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"Hey! Aren't you that actor from Shortland Street?"

Amelia Reid plays Bella - Shortland Street on TV2

Teuila Blakely plays Vasa - Shortland Street on TV2

We sat down with a few of your favourite Shortland Street actors to talk about their most unusual fan encounters. From proposals to impromptu hakas, they've had it all!

In fact, Ria Vandervis and Kerry-Lee Dewing discovered that one fan had even named her twins after their characters- Harper and Kylie!


Amy Usherwood (Emma)

I was at the supermarket one day and this really cute girl who looked like she was about 5 started following me around. She would never make eye contact, and as soon as I’d try to smile at her, she would look away and pretend to be looking at something on the shelf. Then she kept following me around singing ‘Shortland streeeeet... Shortland Streeeeet” making up her own little theme song. It was really cute.

Sam Bunkall (Boyd)

I was out at a festival once and I remember when I first started on the show, we had to write all this information about ourselves. This was where we had to write about our history and so I wrote “ I was born in 1953” or something like that just as a joke. And someone at this festival comes up to me deadly serious asking “were you really born in 1953?”

Frankie Adams (Ula)

I get proposed to heaps, I get proposed to more than I get asked out on dates!

Amelia Reid (Bella)

I had a guy buy me cake and ring it up.

Sally Martin (Nicole)

I had a girl in the mall that spotted me but she stopped short when she saw me. When she stopped, she smashed into her boyfriend holding her ice cream which went all over his shoes. That was funny.

Sally and Amelia
shared a common experience when they were at a beach house up north:

We were about 100-150 meters from the road and these kids started collecting out there. We were like what’s about to happen, they were all spread out in front of us. They all held up A4 pieces of paper and it spelt out. ‘Can we please have a photo Amelia and Sally?” It was really cute!

Michael Galvin (Chris)

This was the time when a drunken guy tried to kiss me at the supermarket. At first I thought he was coming in for a hug, but no, it was a kiss.

Matt Chamberlain (Murray)

This was at a hotel… a guy dressed in a penis suit asked to take a picture with me.

Teuila Blakely (Vasa)

This was when a group of guys did a Haka for me at the dairy one morning.