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Shortland Street

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December 6 - 10 2010

A scheming Rachel McKenna - Shortland Street TV2

Monday 6th December ( ep4641)

Maia is rattled by the realisation that she has romantic feelings for Jennifer. 

She attempts to shore up her relationship with Nicole but Nicole has Christmas party business to attend to. 

Maia is further unsettled when Jennifer decides to accept Maxwell's offer and move into his apartment.   

Maia talks Nicole into taking a pre-Christmas holiday. 

But Nicole realises that Bella is ill-equipped to cope with the Christmas party on her own and pulls out of the trip. 

Maia feels trapped when Nicole invites their new neighbour Jennifer around for dinner.

Scotty is pleased when he finds a way to include Hine in the wedding preparations. 

Hine is happy to make the place settings and when Tracey asks Hine to use a different ribbon, Hine agrees. 

But she doesn't tell Tracey that she's already made all the place settings and dumps them in the bin. 

Scotty finds them but Hine assures him she's happy to redo the place settings - she wants Scotty and Tracey's wedding to be perfect. 

Scotty realises that Hine thinks she has to make up for the past.

When a temporary vacancy opens up for a social worker at the hospital, he puts her name forward, hopeful it will prove to Hine that he wants her around.

Tania and Rafe decide not to think about his imminent departure and enjoy their last night together. 

The next day Tania and Rafe share a heart breaking goodbye, keeping a tight rein on their deeper feelings for each other. 

Battling her heart, Tania throws herself into her nursing to forget about Rafe.

But when Yvonne learns of Tania's true feelings she urges Tania to pursue Rafe to the airport and let him know how she feels.

When a flat tyre prevents Tania from getting to the airport in time and she despairs that she has lost Rafe forever. 

However, she's taken aback when Rafe arrives, revealing that he couldn't leave her. 


Tuesday 7th December (ep 4642)

Tania is overwhelmed that Rafe has decided to stay in Ferndale for her. 

She has a feeling he's downplaying his overseas responsibilities as they revel in their romantic reunion.  

She is spurred on by TK who encourages her to go to Laos - it's in her nature to help other.  

Tania considers accompanying Rafe to Laos and she discusses the difficult decision with Yvonne and Maia, who give her their support. 

Rafe worries that Tania is giving up her life for him but a loved-up Tania is certain she is doing the right thing. 

She tearfully farewells her family and friends before flying off into the sunset with Rafe.

Trapped into dinner with Nicole and Jennifer, a nervous Maia hopes she can muddle through. 

Her secret crush on Jennifer is eating away at her, and when conversation takes an intimate turn, it's more than Maia can handle. 

She abruptly excuse herself from the dinner party, perplexing Nicole. 

Now that Jennifer has moved in next door, Maia finds her constant presence unnerving. 

She decides to take some time out, using her friend Belinda as an excuse. 

When Nicole shares Maia's sudden holiday plans, Maxwell privately speculates that space from Jennifer is Maia's real reason for leaving.

With Callum away, I.V. decisions are again in Sophie's court. 

She is annoyed when Daniel tries to talk to her about The I.V computer systems - it only reminds her of Kieran. 

But seeing him work so hard, Sophie is grateful for Daniel's expertise and romance begins to build between them. 

When Sophie sees that Daniel has gone to so much trouble to help with the I.V,she insists on shouting him dinner to thank him. 

Just as things are heating up romantically Hunter interrupts with shocking news. 

The police have arrived and urgently want to speak to Sophie - they've found Kieran's body.


Wednesday 8th December (ep 4643)

Romance is off the agenda for Daniel and Sophie as she meets with police, who reveal that they have identified Kieran's body from dental records. 

On meeting with lawyers, Sophie learns Kieran has left her a lot money, but she doesn't want to touch it.

She announces that she also wants to sell the bar as soon as possible. 

Daniel gives her all the space she needs, assuming it will take her quite a while to get over her grief. 

However, the discovery of the body has brought closure for Sophie, and reassures Daniel that he is the one she wants.

Brodie and Murray are thrown by the prospect of losing their jobs when the I.V. is sold. 

Later, Wendy is thrown as an excited Murray tells her that he would like to buy the bar himself.

Hine starts work as a social worker at the hospital, and is called in to help with an uncommunicative Russian woman who has been hit by a car while running from a shoplifting incident. 

Hine is able to gain her trust, and learns that Nadia is in the country illegally. 

Her partner is in prison and she is struggling to raise his six-year-old son. 

Nadia fears what will happen to the little boy if she is deported. 

