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Vinnie and Kylie argue - Shortland Street on TV2

Chris Tempest stars as Josh - Shortland Street on TV2

Shortland Street on TV2

Jasmine bonds with her grandfather - Shortland Street on TV2

It’s July and that means the 90 minute episode of Shortland Street is on its way!

This year promises to be as thrilling as ever and more than one of your favourite characters will find themselves in over their head.

Read on for our pick of the biggest stories this month and get a taster of what's coming up in our 90 minute episode...


After months of meddling, Rachel McKenna’s rival Seth Packhurst is about to reveal his grand scheme for Shortland Street hospital.

Chris Warner arrives back in town just as Rachel is finally ousted out of her job by Seth.

An exhausted and disillusioned Rachel is ready to give up in the face of Seth’s victory, so it’s left to Chris to take up the fight. 

This time around, it’s more than just a battle for the swively chair with the hospital’s entire future at stake.

Determined to win back the CEO title for Rachel, Chris rallies the staff and assemble his troops to take back the hospital.

But Chris’ attempt to bring down Seth will have surprising consequences for his relationship with Rachel...

From his heroic arrival at Shortland Street in last year’s feature length episode, ED doc Josh Gallagher has fallen a long way.

After his affair with Roimata Samuels alienated him from many of his colleagues, now
Josh’s foolish decision to work illegally for drug dealer Neil Hesketh has back fired.

With his job on the line and Neil and his heavies leaning on him for drugs, Josh is trapped in a dangerous situation.

When Bella discovers Josh wallowing in alcohol and self-pity, she attempts to coax him back from the brink of despair.

But even with Bella’s help, Josh can’t escape from Neil’s clutches and his heavies’ beatings.

As Josh desperately struggles for a way out of the mess he’s created, he’s about to get caught up in something even more sinister than he could have imagined.

She’s started her first real job as an ambulance officer and now Ula Levi is about to hit another milestone and go flatting for the first time!

When Emma mentions that she and Kylie need another flatmate, Ula jumps at the chance to take the next step and move out of home.

But when the financial realities of renting hit home, she realises that she might not have what it takes and has second thoughts about living at the Deco House.

Has Ula bitten off more than she can chew?


Family ties cause trouble the Cooper family this month when Murray’s father Len Cooper comes to stay.

With an uneasy relationship between father and son, Len’s arrival brings tension into the Cooper household.

Jasmine tries brokering peace between Murray and Len and she’s pleased when she comes to an understanding with Len.

But as she bonds with her grandfather, she makes a startling discovery about Len that will shock everyone!


Colleagues Kylie Brown and Vinnie Kruse’s brief dalliance is well behind them and that’s just where they like it.

Both are now deliriously happy in new relationships…or so they’d like to think.  

Kylie has gone public with her much younger boyfriend Evan Cooper, while friends Vinnie and Nicole finally admitted their less than platonic feelings for each other.

But this July both nurses are having niggling doubts about their new relationships.

Kylie is concerned that the age difference between her and Evan is just too great, especially in the face of disapproval from his friends and colleagues.

Meanwhile Vinnie is wondering whether his comfortable relationship with Nicole has enough of a spark.

When unusual circumstances force Kylie and Vinnie together, old attractions rise to the surface.

Will the temptation be too much for these one-time lovers?


Now in its fourth year, Shortland Street’s feature length episode will once again bring the Winter Season to close with a bang.

This year’s 90 minute episode revolves around a crisis at the hospital which will leave several lives in danger.

“This year we’re pulling out all the stops and pushing the production to the limit,” says producer, Simon Bennett.

“It’s been very challenging, especially in this cold weather. If the cast weren’t shooting in the freezing cold water, then they were filming half naked! Many of the actors were pushed way out of their comfort zones for this episode.”

While the climax of last year’s episode revolved around helicopter crash at the hospital, this year’s 90 minute episode will focus on a fire and mass evacuation of the hospital and it’s sure to leave viewers wondering what’s coming next. (Keep an eye out for a sneak peek of the episode on the app in the next couple of days!)

Don’t miss Shortland Street’s biggest month of the year!


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