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Caught out

Shortland Street

Despite his bad behaviour behind the scenes, Josh Gallagher has kept up his nice guy image with his friends and colleagues, and most importantly girlfriend Bella Durville…for now

But this week on Shortland Street, the net is closing in on Josh as suspicions begin to grown about what he’s really up to.

When Josh’s ex Roimata follows up on one of her department’s recent patients Wendy Cooper, she’s curious about Wendy’s sudden and unexplained recovery and decides to investigate further.

Meanwhile Evan Cooper accidentally stumbles upon Josh with a suspicious stash of medication while on his cleaning job at the hospital.

Are Josh’s dubious dealings about to be discovered? And how far will he go to prevent his secrets getting out?

Tune next week on Shortland Street to find out!



Shortland Street, weeknights at 7pm