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Friday 10 March (6190)

Mason smoothly excuses his tense conversation with Lizzie. Chris remains suspicious though.

He shares his concerns with Finn, who jumps to the conclusion that Mason is having an affair with Lizzie.

Finn brings this up with Sass. She hotly defends Mason, annoyed by her brother's interference.

Chris feels bad and backs off. However, Sass's doubts grow.

Mason tells them that Lizzie's a family friend. Chris is relieved there's a logical explanation, and the two draw closer.

Sass is still uneasy, realising Mason's been keeping things from her.

She convinces Frank to take the job Mason offered him, as a means of spying on him.


Jack is surprised to learn that Cam's leaving Ferndale for a couple of months.

He starts to believe that Cam might still be in love with him. He goes to Cam's leaving party, and begs him to take him back.

Cam, feeling terrible, rejects Jack all over again.

Jack is crushed. Charlie offers support, but he turns him away.

His anger rises, and he tells Cam never to come back to Ferndale.


Eve and Boyd are thrilled with their blossoming relationship.

It's new territory for Eve, who is rapidly losing control of her emotions.

She sends Boyd a saucy email, but is appalled to realise she accidentally sent it to the whole hospital.

Damo deletes the email but a paranoid Eve wonders who already saw it.

With the help of Leanne, Boyd addresses the scandal in public. He defuses it, ending the gossip. Eve is deeply impressed by this.

They end up taking the afternoon off and making love. Boyd’s delighted by this.

Eve is scared by the emotions Boyd's awakening in her.

She snaps at Drew uncharacteristically, and realises this is not the person she wants to be.

She breaks up with Boyd and leaves. Boyd's left heartbroken.


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