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What happened Monday on Shortland Street?

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Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand.

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Monday 22 September (5592)


When Wendy and Murray sees that Kane's unhappy, Dayna thinks it's linked to his troubles with Jack and decides to tell Murray and Wendy that Jack tried to kiss him.

When Murray and Wendy offer sound advice to deal with Jack, Kane attempts to reach out.

However Jack's frightened of his attraction to Kane and reacts badly to Kane's attempt to be friends, and Dayna's advice.

Kane's forced to protect Dayna - and loses his friendship to Jack.

Learning of this, Murray and Wendy are concerned but Kane loses hope anyone can understand the emptiness he's suffering.

Dayna is drawn to some images of Julian Pound's art in the paper but Ula encourages her to avoid making contact with him again.

But Julian turns up looking for Dayna and a protective Ula decides not to pass on his message for Dayna.

Julian' not easily deterred and Dayna's flattered when he tracks her down.

He offers her payment for the painting she splattered paint on - it sold for a considerable sum.

With Ula's warning in mind, Dayna refuses to take his money, and his offer of a dinner date.

But Dayna's angry to discover Ula's been trying to keep Julian away and chooses Julian over Ula.

Ula fears her efforts to protect Dayna have only ruined her friendship.

Harper avoids addressing her empty life, or her worry for her imprisoned dad Steve, certain her work in the ED is all the fulfilment she needs.

Harper's faced with a tricky patient, Louisa, and resolves to do everything she can to help her.

Louisa has diabetes like Steve and, as Harper works to convince Louisa to face the changes she must make to her life, Harper's pained to be reminded of her dad alone in prison.

Phoning him, Harper's frustrated to learn he's given up the fight to prove his innocence and is resigned to living the rest of his life in prison.

Powerless to help him, and furious he won't help himself, Harper's frustration boils over when she sees Louisa ignoring all her advice and attempts to guide her, by buying junk food for her kids from Evan.

Harper vents all her personal frustrations and publicly derides both Evan and Louisa for giving up.


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Tuesday 23rd September(5593)

Harper finds a new purpose. Wendy wins with a motherknows- Best attitude. Ula fears she’s set Dayna up for a fall.

Wednesday 24th September (5594)

Ula searches for a friend. Murray discovers an unexpected secret. Boyd is blindsided.

Thursday 25th September (5595)

Boyd can’t hold his tongue. Kylie ties herself up with Boyd. Murray isn’t able to protect Evan.

Friday 26th September (5596)

Wendy wards off Evan’s evil. Dayna’s life loses its spark. Nicole’s family ties come undone.