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A day in the life of Ido Drent

In this EXCLUSIVE new feature, we follow Ido Drent around to discover just what a typical day at Shortland Street is like. 

Here's his diary:

A day in the life of Ido Drent:

 An early rise this morning. Down some of my famous apple and cinnamon oats and then go check out the sunrise at Kohimarama beach.

 Arrive at work and it's time to transform into Daniel Potts (with the help of the amazing wardrobe and make-up departments).

 Several scenes back-to-back with Mauri Oho Stokes (who plays Tupac Evans) and Ben Mitchell (TK Samuels).  Shortland Street is an incredibly fast-turn around show, so it's important that scenes are done as quickly as possible. If everything goes smoothly, we can nail one in about 20 minutes.

10:50 Coffee time! We have a cafeteria on-site which is awesome. I have a passion for coffee and often put on a barista hat and whip one up myself.
It's a stunning day outside so I take a few minutes to read the paper in the sun. 

 Time to go over some lines to ensure that I am prepared for the afternoon. I've got some intense scenes with Amanda Billing , who plays my onscreen mum Sarah Potts, so we take some time to go through them together. 

 Take a break to have some lunch. Pop up the road to grab some sushi with Amanda and then fit in a quick game of handball with the crew.
Handball is a bit of an institution for the crew at Shortland Street - and can get pretty competitive!

02:00 A quick post-lunch powder down, then several scenes for the afternoon. It's some pretty emotional stuff between Daniel and his mum Sarah (Amanda), so I'm glad we had the chance to practice together earlier today. Come away feeling tired, but pretty pleased with my performances.

05:00 Hit the gym for a work out, then pop home to start preparing some dinner. Having some friends over for the evening and I'm on barbeque duty.

 Spend some time reading, before hitting the hay.