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Series 5, Episode 24 Masterchef New Zealand 21 Apr 14 00:44:30

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What happened Monday on Shortland Street?

Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand

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Monday 21st April (5472)


Seeing Evan's keeping his distance from the Coopers, Dayna tries to fix the situation.

He won't agree to Murray's decision, but she's pleased when he agrees to spend more time with the family.

When news arrives that there's another bid on the I.V, Evan feels guilty at how he's betrayed his family.

Needing Dayna's support, Evan admits what he's done.

Dayna's rocked by his betrayal - it seems she's misjudged him.

Despite Chris's attempt to persuade her, Rachel refuses to bid against the Coopers for the I.V.

But when she sees that Murray may be over-extending himself financially, she starts to think that if they won the auction themselves, it would save the Coopers financially.

They table a big offer, before the auction.

Finding Kylie's fun-day far too family-friendly, Leanne raises the idea of having a shandy at the event. She's irritated when Kylie bans it, but persists.

When an angry Kylie finds out about it, Leanne backs off - only to accidentally tear down the side of the big marquee and reveal a flirty side to the fun day that ruins Kylie’s plans to shed her tarty image.

Joking about Easter, Emma's uneasy to think she's inadvertently indicated to Sam that she isn't supportive of his Christian faith.

But when Emma suggests Sam say grace and he refuses, she's worried she's stuffed up.

She awkwardly tries to say grace instead and Sam steps in to help her - realising Emma was right to suggest it.

Sam thanks her, and Emma thinks she's making ground.

But when she tries to hold his hand in public, Sam shyly pulls away - Emma's left feeling like her attempts at romance with Sam are misguided thanks to their cultural differences.

Vasa steps in to help, suggesting Emma pass off Vasa's traditional Samoan dish as her own.

Emma's resistant but it works, and Sam realises just how hard Emma's trying.

He decides to take the plunge and kisses her, to Emma's delight - until Leanne accidentally exposes their kiss to the entire party, including an angry and upset Honour.

Sam's hugely embarrassed and Emma's left fearing she will lose him for good.


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Tuesday 22nd April (5473)

Emma’s romance blossoms. The Coopers fight for their dream. Rachel falters when it matters most.

Wednesday 23rd April (5474)

Rachel suspects Chris is hiding something. Evan walks out on Dayna. TK takes his eye off the ball.

Thursday 24th April (5475)

TK pushes his family away. Honour battles for love. Vinnie goes to the dark side.

Friday 25th April (5476)

Vinnie hides a developing habit. TK fights to prove himself. Murray ups his game for Kane’s sake.