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A family affair

We finally got to meet Dallas’ family so we thought it was time to look through all the mums and dads of our core characters – or at least the one’s we’ve met. Who knows which parents we will meet next!


Dallas – Colin and Elaine Adams

We were first introduced to Colin when he arrived in Ferndale to find out why Dallas was selling family heirloom guns without permission. It wasn’t long upon his arrival that we discovered that Colin knew nothing of Bella and wasn’t overly impressed with what he saw. Now visiting the farm, Bella is realising that there are some serious issues in the Adams household…


Bella – Murray and Wendy Cooper

Lucky old Bella, through all the ups and downs of her life, her parents, Murray and Wendy Cooper, are always there for her. But that’s not to say that Bella hasn’t helped them out on the odd occasion either!


Rachel McKenna – Michael and Alex McKenna

Rachel’s parents were stalwarts of the early days of Shortland Street. Dr Michael McKenna was the original Shortland Street CEO – clearly Rachel has followed in her father’s footsteps!

Mother Alex had her fair share of drama during her time in Ferndale, initially she was estranged from Michael, but they eventually got back together and renewed their vows, much to the horror/happiness of their kids. She ran the local bar during some of her time on the show.


Chris Warner – Sir Bruce and Lady Margot Warner

Sir Bruce and Lady Margot were the well-to-do parents of Chris and Guy Warner. Sir Bruce was also a doctor and his storylines often focused on his rivalry with CEO Michael McKenna and his attempts to take over the hospital. Bruce's arrogant persona alongside his constant womanizing, had a severe effect on both of his sons with Chris becoming the mirror image of his father and Guy blaming Bruce for his drug addiction.

Lady Margot turned up in Ferndale several times over the years but sadly passed away in 2003. This year, Chris’ new baby daughter with Grace Kwan, Trinity, was given the middle name Margot in honour of Chris’ mum.


Boyd Rolleston – Alasdair and Susan Rolleston

We were introduced to Boyd’s parents and sister, Mallory in 2013 when he took Brooke Freeman to the family farm to try to divert his mother from her attempts to set him up with suitable girlfriends.

Boyd’s domineering father insisted that Boyd quit his work as a doctor and return home to manage the farm, which Boyd was not overly enthused by. Brooke managed to convince Boyd to marry her in order to escape the machinations of his father and he hasn’t seen his family since.


TK – Liz Arthur

TK’s mum, Liz arrived in Ferndale for TK’s wedding to Sarah in 2007 and stayed for a few weeks.


Harper Whitely and Garett Whitely – Steve Whitely

Steve Whitely has a lot to answer for in the way he has raised his kids. His crime-filled lifestyle has affected both children in various ways, but has also made them the strong and determined doctors they are today. Something tells us we haven’t seen the last of Steve yet...


Nicole Miller – Leanne Miller

We were originally introduced to Nicole’s mum, Leanne in 2010 when Nicole and then girlfriend, Maia went down to visit her in Tauranga. At the time, it became abundantly clear that Leanne was not happy with her daughter having a girlfriend, although she eventually came to terms with her daughter’s sexual orientation.

Nicole was shocked when Leanne arrived in Ferndale in 2014 and announced her intention to stay. Leanne and Nicole’s relationship was initially a little rocky, but with the imminent arrival of Nicole’s baby, the pair has now begun to bond.


Ula Levi – Vasa Levi and Maxwell Avia

We first met rebellious teen, Ula Levi when she turned up on her father, Maxwell Avia’s, doorstep having run away from her mother’s house. It wasn’t long before Vasa arrived to haul her daughter home, only to wind up staying in Ferndale too!

Maxwell raised her from birth to ten, but during a messy divorce with his then wife Vasa, he learnt that Ula was not his daughter.

However, at the point that Ula arrived in Ferndale, she was unaware that she was not his biological child. From where Ula was standing, she thought that Maxwell had simply abandoned her, something that Vasa was quick to encourage.

Thankfully, everyone reconnected and when Maxwell left for a new job overseas in 2012, he went with the blessing of both Vasa and Ula.


Murray Cooper – Len and Judy Cooper

Muz wasn’t overly happy to see his father, Len when he arrived in Ferndale in 2013. Theirs had always been a tense relationship – Len had long made his disapproval of Wendy be known and made it clear that Muz was a disappointment as a son.

Len’s behaviour during his stay made it apparent that something was amiss and the Coopers later discovered that Len was suffering from dementia.

Muz’s mother Judy sadly admitted that she could no longer care for Len as he become increasingly erratic in his behaviour. The Coopers tried their best to take on the care of Len, but eventually it was Len himself that decided that he needed to go in to care.


Dayna and Kane Jenkins – Jennifer Jenkins

We’ve heard much about Dayna and Kane’s mother, Jennifer but only saw her briefly when she was rushed to ED after a serious accident at the end of the year.

Sadly, she got caught up in the evil-doings of Josh Gallagher who poisoned her drip, killing her so that her kidney could be used to save the life of Brooke Freeman.


Honour Aleni – Sam and Alise Aleni

Honour’s Dad is Sam Aleni, one of Shorty’s original ambulance drivers, who surprised many when he returned to Ferndale in 2013. Honour’s mum, Alise had passed away a few years previously and Sam was incredibly over protective of his only daughter.

Luckily, Honour bonded with Sam’s new partner, Vasa and Vasa’s daughter Ula, giving her a new family dynamic to contend with when her Dad left to live in Akatea and Honour chose to stay in Ferndale with Ula.


Michael Hampton–Rees – Vinnie Kruse and Jemima Hampton-Rees

Michael is the product of Vinnie’s relationship with Jemima Hampton-Rees. The pair left Ferndale in 2005 and Michael was born during their time in the UK.

Their relationship deteriorated and Vinnie eventually returned to Ferndale leaving Michael to be raised by Jemima and her new husband. They were estranged for quite a few years, but in 2014, Jemima reconnected with Vinnie, eventually returning to NZ with Michael in tow.

Michael now divides his time between Jemima and Vinnie’s houses and gets on well with Vinnie’s new partner, Nicole who is expecting a baby of their own soon!


Harry Warner – Chris and Toni Warner

Toni Thompson was a bit of a party girl and when she discovered she was pregnant, she wasn’t quite sure who the father was – there were a couple of options!

It was eventually determined that Harry was the product of a one night stand she’d had with Chris Warner. Chris took his responsibilities seriously and was determined to be there for his son, regardless of his relationship with Toni.

Over the years, Toni and Chris co-parented and grew close, eventually finding love together. They married in 2005 and raised Harry together peacefully for quite some time.

Their relationship began to deteriorate in 2007 and Toni wound up having an affair with Chris’ brother Guy! Toni passed away in 2008 from kidney failure just as they were getting their relationship back on track.

Thankfully, Harry has weathered the storm of the many girlfriends that his father has had since then and now has a great relationship with step-mother, Rachel McKenna.