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Behind the scenes: Shortland Street's Winter Season promo

Shortland Street's Winter Season

Shortland Street's Winter Season

Shortland Street's Winter Season

Shortland Street's Winter Season kicks off on Monday May 9th.

You'd have to live in Guatemala to have missed our glamorous and stunning promo campaign currently playing on TV2.

Get the inside info about what went on behind the scenes and the concept for the shoot from TVNZ's Marketing team.

The Shortland Street Winter Season is one of the highlights of the year for the show as it means one-hour episodes building up to another feature-length episode.

We wanted to create something that really showcased the exciting storylines coming up during the winter months, and our fantastic creative team (steered by director Caroline Bell-Booth) came up with a brilliant idea to do something really unique: releasing a single.

Her vision for the shoot was old-style glamour something that was evocative of the golden age of Hollywood (although interestingly, none of the costumes from the shoot are actually vintage, its all modern).

Here are the clothing details:

Angela, Shavaughn and Amanda's dresses are from Second to None, 1 Kingdon Street, Newmarket 

Virginie's dress was from Across the Board;  Rachel's dress is also from Above The Board, but you can buy the pattern from Vogue in their vintage section.

Caroline crafted a scenario where the characters' stories would play out in a sexy speakeasy with TK caught between the sultry maitre d girlfriend (Roimata), and the captivating singer with whom he has history (Sarah).

The idea was for Amanda Billing to perform a song in the promo which we would then release to fans to raise money for the NZ Red Cross to aid the Christchurch recovery.

Some fans may not know Amanda has such a powerful singing voice, and her version of The Buzzcocks Ever Fallen In Love is a smoky, jazz version of the classic track. 

You can buy the track on iTunes here.

There are a lot of choices to be made in the coming weeks for the Shorty characters and the aim of the promo is to leave viewers wondering whose side they're on.

It took an enormous amount of planning to get so many cast members away from the hectic Shortland Street shooting schedule, but we thought it was worth it to flesh out the club with other Ferndale residents.

The other patrons of this club are playing out their own dilemmas and inner turmoil - Chris is caught between his former girlfriend Gabrielle (the one that got away) and his on-again-off-again girlfriend Rachel, and he finds himself wondering if he's made the right choice.

Across the room, Hunter and Paige are flirtatiously playing a game of cards reflecting their competitive rivalry, as well the potential for dark consequences later down the track.

You won't miss an episode of Shortland Street's Winter Season: