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Shortland Street

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Vinnie tries his luck with Emma. Roimata and TK take a holiday. And Sarah is thankful to receive help from an old friend.

Vinnie hopes enough time has passed that Emma might be able to forgive him. Intent on giving their relationship another go, Vinnie asks Emma on a date.

When TK reveals to Roimata that her father wants them to fill in at his clinic up north for a few days, she is reluctant to go. But TK manages to secure annual leave for both of them and she has no choice in the matter.

After TK and Roimata leave, Sarah is short-staffed in ED. Struggling to cope with her workload and the running of ED, she is appreciative when an old friend returns to New Zealand and offers to fill in.

Is Emma ready to start seeing Vinnie again? Will some distance from Josh save Roimata's marriage? And will the ED benefit from a newcomer?



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