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Shortland Street

Shortland Street

Shortland Street

There's plenty more shocks in store for Shortland Street this March.

Read on for our exclusive pick of the top stories coming to you this month!

He was her protector in her time of most need and her confidant as she recovered from the trauma of Zac’s sexual assault, but now Roimata leans on Josh Gallagher for different reasons.

 When TK pushes Roimata to think more about their future together, she starts to feel smothered by him. In order to forget about the pressure TK seems to be putting on her, Roimata chooses to spend more time with her friends and less time with her husband.

But as she starts to clock up the hours with Josh, Roimata is shocked to discover a spark between them.

Determined to focus on TK and be the wife she knows he wants, Roimata resolves to put some distance between herself and Josh. But this could prove to be more difficult than she had ever imagined.


This month as Sarah and Seth continue to go head to head, a surprising new player arrives at Shortland Street and upsets the balance of power.

With the former friends coming to an uneasy truce over their ambitions for Shortland Street, the pair is thrown when a familiar face arrives at the hospital.

Soon both Seth and Sarah are questioning allegiances as they battle for the loyalty of the influential new arrival.


Working as a PA in a hospital has never been Lana’s idea of a dream job.

This month her ambition to work as a designer is renewed after decorating the new house.

 When a well-known furniture designer arrives in Ferndale and notices Lana’s work, she hopes it might lead to bigger and better things. But the credit for her work ends up being directed elsewhere and Lana’s left quietly resigned to the possibility that no one will ever notice her talents.

When Josh issues a few home truths about Lana’s lack of courage and inability to stand up for herself, she realises that if she doesn’t blow her own trumpet, then no one will. Resolving to grow some back bone and make the designer aware of her skills, Lana is left shocked by the reaction she receives.


After kindly lending Kylie money for late rent payments, Evan let himself think that something might be blossoming between them.

Seeing him only as a friend, Kylie humours his school boy crush, but when they wind up spending more time together, she begins to see that there is more to Evan than meets the eye.

When Emma warns Kylie that Evan is developing feelings for her, Kylie promises to define some boundaries so that Evan knows that they can never be anything more than friends. But Evan doesn’t take no for an answer and soon Kylie realises she might be have trapped herself in situation that might prove very tricky to get out of.


Wayward teenager Jared Afeaki struggles with his new life at the Warner house this month. Since the death of his father, Jared has battled with all sorts of emotions and has found it hard to settle with Chris and Rachel. And when Rachel starts to take her work frustrations out on Jared, it’s only a matter of time before something goes awry. Alone in the world, Jared ends up turning to a very surprising person for emotional support.

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