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Shortland Street

Weeknights at 7pm | TV2

February 15 - 19 2010

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Monday 15th February (ep 4421)

Kieran makes excuses for being in Libby's office, claiming that he only dropped by to invite her to the wedding. 

When he admits to inviting Libby to the wedding to Sophie, he finds it harder and harder to hide the truth.  

Libby realises she's got a lead to follow up when she discusses the crash with Maia and recalls Kieran's suspicious behaviour the day afterwards. 

Libby presses Rachel for more answers, but gets nowhere. 

On a hunch she requests the speed-camera photo.

Sophie is mortified when Mona calls a family meeting and hands down a hideous heirloom, which she insists Sophie wear on her wedding day. 

Rachel helps Sophie out, suggesting that she agree to wear the heirloom but misplace it on the wedding day. 

Mona tries to have a private discussion about her secret health worries with Callum.  Rachel steals his attention. 

Rachel is pleased when Mona offers an olive branch, asking her to come dress shopping. 

However, Rachel and Mona end up at the I.V so that Mona can use the toilet. Rachel is sorely tempted when Mona puts a whiskey in front of her. 

Rachel fights temptation and doesn't drink, but Mona 'accidentally' spills booze on her to set her up.

Callum smells alcohol on Rachel, and is disappointed when Mona claims Rachel has been drinking. 

Callum wonders who to believe when Rachel accuses Mona of setting her up.

Chris is disappointed when Harry acts like a spoilt brat, demanding a new game console but refusing to work for it. 

Chris hopes that Harry will learn responsibility through chores.

Gabrielle offers Harry too much cash to wash her car.  Harry is pleased when he ropes Gabrielle into washing her own car.

Chris busts Harry slacking off, and informs him that he's found him a part-time job delivering circulars. 

Harry dumps his circulars.  Gabrielle finds out and confronts Harry, and they have a heated argument. 

Gabrielle is panicked when Chris returns home to find that Harry has disappeared.


Tuesday 16th February (ep 4422)

Chris is frantic, and Gabrielle believes that it must be her fault that Harry ran away.

The next day, Libby and Scotty help Chris to continue the search.  

Brooke is surprised to find Harry at TK's.  Harry convinces Brooke to let him wait for TK. 

Later, Brooke catches Harry trying to steal money and she scares him into revealing that he broke a classmate's game centre. 

He needs money to pay the boy back or else risks being beaten up.  Brooke encourages him to stand up for himself. 

She calls Chris, who is overwhelmed with relief at having Harry back.  TK is impressed and Brooke realises that acting nice may win her TK's heart. 

Back at home, Harry apologises to Gabrielle for running away.  But Gabrielle is convinced she doesn't have the skills needed to be a parent.

Hunter struggles to come to terms with Sophie's marriage.  He shares his worry with Tracey. 

Tracey shields Hunter from a patient in E.D. who has been working as an escort.  Hunter is reminded of Kieran's recent business dealings. 

Later, Hunter worries that he may have made a mistake by revealing Kieran's past to Mona.  He feels justified when he walks in on Kieran and Sid discussing a raucous stag night. 

Callum questions Mona and ascertains that she has set up Rachel to make it look as though Rachel has resumed drinking.  

Callum decides to find something to keep Mona out of trouble.  Meanwhile, Rachel confronts Mona. 

Callum asks Sophie to give Mona the job of liaising with the florist.  

Mona is shocked to learn from Hunter that Kieran was involved with an escort agency.  She confronts Sophie who in turn accuses Mona of cancelling the floral arrangements. 

Mona tells Sophie she no longer supports the wedding.  Sophie defiantly returns Mona's necklace and storms out, leaving Callum to try and calm his mother.  

Mona insists on leaving immediately. 

Later, Rachel tracks Mona down to her motel and is horrified to discover Mona collapsed on the floor, in serious medical trouble.


Wednesday 17th February (ep 4423)

Mona is brought in to the ED by ambulance, suffering severe abdominal pain.  Blood tests and scans reveal a bowel tumour and the urgent need for surgery.

A frightened Mona admits that she cancelled a colonoscopy in Queensland.  She admits to Callum before surgery that she fears terminal cancer.

Chris explains that the size of the tumour meant that a permanent colostomy was unavoidable. 

Libby is unsettled to learn that Ben stands to benefit from Heather's will.  Libby and Tania learn from Nicole that Ben visited Heather just before she changed her will. 

When Libby confirms that Ben has inherited money, she adds fuel to Tania's suspicions about Ben's motives. 

