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Ferndale heads to Fiji

Some of the Shorty cast were lucky enough to head to Fiji for filming!

Flying with Fiji Airways, Shorty’s Michael Galvin (Chris Warner), Sam Bunkall (Boyd Rolleston), Ria Vandervis (Harper Whitley) and Kerry-Lee Dewing (Kylie Brown) went to Fiji in August to film some exciting new storylines.

Feeling guilty about his involvement in Sarah’s (Amanda Billing) death Boyd hopes to find redemption in volunteer work with the Fred Hollows Foundation in Fiji. In the process he puts a team together to go along and assist.

“Even though Boyd organises the trip to Fiji because he is feeling guilty and he wants to make up for past errors of judgement, once he is there his passion for the cause, the urgency and necessity of the Fred Hollows outreach work, become far more important for him,” says Sam Bunkall.

Whilst most jump at the chance to work with the foundation, Chris has his own motivations for heading over: Grace is stuck in Fiji and heavily pregnant with his child.

Boyd’s reluctant to get involved in Chris’ drama, but Harper is determined that Rachel should know the truth about Grace’s baby.

“Filming in Fiji was absolutely incredible! A relentless schedule and a lot of hard work, but such a wonderful experience to do all that in a beautiful tropical climate, in a gorgeous country, surrounded by such hardworking, generous and friendly people,” said Sam Bunkall

Meanwhile, keep an eye out for some special performances from some very talented Fijian actors who make their debut on the show.

The Shortland Street storylines filmed in Fiji earlier this year will be on New Zealand screens next week.