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Don't Trust Andrew Mayne

Series 1, Episode 4 Disconnected 28 Jul 14 00:20:28

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Monday 28 July (5547 & 5548)


Ula lets Garrett bring insulin to Steve, though she knows she's compromising herself.

Steve has stressed how much Garrett cares for her, and is confident the relationship is salvageable.

Garrett takes heart from this but Ula doesn't want to believe it.

When Garrett has to leave work urgently to look after Steve, Ula instinctively covers for him, and reluctantly has to admit to herself that she still cares about him.

Busy, successful, and tired as a result, Rachel wants to back out of a businesswomen's networking event, but feels inspired by Ava to recommit.

At the event, she is daunted by the women who can sustain their hectic lifestyles, including a woman, Katherine, who is the same age as Rachel.

But when Katherine lets slip there's a mysterious reason why she and Ava can manage their lives with such ease, Rachel's suspicious.

Despite Chris's insistence cellular treatment isn't a possibility yet, Rachel becomes increasingly certain there's a medical explanation.

Sarah's frustrated she can't identify and therefore treat the mystery virus, but TK bolsters that she's making headway with her research and should continue.

Sarah does, and appreciates TK's support.

It lifts their relationship up to a new height.

But when TK gets a patient with the disease, he fears they're on the verge of another outbreak.

Kylie struggles to keep the peace between the warring rivals for Toby's affection - Emma and Julia.

Julia refuses to let Toby go to Brett's funeral, something Emma sees as important to his mental wellbeing.

But with Emma's help, Kylie diplomatically encourages Julia to let Toby go.

At the funeral, Kylie is comforted to realise they've done the right thing.

But when Toby gets upset, Julia takes it as a sign he's not coping and blames Emma, but sick of Julia not realising what Toby actually needs, Emma fights back.

Their fight is about to become physical when Toby snaps and yells at them, then breaks down and starts sobbing.

Kylie feels terrible for pressuring Julia to let him attend, certain she's made an awful mistake.

Kylie tries to shut down the argument between Emma and Julia.

Emma suggests they give up on the funeral but Toby's determined to stay and see it through, so they can all move on.

Emma's sobered by Toby's plea for them to ensure Brett's death doesn't tear their family apart.

Everyone's moved by this - so much so that Julia admits she feels she failed to protect Toby and is at a loss to help him.

Emma pledges her and Kylie's support to help Julia support him from now on.

Relieved to see his family reunited, Toby returns to jail.

But Emma and Kylie's hard-won peace is shattered when they learn Toby is to be transferred to another youth prison in Christchurch, near Julia's new job, but far away from them.

Sarah and TK confirm Claire has the same virus that killed Quentin and Effie.

Sarah wants to use micro plasma exchange, but it's against usual protocol and she's rattled when Rachel warns she'll need to wait for Ministry approval.

Grateful for TK's support, Sarah forges on and sets up for the procedure.

Sarah's devastated when the Ministry vetoes her method, but impressed when Rachel gives her the go-ahead and defends her actions to the Ministry.

Claire improves thanks to Sarah and TK - who breathe a sigh of relief.

Garrett's bereft when Steve goes, but realises there's nothing more he can do.

When Ula learns from Dayna that Garrett only flirted with her to drive Ula away, Ula is left curious.

She questions Garrett and learns how guilty he feels about stopping his father when he was a child.

Ula's sympathetic, but Garrett's wary of dragging her into his dramas, he warns her off again, insisting he can survive on his own.

Frustrated she should be feeling in her prime, Rachel's even more intrigued by Ava's treatment when she realises Ava's keeping it secret.

Rachel does her best to keep up with the demands of dealing with another viral outbreak, but Chris's admiration for her brilliant mind only makes her feel worse that her youth and beauty are slipping away.

Her curiosity is piqued when a parcel for Ava is delivered to her office by mistake.

The packing slip is addressed to the "Perpetua Club" and Rachel challenges Ava that this is proof she's giving a secret treatment to a select number of clients.

Afraid Rachel will close down her research, Ava passionately defends her treatment.

Rachel's wary of supporting a covert drug trial, but Ava proves it's safe by admitting she uses it herself.

Rachel wants to be the very best she can be and risks all by demanding to be in on the treatment.




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