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Grace Palmer

Actress Grace Palmer had packed her bags and moved to Australia when she was asked to audition for the role of Lucy Rickman on Shortland Street. Having only just found her feet in Sydney, she then quickly had to repack and move back to New Zealand in a matter of weeks in order to take on the opportunity of a lifetime.

Grace is no stranger to television studios, although her experience as been in a studio of a slightly different nature to Shortland Street. Grace’s mother is Janine Morrell, a well-known New Zealand’s children’s television producer and Grace worked behind the scenes at her mother’s company, Whitebait Productions for many years as she was growing up.

Now, the 19 year old is getting the opportunity to step in front of the camera to play the mysterious Lucy, a young woman with seems to have an obsessive interest in Rachel McKenna.

While she was living in Sydney, Grace also had a guest role on popular serial drama, Home and Away which will be seen on New Zealand screens later in the year.