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Forbidden Romance

Dayna and Evan get close - Shortland Street on TV2

Things are getting hot and heavy for teen couple Evan Cooper (Tyler Read) and Dayna Jenkins (Lucy Elliot) this week on Shortland Street.

Nearly busted once by Murray already, will they be able to keep things quiet much longer?

Their secret seems doomed when Evan’s sister Bella gets wind of their relationship.

The bubbly receptionist turned PA is notorious for being unable to keep a secret and when she uncovers what the couple are up to, she threatens to dob them in.

While Dayna and Evan struggle with their secret romance onscreen, actress Lucy Elliot says she loves being back at Shortland Street.

“[It’s] amazing,” she says. “I missed it a lot. And I love being back with my friends here.”

She also says things haven’t changed much since her previous time on the show last year.

“I now share a lovely dressing room with Teuila Blakely! But other than that, no!”

As Dayna and Evan attempt to cover their tracks, Lucy tells fans to watch out for “a cute love story and lots of shenanigans!”

Will Evan and Dayna get caught out or will love save the day?



Shortland Street, weeknights 7pm