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Shortland Street

Weeknights at 7pm | TV2

Get the Shorty look!

Check out the 2014 cast photo and find out where you can achieve their looks:

Wendy – Red dress by Kookai:

Emma – Coral dress by Topshop:

Kylie – Purple sequined dress by Trelise Cooper:

Honour – Hot pink jumpsuit by Andrea Moore:

Dayna – Black & gold mesh dress by Karen Millen:

Boyd – Orange shirt by 3 Wisemen:

Bella – Yellow dress by ASOS:

Garrett – Suit by Zara Man:

Ula – Gold Lurex mini dress by Andrea Moore:

Rachel – Red and White Dress by Alannah Hill:

Murray - Suit by Hallensteins:

TK – Suit by Hallensteins: , Black shirt by Joe Black:

Brooke – Cream sequined dress by Scala at Glamour Boutique:

Vinnie – Maroon shirt by Cotton On:

Dallas – Top by Barkers: Jeans IFD by Hallensteins

Kane – Shirt by Cotton On:

Leanne – Orange dress by ASOS: , gold, pink & coral jacket by Trelise Cooper:

Nicole – Pink dress by ASOS:

Evan – Shirt by Hallensteins:

Harper – Peachy/cream dress w/ beaded neckline from ASOS:

Toby – Shirt by Cotton On:

Harry – Shirt from Farmers:

Sarah - Red dress by ASOS: