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Breast Cancer Awareness

If you are watching Shortland Street at the moment, you will be very aware of the emotional journey Kylie (Kerry-Lee Dewing) and Norrelle Brown (Luanne Gordon) are currently travelling.

Diagnosed with cancer, Norelle is battling for her life with her loving daughter by her side.

This isn't the first time Shortland Street has tackled the issue that effects so many New Zealanders each year.  

"As a show, it is important for us to tell significant stories like this in the hope that we help raise awareness in some way," comments producer Maxine Fleming.

Around 3000 New Zealand women are diagnosed with Breast Cancer each year - with the risk increasing with age.  And while it is uncommon, men also get breast cancer. On average, 20 men are diagnosed in New Zealand every year.

"It is a very serious storyline and an important story to tell. It has been an extremely emotional journey for Kylie and Norelle, and as an actor I tried to do it as much justice as I could," says Kerry-Lee Dewing.

"I did a lot of research into the subject and spoke to a lot of people.  I actually learnt a lot in the process and am now more aware of the signs, which makes me more vigilant," adds Dewing.

Last night Kylie delivered an immensely heartfelt speech to some Ferndale residents. Check it out below.


One in nine women are at risk of developing breast cancer over their lifetime. While women over the age of 50 are most at risk, younger women can also be at risk. For every person diagnosed, thousands of husbands, wives, partners, children, family, and friends are affected as well.

The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation provides education and awareness and has produced a range of targeted materials. For more information: