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Monday 30 March (5707)


Harry is caught up in the excitement of house hunting with Chris and Rachel, but when he sees Pixie is still in pain, he has renewed concern for his friend.

He encourages her to see a doctor but Pixie refuses, adamant it's too expensive and her family can't afford it.

Feeling for her, Harry tries to help by paying for her to see a GP.

When Pixie finds out what he's done, she refuses to be a charity case.

Harry fears he's lost ground with her and finds he can no longer take enjoyment out of luxury house hunting with Rachel and Chris.

Bella feels for Jimmy when his attempts to forge a bond with Murray fail.

Wanting to help, she challenges Murray to give Jimmy a chance.

She's pleased when Murray makes an effort and the two men get on, but when Dayna is unimpressed, Bella realises that Jimmy needs her help to win Dayna over too if he's really going to feel a part of Kane's family life.

TK feels betrayed by Pania and Caleb's deception.

He assumes Caleb's drug dependence was sparked by the horror of the accident in the Middle East.

Caleb lets TK believe this at first, privately knowing there's far more to it.

Pania begs TK not to report Caleb's thieving to Rachel, urging him to focus on Caleb's rehabilitation instead.

Faced with the dilemma, TK confides in Kylie and is encouraged by her faith in him to do the right thing.

It's difficult but TK reports Caleb and Pania's wrongdoing to Rachel.

She has no choice but to press charges against Caleb and refer Pania's case to the medical council.

TK fears he's done the wrong thing, but when Caleb makes amends with Harper for stealing from her, TK feels vindicated.

However, Caleb takes his desire to remedy his bad behaviour too far when he inadvertently makes Kylie feel uncomfortable once again.

Garrett witnesses this and, protective of Kylie, he informs TK of Caleb's aggressive come-on to Kylie in the I.V.

Furious, TK confronts Caleb, demanding to know why he would do that.

In a fiery showdown, Caleb tells him that it was his way of getting even with TK for making a move on Pania while he was overseas.

He claims TK's betrayal made him quit the army and triggered his drug use and everything else that's happened.

TK's shocked to realise that he is partly to blame.



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Tuesday 31st March (5708)

TK fights to save a mate. Victoria uncovers a secret. Bella gets blindsided.

Wednesday 1st April (5709)

Bella’s head battles her heart. TK and Kylie are ships in the night. Boyd goes out on a limb for Victoria.

Thursday 2nd April (5710)

Boyd struggles to get through to Victoria. Kylie battles for TK’s respect. Nicole takes a joke too far.