Tania decides to go on a working holiday to Samoa.  However, before she goes she warns Yvonne that Ben is after her money. 

Ben decides to donate Heather's money to charity and postpone their Peru trip until he has saved enough to pay his own way.

Maia is embarrassed when Scotty reprimands her and Nicole for another public display of affection. 

Scotty confides in Tracey that his bad mood is because of Tai being busted in prison for cannabis possession.

Maia rubbishes Nicole's speculation that Tracey and Scotty may have started a relationship. 

Nicole finds Tracey and Scotty in an unexpectedly intimate situation in the locker room.

Gerald joins Nicole and they get the chance to follow Tracey to a secret afternoon rendezvous in a motel. 

Nicole's springs Tracey with her secret lover - Hunter.


Thursday 18th February (ep 4424)

Tracey is annoyed by Nicole and Gerald's rude interruption. 

Later, Scotty is uneasy when he feels a pang of jealousy.  He is angry with Nicole for shirking her responsibilities and tells her and Maia off. 

Nicole is unrepentant and Maia can't help being amused. 

Meanwhile, Scotty confides in Chris.  Chris thinks it's perfectly normal for Scotty to fear that Tracey won't have time for him now she's seeing Hunter. 

He thinks it's a good opportunity for Scotty to start moving on socially.

Sarah is proud of the work Daniel has done on the PCC website and wants to get him a gift. 

Maxwell is intrigued and decides to find the perfect gift for Sarah to give Daniel. 

Daniel works on completing the website for Sarah to present to Callum. But Loren is appalled when she sees the one-sided information the website provides. 

Daniel retreats home to finish the website and Loren arrives. Daniel heads off for a shower.  Loren feels compelled to make changes to the site behind Daniel's back. 

Daniel's horrified when Loren's changes are discovered during Sarah's presentation. 

Daniel assures Sarah he'll fix the website and accuses Loren of making him look bad.  Loren argues him round to her way of thinking. 

Daniel defends Loren's efforts to make the website more balanced.  Meanwhile, Sarah no longer wishes to give Daniel a gift and Maxwell is left with an expensive video camera on his hands.

Kieran is disappointed to learn that Mona has decided not to attend the wedding.

Mona insists that he has to prove himself through his actions.  Kieran frets that his actions say nothing but bad things about him.

Kieran hopes the rehearsal dinner with Sophie and her family will be a success.  It starts off well.  Callum seals his acceptance of Kieran by offering to pay for his and Sophie's honeymoon. 

However, when Sid makes an over the top toast praising Kieran, Hunter can't take anymore and denounces Kieran. 

Kieran announces that he is not worthy of Sophie and decides to call off the wedding.


Friday 19th February (ep 4425) 

Loren breaks away from kissing Dan, insisting she can taste meat on him. She suggests he become a vegetarian if he wants more loving. 

Daniel agrees to give it a try, but wonders how long he'll last. 

Loren bolsters his vegetarianism with several 'facts' about the evils of meat.  TK lets Sarah know Daniel is dating Loren.

Sarah is pleased when, together with TK, she convinces Daniel to help fix the PCC website. 

But when Loren finds him toning down the political content from the site, she accuses him of standing for nothing and calls their relationship off. 

A frustrated Daniel is left feeling that he just can't win with Loren.

Sid is pleased when he manages to delay Kieran's plans to call off the wedding. 

Kieran is determined to follow through with his plan, but to Sid's relief Kieran agrees to wait until morning to speak to Sophie. 

Kieran wakes the next morning in the same headspace. But when Kieran arrives at the McKay's, he sees Sophie in her wedding dress.

Moved by her beauty,  he can't call off the wedding.  Sid is relieved when Kieran arrives at the church. 

Scotty realises that, but for her pride-filled ego, Mona would attend the wedding. 

He invents a story that allows Mona to pretend she's doing the hospital a favour and see the wedding without losing face.

Maia chides Libby for being judgmental, urging her to accept the fact that Sophie and Kieran are getting married whether she likes it or not. 

However, Libby's suspicions are refuelled when Gerald fills her in on Kieran's doubts, because of something terrible in his past. 

She reveals this to Chris, but any speculation about Kieran's cold feet are put to rest by Brooke, who reveals Kieran was just with Sophie and clearly intends to marry her. 

Chris thinks Libby is acting out of jealousy, and encourages her to attend the wedding so that she can move on with her life. 

The speed camera photo arrives, showing Rachel's car the night Morgan died - but Libby is shocked that someone else is driving. 

Libby knows who that person must be, and arrives at the Church with police in tow, interrupting the vows and insisting that Sophie must not marry Kieran.