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The boys are Freshening up

Pua Magasiva plays Vinnie Kruse - Shortland Street on TV2

Shortland Street’s Pua Magasiva (Vinnie) and KJ Apa (Kane) are set to host FRESH’s very first episode of 2015 when it kicks off on Saturday, 14th February at 10am.

Very conveniently, the first episode happens to screen on Valentine's Day so the boys get to focus on romance and all things LOVE as part of the show.

“I’m sure everyone knows Pua has a reputation as a bit of a 'romance expert',” says KJ Apa. “He’s the perfect person to be hosting a Valentine’s Day episode!”

As well as romance, the boys promise the episode will be a lot of fun, entertainment and lot’s of quintessential KJ and Pua comedy.

“It was really fun working with Pua outside of the Shortland Street set; I probably wouldn’t have done it if he didn’t do it with me,” said KJ Apa.

It’s set to be an exciting season for Fresh with some iconic Islanders hosting each episode.

“We are very excited to be a part of this; Fresh comes from a Pacific Island perspective which I like. I think it’s important to share all kinds of stories,” says Pua.

Join the boys as they kick off the first Fresh journey this Saturday at 10am on TV2, and don’t forget to catch them on Shorty, 7pm weeknights on TV2.