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What happened Friday on Shortland Street?

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Friday 27 November (5889)

Wendy smashes Murray's boat on the jetty. He doesn't blame her, but is sad his attempt at a romantic day out went so badly.

When Wendy starts to show an interest in the boat Murray sees hope, until Bella reveals Wendy's doing it up to sell.

Murray confronts Wendy who explains she does want to sell - and upgrade to a bigger boat so they can sail the South Pacific together. It's everything Murray's wanted and he's overjoyed.


When Victoria finds out there's a general surgical registrar job going, she's dejected to think she doesn't have a chance of getting it.

Mo convinces her to at least apply.

She's touched to get Boyd's support, and surprised when Drew agrees to put in a good word for her too.

She and Drew develop an unlikely camaraderie when she sends Virginia away, so when Mo gives Victoria the cold shoulder, she's crushed and ends up taking comfort from Drew. In an unguarded moment she tells him more than she means to about her past experience of abuse.


Mo and Margaret are relieved to think they're sorting out their marital problems, slowly but surely.

Then Blair turns up again and tries to extort more money from Margaret, or else he'll tell the police of Curtis's involvement in the burglary.

Despite fearing she'll jeopardise her newfound harmony, Margaret tells Mo.

Mo's pleased she's been honest, but wonders how to diffuse the threat.

He calls Blair's bluff by giving him the chance to tell the police about Curtis's crimes... but makes it clear that by doing so, Blair may alert them to his own involvement.

Mo's playing a very risky game, gambling Curtis's freedom... and just prays it will work.


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