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Shortland Street

Weeknights at 7pm | TV2

December 7 - 11 2009

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Monday 7th December (ep 4391)

Still intoxicated, Rachel angrily blames Chris for springing her ex-husband on her, and causing the resulting conflict. 

When Maxwell discovers that Jeremy will require surgery, Chris insists on doing the operation. 

Callum tries to calm Rachel down and she reveals that her troubled marriage to Jeremy drove her back to the bottle. 

Post-surgery, Rachel comes to Jeremy's side leaving Chris hopeful that Rachel and Jeremy will reconcile. 

Rachel can't leave her feelings for Chris behind and gives her marriage to Jeremy the boot.  But Chris tells Rachel that there is no hope for them.

Callum reminds Sophie of the public disapproval surrounding her relationship.  She is deflated when Kieran cancels their summer hoilday, unable to leave the bar solely in Sid's hands. 

Determined to make Sophie happy, Kieran suggests they sets a date in February for their wedding.  Sophie's excitement is extinguished when Hunter doubts that anyone will come to her big day. 

Brooke cheers her up by offering to help her with the wedding plans.

Gerald returns and expresses his regret that he wasn't there to protect Libby from her ordeal with Oliver. 

Unwilling to return to Kowhai Villa, Gerald stays with Morgan and is appalled to learn that Sid spiked Nicole's drink with ecstasy. 

When Gerald challenges Sid about the drink spiking incident, Kieran realises his brother's reputation is wrecked. 

A defeated Sid buys drugs from one of Magic's cronies and goes to the escort agency for some distraction.  Little does he know the drugs have been badly made. 

He pays for a session with Brandy with his drugs, but is frustrated when he has to wait for Brandy to see another client. 

Brandy and the client become ill from the badly cooked drugs, and Tupac is forced to hide Sid's mistake from Rebecca. 

Brandy and her client are taken to hospital and Kieran is furious when he learns from Rebecca that Tupac might have sold drugs at the apartment. 

Tupac reveals that Sid is the real culprit to Kieran.  Rebecca calls the police and Kieran is forced to choose who to send to jail - Sid or Tupac.


Tuesday 8th December (ep 4392)

Sid exploits Kieran's weakness, Sophie, reminding him that he has too much to lose - so he reluctantly lets Tupac take the rap. 

Later, Kieran convinces Sid to take a sizeable amount of money and leave Ferndale.  Kieran promises Sophie her wedding, but privately fears he won't be able to afford it. 

With Sid gone, Kieran resumes his role as manager of the I.V.  Yvonne responds by cancelling the hospital's Xmas party booking. 

Rachel informs Kieran of a change to maintenance she's arranged that will drown the cafeteria in construction work for several weeks.  

Kieran fears he's in dire financial straits.

When Tania wants to return a CD Ben lent her, Maia accuses her of still having feelings for Ben. 

Yvonne is angry that Ben is taking risks when she receives flowers from 'Sammy'.  Ben privately congratulates himself when Gerald effuses about Yvonne's new lease on life. 

Tania nearly catches Ben and Yvonne kissing.  Feeling guilty afterwards, Ben is eager to be kind to Tania, and she's left hopeful that Ben may still harbour feelings for her.

Encouraged by Brooke, Sarah breaks her diet to spite TK.  The next say, Sarah feels poorly and Brooke sees an opportunity to stir trouble. 

At work, Sarah is furious when TK argues with Sid about Tupac.  Sarah goes too far, hurting TK by angrily asserting that Tupac is not his son. 

Brooke sets a trap, leaving a pregnancy test kit in Sarah and TK's bedroom.  When TK finds the kit, he and Sarah fight over babies.

Sarah refuses to believe he doesn't want children.  TK's prepared to work through the issue with Sarah, but is stunned when she calmly asks for a separation.


Wednesday 9th December (ep 4393)

TK loves Sarah and knows that she loves him. He tries to reason with her but Sarah refuses to be talked round.  They go to bed. 

TK attempts to reach out to Sarah physically but Sarah freezes him out. 

The next morning, Sarah tells Daniel and Brooke of her plans to separate from TK.  Daniel is shocked and petitions Sarah not to do this. 

Sarah admits that she loves TK and explains she is leaving him so that he can start a family with someone else. 

Taking hope from Sarah's admission that she still loves TK, Daniel urges TK to fight for his marriage. 

But Brooke convinces Sarah that a clean break will result in the least pain for Daniel.  So Sarah tells TK she is moving out.

Kieran opens his doors to customers despite the maintenance work being carried out in the cafeteria.

However, Callum declares the workmen a safety risk, forcing Kieran to close.  Kieran is dismayed but Sophie encourages him to think laterally. 

