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Bride versus baby

Shavaughn Ruakere plays nurse Roimata Ngatai - Shortland Street TV2

A pregnant Sarah Potts - back on Shortland Street

TK Samuels - Shortland Street TV2

A very awkward situation unfolds this week on Shortland Street, when a breakdown in communication sees Roimata and Sarah battling for friends at their special occasions.

With maid of honour Jill (Natalie Medlock) absent, Nicole (Sally Martin) is left to pick up the slack and organise Roimata a bridal shower.

Meanwhile, Tracey takes the lead to arrange a baby shower for Sarah.

With the dates decided, both groups are surprised to learn their parties are set for the same day.

"Having the parties on the same day only serves to remind Sarah that her true love is marrying another woman," says Billing. "This realisation really upsets her as she feels if Roimata wasn't on the scene her family would be together as she hoped."

Furious with the clash in dates, Roimata accuses Sarah of deliberately sabotaging her bridal shower.

Offended by the suggestion, Sarah digs her heels in, leaving the situation unresolved.

"Sarah tries her best to be civil," says Billing. "But at the end of the day she believes the conflict is petty. However she's determined not to lose this battle."

Witnessing the altercation, TK (Ben Mitchell) tries to broker a solution between the pair.

Emerging with a resolution, Nicole praises TK for his negotiation skills but beneath the surface, animosity between the pair continues to simmer.

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