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Shortland Street

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August on Shorty Street

Shortland Street goes into quarantine, and love is put to the test for some. 

With just over a month left of the Shortland Street Winter Season, many lives hang in the balance this August!


With TK (Ben Mitchell) on the hunt for a cure for the deadly virus, lives of many Ferndale residents are put at risk. 

Harper (Ria Vandervis), Boyd (Sam Bunkall) and TK think they have the situation under control. But they're unaware that Blue (Tash Keddy) is exhibiting signs of the virus, in a situation where he could be spreading it to many!

When Blue's condition deteriorates, a shocked Jack (Reuben Milner) is reminded of his sister's death.

Kate (Laurel Devenie) is terrified to think she could lose her son.


Lucy and Ali are finally united in their love for one another.

But will the arrival of a face from her past put all Lucy holds dear in jeopardy?


Rachel (Angela Bloomfield) is still self-medicating for her anxiety. Her worst fears are realised when she is informed that her position of CEO could be on the line.

When her integrity is called into question, she is horrified. This also raises the tension between her and Chris (Michael Galvin).

When an unexpected visitor finally shows his true colours, Rachel is pushed to the limit.

Without the support of her family around her, Rachel finds herself in deadly situation. 


Bella (Amelia Reid Meredith) and Leanne's (Jennifer Ludlam) supplement sales speed up, and they believe they are onto a business winner!

But all is not what it seems. Leanne starts acting strangely, causing concern for her friends and family.

After an innocent comment made by Michael, Leanne is determined to go ahead with her plans for some plastic surgery.


Meanwhile Boyd wakes from a terrifying nightmare. Will this signal the return of Melissa?


Find out this August only on Shortland Street.