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Do you think he's sexy?

Cameron Jones plays Dallas - Shortland Street on TV2

It’s voting time for the Metro Best of Auckland awards and this year, one of Shortland Street’s hottest newcomers has made it into the nominees!

Cameron Jones (who plays Dallas on Shorty) is flattered to have been nominated as Auckland’s sexiest man.

The 23 year old has been on Shortland Street for only a few months, but he has made a big impression on the audience and in the media.

Cameron moved up to Auckland for his role on Shortland Street after drama school in Wellington.

While Dallas may be socially awkward, right wing and a tad hard to relate to, Cameron is quite the opposite! Cameron is very environmentally conscious, and this year he has been closely involved with Generation Zero (which helps create awareness about climate change) as well as New Zealand Shark Week.

Cameron’s closest friends from the Shorty set include Josh McKenzie (who plays Nate) and Pua Magasiva (who plays Vinnie). They’re always up to some kind of mischief…

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