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Get to know: Rene Naufahu

We chat with Rene Naufahu (Sam Aleni) on what it's like to return to Shorty after such a long time away!

What was it like to return to Shortland Street after so many years away?

It was a little weird, like coming back to high school after a 17 year break, some things felt really familiar! Meeting the new crew and cast was pretty cool.


What has Sam been up to and what is he doing back?

He travelled around Europe, met his second wife Alise and had a beautiful daughter Honour, but lost Alise tragically in the tsunami that hit Samoa. Since then he's returned back to NZ and is trying to cope with being a single dad, fit back into the workforce and handle quite a major post-traumatic stress disorder.


What have you been up to since you were last on the show?

I've been acting in other TV shows and movies like Number2, Russian Snark, Matrix Reloaded, Power Rangers Samura,i and directed the TV show The Market as well as my upcoming feature film The Last Saint.

I'm also a trainer at my brother's gym.


How is your experience different on the Shortland Street set this time around?

I'm really enjoying being there- especially with my experience doing other films and TV shows. You really appreciate the challenges of filming as fast as they do, and the effort everyone puts in to try and make something they're proud of. That's pretty cool, especially given the constraints the Shortland St team face every working day.

So big ups to Simon Bennett (Producer) for assembling the right people in front of and behind the cameras- that chemistry's got a lot to do with it, I'd say.