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February 14 - 18 2011

Surgeon Isaac Worthington - Shortland Street TV2

TK Samuels - Shortland Street TV2

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Monday 14th February  (ep 4671)

Isaac's kiss serves to distract Bella from her suspicions about Brooke. 

Piling on the charm, Isaac pretends he's had feelings for Bella for some time. 

Bella is conflicted; Brodie has been acting strangely and Isaac's offer is tempting. 

She asks Isaac for time to think things over and spends a sleepless night worrying. 

The following day Brodie impresses Bella with an extravagant and thoughtful Valentine's gift. 

Bella's heart belongs to Brodie and she decides to turn Isaac down. 

On her way to find him, Bella runs into Brooke, who has been tipped off by Isaac regarding Bella's suspicions. 

Brooke spins a clever lie that blows Bella's theory out of the water. 

Her suspicions laid to rest; Bella finds Isaac and lets him down gently. 

Isaac's delighted his ruse has worked so effectively.

Ula catches Jasmine writing a Valentine's card to Phoenix and Jasmine swears her to secrecy. 

On receiving the anonymous card, Phoenix assumes it's from Ula and he sets about getting her a gift. 

Jasmine spies Phoenix wrapping the present and she's thrilled, hoping that it's for her. 

Ula is thrown when Phoenix gives the present to her. 

Keeping her promise to Jasmine, Ula lets Phoenix think the card was from her and accepts his thoughtful gift. 

Chris continues to pressure Rachel about the CEO job offer, but she resists. 

She also tries to thaw her relationship with Harry by buying him a mini-USB video camera.

Reconciled with Tracey and recovered from his ordeal, Scotty and Tracey consider what they'd like to do with his time off. 

Scotty first wants to celebrate their reconciliation and suggests they invite their friends over for a barbeque. 

Tracey thinks it's a lovely idea and they set about inviting people. 

But Scotty starts acting evasively and Tracey can't help worrying that he hasn't made a full recovery. 

At the barbeque, Scotty surprises Tracey by revealing an extra barbeque guest - a marriage celebrant. 

Scotty has thought about what he wants most, and it's for Tracey to be his wife. 

Scotty and Tracey celebrate their love as they are married in their backyard, surrounded by their friends.

Tuesday 15th February (ep 4672)

Tracey and Scotty look forward to planning their honeymoon after their surprise nuptials. 

Tracey wants a relaxing honeymoon but Scotty discovers an opportunity to do volunteer aid work in East Timor. 

He disregards it as an option for their honeymoon but, realising how much it means to Scotty, Tracey agrees to accompany him to East Timor. 

Chris and Rachel are wryly amused at the choice of honeymoon venue.

Jasmine is unhappy to learn that Ula took credit for her Valentine's Day card to Phoenix. 

Murray witnesses tension between Jasmine and Ula and advises Jasmine to stand up for herself. 

Jasmine invites Phoenix to meet her but is unable to declare her feelings for him when Phoenix enthuses about Ula. 

Upset that Phoenix likes Ula, Jasmine suffers an asthma attack and Phoenix helps her to the hospital. 

He's impressed by how bravely she handles the attack and Jasmine's chuffed by his praise. 

But Ula is pleased when she manages to turn his attention back to her.

Isaac is pleased to have dispatched Bella as a threat and is further bolstered when Chris and Rachel encourage him to give his relationship with Brooke another go.  

Brooke is also pleased that Bella is off her case. 

Isaac continues to feign hurt at Bella's rejection and Bella feels awful for breaking his heart. 

However, she's adamant she made the right choice in Brodie and, wanting their relationship to be built on trust and honesty, confesses that another man kissed her. 

She refuses to divulge Isaac's identity and Brodie is sent into a tailspin as he tries to figure out who the other man could be. 

Meanwhile, Bella runs into Eloise and discovers that she is not an old school friend of Brodie's as Brodie claimed. 

Bella confronts Brodie who cannot reveal that Eloise is his contact at the finance company. 

He struggles to find a cover story.  Convinced that Brodie is lying to her, Bella ends their relationship and Brodie is devastated. 

Bella returns to Isaac and publicly reveals that she has broken up with Brodie and wants to be with him. 

Isaac is shocked.


Wednesday 16th February (ep 4673)

Isaac plays along with Bella's happiness that they are an item. 

Daniel breaks the news to Brodie who is shocked to realise that it must have been Isaac who kissed Bella. 

He is determined to confront Bella but finds Isaac first and punches him. 

Meanwhile, Rachel is already wary to realise Bella will be part of her social world. 

Bella is shocked that Brodie resorted to violence but admires Isaac for not retaliating. 

Despite everything, Brooke admits that she loves Isaac but sends him on his way. 

Later, Bella turns up at his house and Isaac squirms at Bella's friskiness in front of Rachel and Chris.

Nicole suspects that Vasa may still hold a candle for Maxwell. 

Maxwell realises Vasa is lonely and makes a mistake by suggesting she try the speed dating night at the I.V. 

Vasa overhears Leanne winding Nicole up about her kiss with Maxwell and is left very unhappy.

Leanne turns up to at the hospital to see Nicole but has to step in when the desk at triage is left unattended. 

Nicole is embarrassed to see her Mum has taken over. 

