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Bree meets the Ferndale Strangler!

Rachael Blampied plays Bree - Shortland Street on TV2

It’s been over a year since Rachael Blampeid last graced our screens as the delightfully deranged Bree Hamilton and Rachael says she’s enjoying coming back to Shortland Street.

“It's fantastic.” She says. “It's like coming back to see my family after a long stint away!”

With Bree’s return, Rachael is predicting plenty of drama to come in Shortland Street’s final weeks of 2013.

“She's still mentally very fragile, and her manipulative tendencies are most definitely still at the surface,” she explains.

“She truly does love Brooke. [But] unfortunately she just manages to get herself tied up in impossible situations, due to her poor and desperate decisions, and can't see a way out.  So, yes, there will be drama...”

Rachael has been keeping extremely busy since she departed Shorty last year with roles in Auckland Daze and 2013 TV ONE show “Short Poppies” with Rhys Darby. She also has a starring role in a Sunday Theatre drama as NZ’s very own World War II heroine Nancy Wake, also screening next year on TV ONE.

Rachael says she felt extremely privileged to play such an iconic Kiwi war hero.

“She was a phenomenal woman who became very involved in the French Resistance in World War II,” she says.  “It was an absolute honour and privilege to bring her story to the screen.”

Rachael has also teamed up with another iconic Shortland Street villain off screen - Johnny Barker who played the infamous Ferndale strangler Joey Henderson.

The pair are behind the camera this time, producing music videos and Rachael says that they often receive strange looks from Shorty fans when they get together.

“We get some funny looks when we have meetings together in cafes - what are the two baddies doing together?  What are they plotting?!” she jokes.

 “Don't worry guys, it's just a video or a short film.  Don't panic!”



Shortland Street, weeknights at 7pm