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Blood Drive NZ

Last week saw Shortland Street add Shaun Johnson to its list of famous cameos.  But that wasn't the only highlight!

In the same storyline Shortland Street highlighted the importance of donating blood.

We saw characters TK (Ben Mitchell), Harper (Ria Vandervis) and Drew (Ben Barrington) going head to head in order to get people to donate blood.

And of course, being the big-shot surgeon that Drew McCaskill is, he had to bring out his famous friends.

"I've watched the show since I was really young so it was really like a dream come true for me,” comments Shaun Johnson. “It was cool to go behind the scenes and see how it all works – it really is another world! The cast and crew were so welcoming and supportive.”

'The timing of Shaun's appearance worked perfectly with the filming schedule. It was great having him as part of the blood drive storyline,” comments producer Maxine Fleming.

“I had a blast, but not sure if acting is my next career move!!” says Shaun.

New Zealand Blood service aims to be the provider of blood services for New Zealand, recognised for excellence in meeting the needs of donors, patients, staff and the wider healthcare community.

While a hospital like Shortland Street would normally not have a blood donating service available, it was an important subject to highlight.


There is now an app that goes with your donation. For more information on this and more you can visit


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