to form a weatherboard shape.

Windows are all from demo yards and TradeMe purchases.

Doors are from demo yards, the Recycling Centre (the dump) and TradeMe.

The entire kitchen was a TradeMe purchase that we modified to fit.

The fridge is from an old set.

Laundry wallpaper was from a second-hand shop.

A lot of the paint was recycled and remixed from our paint stocks.

Curtains and blinds were new purchases, sheers were recycled from our supplies, small curtain was from second-hand shop.

All furniture was all from TradeMe and from our stocks (mostly from second-hand shops).

Floor coverings were from our stocks

All exterior materials (corrugated plastic and timber) was from demo yards and TradeMe.

Fireplace from TradeMe.

Wall mounted shelving from a second-hand shop.

Screen in the back hallway was from a demo yard.

All practical wall lights and switches were from demo yards.

Lamps were from our stocks (from previous sets - just with shades and bases changed around)

Small appliances, heaters were from second-hand shops and our stocks.

Art work was all from second-hand shops and markets.

All dressing from second-hand shops, markets and our stocks.

Bamboo wallpaper in the living area was kindly supplied by Pacific Wallcoverings.

Make sure you 'visit' with the Coopers in their family home, weeknights 7pm on TV2.