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Series 1, Episode 5 The Best Of Top Half 12 Jul 14 00:24:04

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Friday 11 July (5534) 


Fighting for her relationship, Vasa questions Sam's reasons for wanting to stay on the island.

After consulting with Honour, Sam sadly confirms that a fresh start is what they both need.

Vasa reluctantly accepts this and kids herself that she will be happy with a long distance relationship.

However, it soon becomes clear her work obligations will make this nigh on impossible.

Determined to support Sam and Honour's need for a new start, Vasa keeps this to herself and lets them go.

However, she finds herself miserable on her own and with Ula and Vinnie's blessing, leaves forever to begin a new life with Sam and Honour.

Continued financial pressure leads Evan to resort to trying to make money off the evidence he found in Harper's exam room.

He struggles to find a customer until Darren turns up at the bar.

However, when Dayna intercepts them, Evan's own conscience is triggered.

Deeply regretting his moral slide, he flushes the evidence, only to be caught in the act by Dayna demanding answers.

When Lance wakes, Harper reveals Jimmy's in the hands of the police and lies that Lance had a seizure. Lance leaves angrily.

Harper decides to call the police if he returns, despite Garrett's doubts the police can properly protect them.

Sure enough, Lance returns madder than ever.

Harper realises she is going to have to return to her criminal roots and ask her jailed father for help.

But she's deeply conflicted about doing so, as is Garrett - after all, he's the one who put him in jail...

Nicole is jolted out of her responsibility-free romance with Vinnie when she realises she is late for her period.

A positive pregnancy test confirms her fears and Sarah urges Nicole to tell Vinnie immediately.

However, Vasa's departure delays her and Nicole begins to wonder if Vinnie, the notorious commitmentphobe, will cut and run - just like he did when Jemima fell pregnant.

Nicole breaks the news, expecting the worst, but Vinnie is delighted and commits to raising the child despite feeling just as terrified as Nicole does.

Their love blossoms anew.



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Thursday 10 July (5533)

A shocked Garrett tries to keep his bashing a secret.

But Harper soon realises Lance is responsible.

Both believe they know best how to get rid of Lance for good - Harper aims to get Lance and Jimmy into the hospital so she can tip the police off.

Garrett doubts Lance will fall for the trap and formulates his own plan.

Garrett slips Lance a sedative and gets him into Harper's exam, where he aims to frame Lance while he sleeps, planting street drugs on him and calling the cops in.

But Garrett's floored to discover the drugs have disappeared.

He and Harper know Lance will be a major threat when he wakes and finds he's been drugged.

Evan's under increasing financial pressure from Ula to pay her back the money she lent.

He's intrigued to learn Dayna's party idea for the bar is attracting interest from dodgy people.

Forced to clean the exam rooms by Rachel, Evan fears he'll never find a quick fix to his cash problem.

Nicole and Vinnie feel like real grown-ups in a real relationship when they agree to buy a bed together.

But Leanne mistakenly thinks they want to buy a house together and offers to help with their deposit.

They consider it, only to get cold feet due to it being a true commitment they're not ready for - growing up can wait.

Vasa tries to relax on her holiday but doesn't appreciate an interruption by Marty, the local ambo and mate of Sam's.

Marty explains that he has to leave the island for good and suggests Sam take over his job.

Sam's tempted but Vasa makes it very clear that island life is not for her.

Next day, Vasa's further irked when Marty turns up again, insisting he take her and Sam on a tour of the island.

The tour drags on and Vasa's frustration builds.

But then she stumbles on a piece of paradise and Sam is hopeful the island is winning her over.

However, she is thrown when Sam tells her that he wants to move to the island and he wants her to come too.

When she is adamant that she's not prepared to do that, Sam is dismayed.


Wednesday 9th July (5532)

Sarah decides she has to keep investigating the mystery illness despite Rachel's warning and is relieved when TK supports her.

She comes up with more theories and emails Rachel.

However, Rachel is dismissive, only sending the email on to the Ministry.

Garrett overhears Sarah voicing her concerns.

TK reasons it's better for Sarah to stop before she gets obsessed.

Sarah promises she'll stop, but when Garrett provides her with the files she needs to keep going, she does so - and keeps it secret from TK.

Vasa is so determined to make Honour forget her troubles that she turns their dream island holiday into an exercise in scheduling and compulsory activities - so much for fun!

Seeing that Honour is coping well, Sam gives her the freedom to explore.

Vasa worries about Honour but she turns up safe and sound, and with new friends.

They all begin to relax and enjoy their holiday.

Bella tries to assure Dallas that rejecting his proposal doesn't mean she doesn't love him.

When he's not convinced, she stuns him by suggesting they move in together.

Bella moves into Dallas's place, a big step forward for their relationship.

But Dallas is left a little nervous when Bella enthusiastically redecorates, throwing out his stuff while bringing in girly stuff.

When bad boy Lance returns and wants Harper to illegally stitch up Jimmy to avoid attention from the police, Harper refuses.

Lance and Jimmy try again, in her exam room, but Harper still refuses.

Lance shows up at the flat and demands she does it - threatening her incarcerated father's safety.

Harper realises he's serious, but bluffs that her father doesn't mean anything to her, in the hopes that Lance will realise he doesn't have any leverage over her.

Garrett promises to protect Harper, worried that Lance may threaten her instead.

But it's Garrett that Lance comes after, dragging him into a lift for a beating...


