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Shortland Street

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Chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate!

It seems that the cast of Shortland Street has quite the sweet tooth!

We asked them what their favourite part of Easter was:

Sophie McIntosh (Honour Aleni)

Chocolate, everyone knows I love chocolate.

Frankie Adams (Ula Levi)

Spending time with my friends and family …oh and chocolate

Michael Galvin (Chris Warner)

Easter egg hunting with my daughter

Matt Chamberlain (Murray Cooper)

My kids saving me from all the Easter eggs by eating them all for themselves

Jacqueline Nairn (Wendy Cooper)

My favourite part of Easter is having  4 days off in a row

Teuila Blakely (Vasa levi)

My favourite part is all the Easter eggs

Robbie Evison (Toby Reynolds)


Tyler Read (Evan Cooper)

The smell of hot cross buns

Amy Usherwood (Emma Franklin)

Watching movies and reading books in bed

Kerry–Lee Dewing (Kylie Brown)