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What happened in our 2010 season finale?

Will Callum, Chris and Rachel survive the warehouse fire?

Shortland Street Christmas cliffhanger 2010: Chris tries to carry Rachel out of the burning room.

Scotty's medical condition makes him see Tracey as an imposter.

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Friday 17th December (ep 4650 SEASON FINALE)

Isaac's guilt over Luke's abduction increases when staff start asking questions about Luke's whereabouts.  

Jim is brought into ED, having been beaten up as a warning to Isaac about going to the police. 

Isaac is sick with remorse, leading Brooke to question exactly what he knows about Luke's disappearance.

Seeing Murray and Wendy's distress, Phoenix feels terrible about not turning in Evan a few days ago. 

Needing supplies, Evan gets in touch with Phoenix, revealing his hiding spot in the student flat building.

Feeling responsible, Phoenix urges Evan to come home, threatening to expose his hiding place if he doesn't. 

Evan grudgingly decides to pack up and in doing so he accidentally starts a fire. 

Fleeing the sudden flames, Evan falls down a flight of stairs and is knocked out cold.

Scotty wonders whether he is going mad when he cannot recognise Tracey. 

Tracey calls in TK to help and Scotty calms down, relieved to once again recognise his fiancé. 

He agrees to see a psychiatrist first thing in the morning, believing his medication is responsible for his hallucinations. 

Whilst getting ready for his appointment he's horrified when Tracey's doppelganger returns. 

Scotty flees, seeking out Hine who claims to believe his story of an impostor. 

But Hine is working with Tracey to get Scotty the help he needs. 

On realising this, Scotty plays along with Tracey's impostor, engineering time alone. 

He demands to know what she has done with the 'real' Tracey, and begins to strangle her.

Rachel is determined to follow through and break up with Callum to be with true love Chris. 

Callum upsets her plans by taking an early flight and she is forced to meet him at their apartment building. 

With Chris waiting in the car, Rachel fronts up and tells Callum the truth: their relationship is over - she's chosen Chris. 

Callum is distraught and he leaves, slamming the door behind him and unintentionally locking Rachel in. 

Callum can't get out due to the fire and he struggles to return to Rachel. 

Meanwhile, Chris has noticed the smoke and he frantically tries to pry the grill off the window to free a suffocating Rachel. 

It's no use and Rachel decides to try another avenue of escape.  She recedes into the smoke, and soon collapses from smoke inhalation. 

Chris manages to break into the room.  He finds Rachel but collapses himself while trying to pull her to the window. 

Callum arrives, just in time to see flames lick up the sides of an LPG bottle. 

He throws himself on top of Chris and Rachel just as the bottle explodes.

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Thursday 16th December (ep 4649)

A panicky Isaac tries to call Ratko about Luke's abduction. 

Ratko's phone is disconnected and Isaac turns to Jim for help. 

He's hopeful when Jim reveals that he has another way to contact Ratko. 

Isaac waits anxiously to hear from Jim but when Jim turns up without having contacted Ratko, Isaac threatens to call the police.

Isaac is faced with another problem when Brooke almost opens the briefcase containing his payment for Tintor's surgery. 

Jennifer tells a pushy Jim that she doesn't want to get back together but Jim refuses to take no for an answer. 

Maxwell and Nicole see Jim off but Nicole is frustrated when Jim returns, wanting to speak with Jennifer. 

Nicole allows Jim to believe that Jennifer and Maxwell are in a relationship, hopeful that this will put Jim off for good. 

But Jim aggressively harasses Jennifer again and it's only Maia's intervention that prevents the situation from getting out of control. 

Jennifer is grateful to Maia who is uneasily aware that her romantic feelings for Jennifer have not gone away. 

A guilty Maia is cool towards Jennifer at the Christmas party and Jennifer confides her confusion at Maia's sudden mood shift to Maxwell. 

Jennifer is shocked when Maxwell reveals Maia has a crush on her.

Scotty confides to Tracey his fear that Paula Sinclair may be on the run, a fear that is exacerbated when he discovers an open window at home. 

Tracey is responsible for the window and tries to put Scotty's fears at rest suspecting that he's worried that it was Paula who broke in. 

She assures Scotty that the police have Paula and another escapee well contained miles from here. 

Scotty appears to be convinced that Paula's not a threat  but then he's unsettled when he notices something different about the way Tracey looks.

 Later, an argument with Tracey leaves Scotty concerned that Tracey is not herself. 

He confides this to TK who puts Tracey's uncharacteristic behaviour down to wedding stress. 

Unconvinced, Scotty questions Tracey to try to trip her up.  He fails, but then finds his protein shake container in the fridge, full of liquid. 

Freaked out, Scotty accuses Tracey of being an impostor and orders her out of his house. 

Wednesday 15th December (ep 4648)

An upset Sophie tears a strip off Rachel for having an affair with Chris behind Callum's back. 

Rachel urges Sophie that she will tell Callum when he gets home from his trip. 

On Daniel's advice, Sophie decides to intervene and make Callum phone Rachel so she'll be forced to confess immediately, but she bails out when she can't reach Callum on the phone.

