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Get to know: Mike Edward

Mike Edward stars as Zac Smith in Shortland Street on TV2

Sarah Potts (Amanda Billing) with Zac Smith (Mike Edward) - Shortland Street on TV2

Mike Edwards stars as Zac Smith in Shortland Street on TV2

Mike Edward reprises his role as Zac Smith who originally graced our screens in the 1990s as step-son to former Clinic director Julia Thornton and later had a brief fling with Rachel McKenna in 2003.

How did you get your role on Shortland Street?

Auditioned back in the day - this time I was lucky enough to just get a phone call.

How long have you been acting and how did you get your first big break?

I have been acting since my high school musical days and professionally since I graduated from my drama school in 2001. I've never really had a 'break', I feel like my career has just been going forward in increments, slowly establishing in both my experience and ability.

Name three similarities between you and your onscreen character.

Hmmm....we both look quite similar! He can get a bit distracted by girls. Perhaps the key identification is the dissonance between where his is and where he feels he should be.

What has been your best experience/scene on the show to date?
Meeting all the lovely people who work here. 

Which other character would you like to be and why?

Lana. She wears nice frocks.

What are your hobbies/interests outside of Shorty?
I have two beautiful children. I create physical theatre. I love poker.

What do you do in your down time during the day when you're not shooting?
At the moment I am constantly learning lines! I also do a lot of cirque/acrobalance work for corporate and I train. I try and spend as much time with my kids as I can.

What is your favourite destination in NZ?

Karekare Beach.

Are you single or attached?

On Facebook it says 'in a relationship'.

How many brothers and sisters do you have, are they older or younger?
One older sister

What is your date of birth and what star sign are you?

26th December and I am a Capricorn.

Do you have any pets?

Not at the moment. We are still in mourning for my daughters' two recently deceased mice.

Who is the actor or actress that you look up to or admire the most?

Robert Downey Jnr: so very interesting to watch.

What is the thing you enjoy most about going to work everyday?

The fact I'm getting to do what I love most for a living.

What has been your favorite scene to film in your time at Shortland Street?

Saving Rachel from drowning in 2003.

Do you watch Shortland Street at home? If yes, is it strange seeing yourself on television or are you used to it?

I do at times ... It's not strange; it's good to watch your work critically as you can make adjustments and look to approve and grow as an actor.

What is your favourite food?

Nana's roast.

What is your favourite television programme and/or film of all time?

The reboot of Battlestar Galactica was pretty good.

Are you from Auckland or did you move here to film Shortland Street? Where did you grow up?


Which other actors/actresses do you like working with the most and why?

I make a lot of theatre with Eve Gordon; We both have similar goals in regards to creating physical works and incorporating cirque with narrative.

Have you made any good friends amongst the cast and crew?

I still feel a bit like the new kid at school but they all seem great and no one has stolen my lunch yet!

What's the best experience you've had with a fan/fans?

Just the kindness of strangers is beautiful.

Can you remember your first day on Shortland Street - what was it like?

It was 16 years ago and I had a crush on Angela Dotchin - plus I was nervous as heck!


Catch Mike Edwards as Zack in Shortland Street, weeknights at 7pm.