Hine pleads her case to Tracey, who warns that the unsubstantiated sob story may not be true and recommends letting the police and CYFS deal with the case. 

However, Nadia's desperate need to be a good mother to her stepson strikes a chord with Hine, who distracts the waiting police officer so Nadia can escape prosecution. 

She argues with Tracey about her actions, and Scotty surprises Tracey by uncharacteristically breaking the rules to side with his mother, leaving Tracey uneasy.

Isaac gets nowhere trying to free up some Worthington money from Uncle Garth, and is irritated to face the summer break with insufficient funds. 

He is counting on a lucrative ACC contract for a bulk lot of carpal tunnel surgeries, and is aghast when Rachel passes on it. 

When Isaac learns that Jim's cosmetic surgery clinic is lying idle, he convinces Jim to bid for the contract, promising Chris Warner will be on-call. 

The bid is successful, but Isaac is stymied when Chris accepts another booking. 

Jim is concerned when Isaac turns up to operate without Chris's on-call support, but Isaac insists that he is capable of the work, in spite of not yet being a consultant.

Will Jim take a risk?

Thursday 9th December (ep 4644)

Desperate for money for his boat, Isaac manages to convince Jim to go ahead with the carpal tunnel surgeries. 

It all goes well and even a phone call from Chris, asking him to come into Shortland Street, doesn't put cocky Isaac off his game. 

Isaac rides high when he gets away with the surgeries, despite angering Jim with his recklessness. 

Though Isaac is determined to continue their business relationship Jim refuses to have anything to do with him. 

Desperate to win favour back, Isaac sets up some face time between Jim and Jennifer, and hopes his peace offering works.

Maxwell is excited about having Ula in the same city this summer. 

They agree to meet up after his shift but he is waylaid by a patient and TK takes Ula off to play basketball. 

Maxwell can't find them and is irked to find them playing basketball and his competitive nature is challenged when both a superior TK and Ula accuse him of being unsporty. 

Rising to the bait, Maxwell tries to show off his sporting skills but is outclassed by both TK and Ula.  

Nicole gets him and TK to sign up for the social club medical challenge fundraiser. 

Maxwell sees this as a way to get one back over TK. 

Murray is determined to buy the bar despite Wendy's doubts and concerns. 

He hits a dead end until he and Brodie decide to go into partnership together. 

They take this to Wendy but, despite their sound arguments, she won't support it.

However, after talking it through with Bella, Wendy changes her tune and Murray and Brodie present an offer to Sophie which she accepts. 

It's all good for Murray and Wendy except for the fact that they have to cancel the family camping trip due to spending the money on the bar deposit. 

Wendy is worried given how much Evan has invested in the idea.

When Evan learns that Murray has bought the bar forfeiting the camping trip, he loses his cool - roughly pushing his mother and screaming at his parents that

he hates them, leaving Murray shocked.

Friday 10th December (ep 4645)

Murray finds Evan and warns him that his confrontational behaviour is unacceptable. 

However, he admits that he needs to make more time for Evan from now on. 

Murray happily reports that he has sorted the problem with Evan to a relieved Wendy. 

But Murray has misjudged Evan's response and Jasmine is rattled when Evan reveals that he's running away from home.

When Jasmine reports the news to Murray, he's immediately worried. 

He and Jasmine do their best to find Evan, and Wendy is dismayed when Murray sheepishly admits that Evan is missing and he's seen no sign of him.

Isaac is intrigued when Jim receives a visit from an unsavoury character. 

He confronts Jim, who reluctantly reveals that he has been coerced into performing surgery on a criminal. 

A greedy Isaac offers to assist Jim in order to profit from the surgery. 

Meanwhile, Jennifer is suspicious when Brooke reveals Isaac and Jim are associates and wonders if they're up to no good. 

Jennifer challenges Isaac but he claims that he was just helping Jim make a play for her affections, frustrating her. 

Isaac is confident he's put her off the trail, and is thrilled to receive confirmation from Jim that their money-making surgery on the criminal is booked in.

Wanting to prove that she's capable of having fun, Rachel signs up to participate in the medical obstacle course which Nicole has organised to fundraise for the Christmas party booze. 

She and Chris are dismayed when they are paired up. 

At the medical challenge, tension builds when Rachel insists on taking on a medical task and loses the round for her and Chris. 

Chris and Rachel pull things together and win the next challenge, and are surprised when they feel a spark for each other. 

Rachel compliments Chris on being a good team-mate, but takes things too far by touching his hand and is left stinging when Chris rejects her. 

Chris is surprised when Rachel turns up on his doorstep, but before he can ask questions she kisses him passionately.