Rachel moves to a hotel and Sophie feels terrible when she avoids Callum's next phone call but then spreads the infidelity news by telling Hunter. 

Meanwhile, Chris is disappointed when his relationship with Rachel has a rocky start, and she still refuses to move in with him until she's spoken to Callum.

Tracey takes a risk and puts power in Hine's hands, trusting her to continue with the wedding planning instead of pressuring Scotty to do it. 

Tracey is determined to ease Scotty's load, but is stung when an overworked Scotty snaps at her for trying to help. 

Tracey is frustrated by a gift she assumes is from her mother and vents in front of Hine who reveals the gift was actually from her. 

Upset, Hine questions whether Tracey really is the warm-hearted woman Scotty thinks she is. 

Scotty dismisses this, but begins to take Hine's concerns seriously when Tracey continues to be difficult. 

Later, Scotty is rattled when he a car backfires and in the moment of fright he looks to the window and has a flashback of Penny, looking at him murderously.

Isaac railroads Durville into going ahead with surgery on the high profile criminal in spite of his concerns about the patient's identity. 

Isaac completes the operation but is dismayed to find himself in hot water when Tintor disappears from his ward twelve hours too early. 

Isaac tries to excuse the disappearance, but is left nervous when Luke determines to keep investigating 'Mr Wilson'. 

Isaac is left sweating when Ratko pays up but forcefully urges him to take care of the inquisitive Luke - before he has to. 

Isaac is relieved when he convinces Luke the entire affair is due to a clerical error. 

Then Luke is forcefully abducted by Ratko.

Tuesday 14th December (ep 4647)

Brodie has managed to precariously juggle his budget to ensure that he can make repayments for his personal finance loan.

But Brodie soon faces his first dilemma when the kitchen freezer breaks down. 

He can't get hold of Murray and is forced to make an executive decision on his own about purchasing a new freezer.

The cost throws Brodie's carefully calculated sums out of balance. 

A desperate Brodie is forced to come up with ways to find money to cover the new freezer cost and ends up channelling some of the money from the social club Christmas party.

Isaac and Jim's plans to operate on a highly dangerous criminal at the Nikau Clinic are thwarted when the power supply is cut. 

Isaac thinks that they should cancel the operation but Jim reveals that it's not an option unless they want to put their lives in danger. 

Once Isaac meets one of the heavies, he realises that they can't back out and has no option but to do the operation at Shortland Street. 

Isaac manages to find a suitable patient file and ID to smuggle the criminal Tintor in under and gets a space in the theatre schedule by cancelling another patient's surgery. 

It's all going well until Luke becomes suspicious in theatre because of different dental records and asserts that they've got the wrong patient. 

He wants to stop the operation from going ahead putting Isaac in a terrible situation.

Sophie and Daniel make plans for a romantic date.

Daniel wants to make dinner for them at his house but TK has friends coming over, thwarting that plan.

Meanwhile, Rachel backs Chris off at work, keen to keep things simple until Callum returns and she can break up with him. 

But when Callum's plane is delayed, Rachel feels frustrated that she is still in limbo. 

Sophie is keen to spring for a hotel but Daniel's ego won't let her pay for it and so it's back to the drawing board. 

When Rachel learns that Callum is delayed she offers the house to Sophie who is grateful. 

Keen to make an impression, she decides to make a nice dinner but leaves the recipe at work on her desk so she has to go back and get it. 

When Chris learns Callum is delayed he's worried that Rachel will go back on her promise to be with him. 

Rachel assures him that it's him that she loves.

Rachel and Chris are kissing when Sophie walks in on them, catching them in a passionate embrace. 


Monday 13th December ( ep4646)

Chris and Rachel spend a blissful night together, but Rachel slips out in the morning rather than go public.

She manages to get home without arousing Sophie's suspicion, but feels guilty for betraying Callum. 

Chris feels a pang of insecurity on hearing of Rachel's involvement in the McKay family holiday plans, but Rachel promises that she won't flip-flop as she has done in the past. 

However, when she phones Callum in Texas, they are interrupted before she can confess.  

Rachel tells Chris there will be no repeat performance until she has told Callum in person on his return and is a free woman.

Wendy and Murray take time off work to look for their runaway son, turning to Evan's friends for help. 

Phoenix and Ula know nothing, but later Evan turns up at Phoenix's place to get supplies, explaining that he is camping in secret locations locally. 

Phoenix pleads with him to let his parents know he is okay, but Evan refuses, justifying that his father is going to pay for bullying him all the time. 

Ula, recalling how she ran away from stepdad Travis in Wellington, is swayed by Evan's story and convinces an uneasy Phoenix to keep Evan's secret. 

They try to comfort a distraught Wendy, but a stubborn Evan refuses to respond to his mother's pleading texts.

When Brodie has to come up with his share of the deposit money to buy the bar, his sister changes her mind and withdraws her financial support. 

Brodie tries to find replacement investors among the doctors, but fails. 

Confessing his problem to a very stressed Murray results in pressure to call his father for a loan. 

However, Brodie is estranged from his father and when he finally makes the call, he chickens out of asking for money.

Brodie is goaded into signing up for a loan from a cut-throat finance company at punitive interest rates.