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Do you look like a Shorty Street star?

Do your friends or family think you're the spitting image of Chris Warner? Sarah Potts? Sophie McKay?

Do you watch the show at night and think 'Rachel McKenna could be my twin sister' ?

Well, if you think you're the spitting image of one of Shortland Street's characters, then you need to check this out!


Welcome to our brand new competition where you could WIN a Shortland Street prize pack IF you look just like one of our Shortland Street stars!

It's as simple as emailing your photograph to us and mentioning who you think you resemble .* (conditions apply)

We will put your pic on our website for our whole Shortland Street community to see.

And if you think you look like a Shortland Street character who is no longer on the show, that's fine too.

Check out our current cast.

We just want to see those photos!


The overall winner of our Lookalike competition will be decided by our celebrity panel of judges:

Shortland Street Producer - Steven Zanoski

Shortland Street Star - Michael Galvin

Shortland Street Casting Director - Andrea Kelland

You have three weeks to send us your pictures. The competition runs from February 8th until Monday February 28th 2011.


Email your photo to

In entering this competition,
you agree to abide by TVNZ's terms and conditions .

If you are under 17 years of age, you must have the permission of a parent/guardian to enter.

*You also agree that by submitting your photo you confirm that
(a) you are submitting a photo of yourself and not someone else without their permission.
(b) the photo is not subject to any copyright restrictions; and
(c) you grant consent for TVNZ to use that photo on its website and in other publicity for the purposes of this competition 

TVNZ reserves the right not to publish photos, at its discretion.