Tuesday 8th July (5531)

Though shocked, Bella happily accepts Dallas's marriage proposal.

But Dallas falters when he learns Bella isn't dying, and she suspects this is the only reason he proposed.

This is confirmed by Vinnie - and Bella's doubts grow, not realising Dallas has decided he wants to marry her regardless.

Off counsel from Wendy, Bella tries to renege on the engagement, but Dallas believes she's asking for a more traditional proposal.

Getting Bella's parents' blessing, Dallas buys a ring and is about to propose again when Bella has to stop him and sadly breaks off their engagement - she's not ready.

Dallas is crushed.

Chris knows he handled the McKenna House publicity situation badly and tries to explain this to Rachel.

But Rachel's too busy with the disease outbreak, so Chris instead tries to make amends with Tony.

Offering financial support for Tony's teen outreach program, the two make peace.

He reports this to Rachel, who is deeply relieved that they seem to be on the same page for the first time in a while.

Despite promising Boyd she won't, Brooke can't help but angle for a job with The Ferndale Project.

Brooke's disappointed when Chris makes it clear that will never happen, but meets with Ava and is pleased when she realises there may be a career opportunity at her appearance medicine clinic.

However, she hides it from Boyd for the sake of marital harmony.

Feeling guilty about failing to prevent Effie and Quentin's deaths by solving the mystery of the strange contagion, Sarah offers her help to a busy Rachel.

But in her attempts to inform the staff and get to the bottom of the mystery illness, Sarah accidentally incites panic round the hospital, resulting in more problems for Rachel.

Sarah steps up her investigation and when it seems she's about to incite nation-wide panic, Rachel threatens to stand her down if she doesn't stop investigating.

Sarah's stunned, torn between her own conscience and her career.


Monday 7 July (5529 & 5530)

Feeling bad about his argument with Rachel and only wanting to please her, Chris volunteers to give the Latus the bad news himself about missing out on the McKenna House offer.

He also agrees to tell John Laine that Rachel won't shake his hand or be photographed with him.

Krystal is disappointed by Rachel's rejection but, desperate to win favour, Chris makes Rachel admit she wants the McKenna House opening to be a success as much as he does.

Rachel agrees, but insists there can be no more lies and half truths because they will only come back to bite them.

Chris agrees, dreading the day his big lie is found out.

Ula urges Dallas to get to know the Latus before judging them.

Learning of Tony's reformed life and noble fundraising efforts, Dallas concedes he was wrong and promises Tony his support.

When Tony learns from Bella that John Laine is the reason his family has been rejected, he's primed for a confrontation - with Bella none the wiser.

As Brooke is finishing working out her notice, juggling it along with admin work for McKenna House, she is reluctant to treat a patient, Quentin.

She gives Quentin a quick assessment and sends him home. But he returns the next day having worsened.

Brooke fobs him off to Sarah so she can get to the launch of McKenna House.

There, Rachel delegates hosting duties to Brooke, which Brooke mistakenly assumes is a reward for all her hard work.

Following Brooke's resignation, Sarah has to increase her work hours but she's determined to maintain a good work-life balance.

She's called in early to assess Quentin, who presents as far more serious than Brooke suggested.

Stumped by Quentin's symptoms, Sarah buries herself in research, until TK reminds her about Tillie.

While Sarah's distracted sorting Tillie's care, Quentin's condition deteriorates.

When Sarah returns, she's alarmed to realise his condition is contagious - and nurse Effie has contracted it.

Sarah realises everyone who's had direct contact with Quentin needs to be kept in isolation, including TK, Bella and Brooke, who is at the McKenna House opening party, greeting everyone in a way that will spread the contagion if she has it.

Wanting to gain ground with Rachel, Brooke befriends a successful appearance medicine specialist, Ava Eriksson, at the McKenna House opening.

When Tony disrupts the opening, Brooke decides to turn the party around for Rachel - until she finds out she may have the mystery illness.

She's told to go home immediately or risk infecting others at the party.

But Ava needs new premises for her business and Brooke sees a chance to gain ground.

She stays to convince Ava to take the lease for the rooms Rachel's trying to rent out.

Ava is ready to do so when Boyd learns Brooke be in isolation.

He angrily confronts Brooke for selfishly prioritising her career over other peoples safety.

Rachel continues to be uneasy that she renegged on using the Latus and that they've missed out on gaining publicity for their cause.

When Tony turns up and denounces Rachel for hypocrisy, she is mortified but knows he's justified.

Things go badly when Chris intervenes and offers money to Tony's charity to smooth things over.

Getting a call from the hospital, Rachel leaves Chris to the party.

Later, Krystal admits they do need Chris's donation and Rachel's angry when Chris sees it as justification for his actions, leaving their relationship even further tested.

Dallas learns that Sarah has no idea how to treat the mystery illness and his worry for Bella increases.

Wendy and Murray try to calm him down, but when Dallas learns that Quentin has died, he fears for Bella even more.

Murray and Wendy make him put on a brave face, for Bella's sake.

He does so and thinks Bella's just being brave too when she says she's feeling better.

When he sees how quickly Effie's deteriorated, he panics that Bella's next in line.

Sarah's at her wits end trying to contain and diagnose the disease.

Next day, she's relieved to see Bella's improving and gives her the all clear.

Unaware, Dallas learns that Effie died. He fears that Bella's at death’s door.

His heart breaking, he rushes to Bella's bedside and asks her to marry him.