Maxwell compliments Leanne on her efficiency and defends her to Rachel who is unimpressed that she has been working without clearance. 

Leanne is impressed with Maxwell's courtesy and charm.

TK suspects that Roimata may be trying to avoid him when he sees that she has chosen to work in the surgical department instead of ED. 

Roimata and Jill challenge each other to try the speed dating night at the I.V. 

Roimata and Jill both play cupid - Roimata by telling Hunter he should catch up with Jill at speed dating and Jill by advising TK to persevere with Roimata.

At the speed dating night, Jill gets to know Hunter better and Roimata draws a speed dating duds. 

But TK turns up unexpectedly and refuses to move from Roimata's table.

TK wants a date with Roimata and resolves not to move until he gets an answer. 

Under pressure from the encouraging crowd, Roimata agrees to a date.


Thursday 17th February (ep 4674)

TK arranges to have dinner with Roimata, as promised. 

Then Roimata finds out that TK lives with his ex-girlfriend, Brooke. 

When TK suggests they eat at his place, Roimata initially thinks it might be too intimate.  But TK states that his flatmate will be there. 

Roimata accepts the invitation now curious about TK's living situation. 

When Roimata arrives for dinner, she is drawn into Brooke's computer crisis.  She helps out, Brooke thinks she's brilliant, and TK is very happy.

Later, Brooke informs Roimata that TK is one of the good guys and that they are just friends. 

Over the course of the evening, Roimata can't help but like TK even more. 

Later, TK asks Roimata why she is so relationship shy.  Roimata agrees to another date so long as TK knows where she stands. 

Vasa questions Maxwell about his kiss with Nicole. 

Maxwell tersely ends the conversation, reminding Vasa that his private life is none of her business. 

He advises Vasa not to give Nicole a hard time.  But later Vasa is abrupt with Nicole, leaving Nicole puzzled. 

This behaviour continues until finally Nicole discusses it with Hunter. 

Hunter advises Nicole to ask Vasa what's wrong, but Nicole thinks Vasa is probably just having a bad day. 

But when Vasa finds Nicole chatting with Ula, she is not happy. 

Nicole finally confronts Vasa about her attitude. 

Vasa warns Nicole to stay away from Maxwell. 

Nicole is left mortified that Vasa knows about her drunken pass at Maxwell.   

Daniel feels sorry for Bob when he refuses to wash patients. 

Nicole reports Bob's refusal to Vasa, who in turn has to tell Rachel. 

Rachel is not surprised and doesn't expect all of the orderlies to make it through the training. 

Sophie is aghast at Rachel's dismissive attitude towards the orderlies. 

Then she overhears Rachel tell Shane Tucker, from the DHB, that she is eager to get on with her next initiative. 

Meanwhile, Callum learns that Rachel has undermined him by telling Bob that he will not be allowed to keep his orderly job. 

Callum is even more concerned when Sophie advises him that the orderly retraining is only one of Rachel's manoeuvres. 

Daniel learns that Bob and the orderlies are meeting to discuss the changes. 

Daniel finds out this is actually a union meeting.  

Rachel arrives in time to hear the news that the orderlies are planning industrial action. 

Friday 18th February (ep 4675)

Sophie attempts to discover Rachel's new initiative, but Rachel disappears to a meeting with the DHB.

With Rachel absent for the morning, Daniel hits upon the idea of running a sausage sizzle as a covert way of garnering support for the orderlies' plight.  

Maxwell and Vasa admit they think HCA training is a good thing.

Whilst taking DHB and Ministry of Health representatives on a hospital tour, Rachel is furious to discover Daniel running his sausage sizzle on the hospital's doorstep.

She demands it be removed.  Daniel reports the presence of obvious bigwigs to Sophie and Callum. 

Fed up with Rachel's secrecy, Callum sets up a meeting with Rachel to find out what she is up to.  

Rachel reveals her plan for Shortland Street to house the region's sole neurological department.

Hunter gets an invite to breakfast with Jill. 

He wants to go but feels he should look after Callum. 

Callum assures him he is capable of looking after himself, but the moment Hunter and Jill sit down to breakfast Callum calls needing help. 

Jill and Hunter attend to Callum together and romance is resumed - until work duties interrupt them again.  

A mischievous Jill lures Hunter into an ambulance for sex.

Isaac faces his final surgical test before being made consultant and promises Brooke that once he succeeds he will dump Bella. 

He goes to great lengths to prepare for the hip replacement surgery but, despite himself begins to enjoying flirting with the very attractive Bella. 

Isaac doesn't notice when the titanium and stainless steel hip replacement prosthetics are erroneously paired.

Chatting to Murray, he assures him of his good intentions and excuses himself to begin preparation for surgery. 

Isaac is meticulous with his equipment checks but he assumes he's picked up the right set of prosthetics and shortcuts any further checks by his nursing team. 

The operation appears to be a success and Chris is impressed. 

Afterwards, Bella sits in as Chris briefs Isaac on his performance. 

It's all good news, until Bella identifies one of the remaining prostheses in Isaac's exam to be titanium. 

Chris is appalled to realise that Isaac has used a mismatched set of metalware in the operation. 

Isaac is horrified as he realises the surgery will need to be completely re-done and that his bid for consultancy is now in jeopardy.