Kieran starts taking orders and delivers food to staff.  Callum sends out a memo banning all staff from eating and drinking anywhere except the cafeteria and staff room. 

Kieran and Sophie visit Sugar where business is booming. Sophie offers to cut back on her wedding spending.

Morgan receives an email from a publisher in Sydney who is interested in her graphic novel, Lily Scorpion.  Morgan is reluctant to courier the book, in case it gets lost or damaged. 

Gerald has the idea of scanning the book at work and emailing the images.  He arranges to do so, but is frustrated when Rachel instructs him to attend to her needs first. 

Morgan's car is broken into and the book is stolen, along with her handbag. 

Gerald and Morgan talk to the security guard, who warns them that reviewing the tapes will be a slow process. 

A DHB executive's car is also broken into and Rachel suddenly makes the reviewing of the security tapes a priority. 

She sets Gerald up in an exam to watch all the footage.  Gerald finds the segment where Morgan's car is broken into but the thief's face is obscured.

He continues searching tapes and discovers the footage of Yvonne kissing Santa.  He confronts Yvonne thinking Hunter is the one in the Santa suit. 

Yvonne comes clean admitting that she kissed Ben. 


Thursday 10th December (ep 4394)

Yvonne tries to explain her romance to Gerald, but they are interrupted by Libby.  Gerald covers his unease but when he gets home, Morgan queries his discomfort. 

Gerald distracts himself with dealing with Morgan's lost graphic novel. 

Over at the Jeffries' apartment, Yvonne attempts to tell Tania the truth.  Unfortunately Libby arrives, and talk turns to Tania's lingering feelings for Ben. 

Yvonne is appalled to realise Tania is struggling to get over Ben and feels she cannot be honest with her. 

The next day, Gerald corners Yvonne and pleads with her to come clean to Tania.  Yvonne decides she can't go through with her secret holiday, but Ben offers to cancel his plans instead. 

Yvonne informs Gerald that she won't be holidaying with Ben. 

Tracey talks to Rebecca about her escort agency troubles.  Tracey is surprised when Maxwell insists on taking her out for coffee.  He wants another chance, and Tracey is thrown. 

She turns to Tania for advice and Tania suggests that Tracey focus on rebuilding her friendship with Maxwell. 

Maxwell is encouraged when she agrees to attend a concert with him. 

Tracey grows concerned about Scotty's stress levels and she cancels her plans with Maxwell to have an evening in with Scotty. 

Maxwell implies that Tracey is lining Scotty up to be her next boyfriend.  Tracey tells him she no longer wants anything to do with him. 

Sarah insists on staying at a hotel.  TK assures an upset Daniel that Sarah will come to her senses given time. 

He discusses the issue with Maxwell who encourages him not to give up.  Sarah reveals the split to Gabrielle and Chris, who are very concerned. 

Gabrielle worries that Sarah is making a mistake, but Chris advises that she not get involved. 

Chris rushes into surgery to operate on a gunshot victim, and he is shocked to discover the patient is none other than Don Lennox.


Friday 11th December (ep 4395)

Chris decides to finish operating on Don Lennox, in spite of the obvious conflict of interest.  Morgan makes a call to warn Maia of what's unfolding in theatre.

Gabrielle arrives to overlook the surgery, but Chris struggles to save Lennox when he arrests on the table. 

Feeling shattered after the unsuccessful surgery, Nicole puts off her drink with Maia. 

Rachel is alarmed to realise she may have a situation on her hands when she learns of Chris's connection to Lennox. 

She attempts to drag Chris over the coals, but is forced to back down when Callum supports Chris. 

Callum is concerned that Rachel is letting her feelings affect her professional judgement.  Rachel assures Callum that she has no vendetta against Chris. 

Maia is unsettled when Nicole callously remarks that no-one will cry for Don Lennox.

Sarah wonders if Maxwell is right when he forcefully urges her to fix things with TK. 

Brooke attempts to comfort TK, but is frustrated when Daniel thwarts her attempt to score alone time with him. 

Brooke overhears Gabrielle pushing Sarah towards reconciliation.  She argues that Gabrielle is giving bad advice, and hopes she's put the kybosh on Sarah's plans to talk to TK. 

Brooke attempts to score a lunch date with TK, but is frustrated when Daniel again thwarts her plans. 

Sarah is grateful when Chris offers his support and pushes her into meeting TK at the charity event.  Brooke intercepts and deletes Sarah's phone message to TK. 

At the charity event, hosted by a casino, an anxious Sarah looks forward to establishing a ceasefire with TK.  But back at home, Brooke fakes a sprained ankle, forcing TK to look after her.

Maxwell distracts Sarah with roulette. 

Brooke is a sympathetic ear for TK.  TK appreciates her support. It seems Brooke has TK right where she wants him.