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What happened Friday on Shortland Street?

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Friday 29 April (5976)

George worries his lie will be exposed when he can't avoid Leo meeting Lucy and Dayna.

When Leo looks comfortable enjoying Dayna's hospitality, George still hopes he'll leave tomorrow.

Though George pleads his case, Leo is clearly set on milking all George's generosity in exchange for keeping his secret.

George's problems with his errant cousin distract him at work, to the point that Kate notices.

Meanwhile, Dayna's blissfully unaware of it all as she shows Leo around Ferndale.

When George discovers Dayna has offered Leo a job at The IV, his misery is compounded...


Virginia convinces Boyd to take part in the Fentich biomaterials trial despite his earlier reservations.

Given some latitude to make medical and surgical decisions, Boyd feels optimistic he can work within the parameters Fentich has set out.

Bella's delighted at Boyd's success.


Meanwhile, Drew runs into Virginia in the hospital and is suspicious that she may be back to stalk him.

But Virginia makes an effort to prove she's over Drew by getting Harper and Drew to examine what they really mean to each other.


When Kylie interrupts Nicole and Leanne arguing the morality of her hand in Norelle's suicide, she's forced to confront her own notoriety.

She endures the judgemental attitudes of staff at the hospital.

While Esther is a staunch supporter of Kylie, TK finds it tough to be unequivocal in his support.

Kylie weighs up whether to plead guilty or not guilty.

It's a tough decision, but she pleads not guilty.

Though he's still outwardly supportive, Kylie can feel TK becoming more distant.

Pushed by Kylie, TK reveals that he loves her but he doesn’t really agree with what she did for Norelle . An argument ensues leaving their relationship on the brink.


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