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Shortland Street

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August 2 - 6 2010

Kieran can't hold on

Beaten by White Dragon, Kieran tries to fight back

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Monday 2nd August (90 minute feature  ep 4549/4550/4551)

Nicole celebrates winning the social club presidency by drinking too much.

Maia is left wondering if she backed the wrong horse as she drags a drunken Nicole home. 

The next day, Yvonne dumps the social club accounts and financial reports in a hung-over Nicole's  lap.

As Tracey prepares to leave for Christchurch she is disturbed to notice that Penny still seems fixated on Scotty. 

An amorous Hunter pushes for sex with Penny but she continues to keep him at arm's length. 

Thinking Tracey has left already, Penny asks Scotty for advice.  Tracey arrives and queries why Penny is back in Scotty's orbit.  Scotty dismisses Tracey concerns.

Callum frets about meeting with the Ministry of Health.  Rachel offers her help in convincing them that Shortland Street should stay independent from Central. 

Callum re-considers blackmailing Nugent by threatening to reveal Nugent slept with Annette.  

Rachel comes up with another plan which might just save Callum's job.

Kieran's abductors take him to an isolated wharf where he is confronted by White Dragon, a dangerous criminal from his Thai past. 

Dragon lost face when Kieran stole $150,000 from their boss and fled the country with Suchin. 

He now wants to video Kieran's torture and murder in order to regain his status in Thailand. 

A brave Kieran refuses to beg for mercy, spoiling Dragon's vision for the perfect home movie.  

Dragon reveals his trump card - he has Sean alive and ready to torture in front of Kieran. 

Kieran and Sean feign an argument as a distraction and manage to set the room alight in order to escape. 

They overpower their captors and steal a car, but Kieran is badly wounded. 

Kieran falls unconscious and Sean drives him to the I.V.  Sean disguises himself and drags Kieran inside, but is discovered by Gerald, who is shocked to realise that Morgan's killer is still alive.

Sean calls an ambulance for Kieran.  Gerald gets in the back with Kieran, planning to call the police on Sean. 

The ambos are overpowered by Dragon and one of his thugs who hijack the ambulance with Kieran and Gerald inside.

Nicole is petrified when she is apparently car-jacked by Sean who is determined to catch Kieran in the runaway ambulance. 

Gerald tries to escape when the ambulance slows down but is thwarted by a knife-wielding thug. 

Despite her protests to release her from the chase, Sean won't let Nicole go because he needs her to treat Kieran's injuries. 

They catch up to the thugs when White Dragon realises his escape route is blocked by the police, and Kieran and Gerald are rescued by Sean and Nicole. 

When Nicole's car breaks down, they have to escape into the bush.  Wendy finds Nicole's handbag abandoned in the carpark of The IV but Maia isn't concerned.

White Dragon and his thug find the abandoned car and head off into the bush pursuit of the group. 

The group find a hiding spot, and wonder if it's safer to sit tight or keep running. 

Nicole is swayed into sitting tight by Kieran, who warns that the thugs chasing them are killers. 

Gerald is anxious when Nicole leaves to seek help.  Nicole is terrified when she finds herself caught between the thug and White Dragon.

William Nugent arrives at the end of Callum's HOD meeting and threatens to expose the Sonny Belville case. 

Callum threatens to use Nugent's infidelity with Annette against him.  Zoe returns, and is left uneasy when she stumbles upon an intimate moment between Chris and Rachel.

Chris admits he has forgotten to chase up her document.  She seeks out Isaac with designs of seducing him to spite Chris. 

Having pencilled in a romantic evening with Penny, Hunter looks forward to taking the next step in his relationship. 

Penny's attempt to get close to Scotty in Tracey's absence is foiled when he fobs her nursing enquiry off on to Maia. 

Scotty hopes that Penny has got the message when he gives her the hard word, insisting that he wants nothing to do with her on a personal level. 

Brodie is puzzled when Kieran doesn't show up to work, and is sickened by Hunter's plans for a romantic night in. 

In Penny's room we see an incriminating photograph of Scotty's army unit.

Chris arrives home in time to see Zoe and Isaac leave his bedroom, post sex.  He leaves quickly in shock. 

Chris struggles to concentrate during the important Ministry of Health meeting. 

He is pulled out of the meeting by Yvonne and his life takes a tumultuous turn when he learns he has a son to past love Alison - fourteen year old Phoenix Raynor. 

Isaac is concerned for Harry, and Chris is at a loss deciding he can't bring Phoenix home until his paternity is proven. 

Scotty offers Chris a lifeline, offering to let Phoenix stay with him in the interim. 

Penny is frustrated to learn Scotty will no longer be home alone.

Callum presents his proposal to the Ministry of Health. 

He asserts that Shortland Street should not be assimilated into Central but be restructured into a flagship hospital that would provide both public and private services. 

William Nugent has to bite his tongue.  Callum manages to push the proposal though and he and Rachel congratulate each other on a job well done.

Captured by Dragon, Nicole risks her life to warn Sean, Kieran and Gerald by arguing with Dragon within earshot of their hideout. 

Gerald insists on going to Nicole's rescue and Kieran forces Sean to help as he is too injured to go himself. 

Sean is taken out by Dragon's thug and Gerald is horrified that both Nicole and Sean are now prisoners. 

Dragon decides to kill one of his hostages to draw Kieran out and he begins a countdown. 

A desperate Gerald rushes forward, brandishing a branch.  Dragon's thug is amused and toys with Gerald. 

Things look grim for Gerald but then Kieran joins in on the fight.  To Kieran's dismay, Dragon recovers, grabs Gerald at knifepoint and flees. 

Nicole, Sean and Kieran pursue and Dragon and Kieran fight.  Dragon gains the upper hand and Sean barrels into them, sending the trio tumbling toward the cliff edge. 

Dragon falls to his death but Gerald dashes forward and prevents the brothers falling. 

Kieran and Sean grip on to Gerald, but realising that Gerald can only save one of them, Kieran insists that Gerald save Sean. 

He tells Gerald the truth - he is responsible for Morgan's death and Sean is innocent.  Gerald is shocked. 

Kieran rips himself free, and Gerald is horrified as Kieran plunges into the pounding surf and rocks below.

Tuesday 3rd August (ep 4552)

Nicole and Gerald are in emotional shock when they enter ED to be checked out. 

Hunter, as ambo, tries to remain professional when he hands over injured Sean to Maxwell in ED. 

Hunter calls Callum and Sophie into the hospital and Sophie is shocked to learn of Kieran's death from Gerald. 

Sophie visits Sean in his ward for the full story and is shell-shocked when he confirms the truth - Kieran did kill Morgan. 

Brodie asks what to do with The IV and its staff, pointing out that it is Sophie's now that Kieran has gone. 

Resigning himself to his fate - jail - Sean dismisses Nicole and Gerald's attempts to reach out, advising them to forget about the Mitchell brothers.

In attempts to contain the fall out, Isaac dumps Zoe.

She is hell bent on getting Chris's testimonial despite sleeping with Isaac. 

She sees what she assumes is Chris turning to Rachel to discuss his relationship woes, when in reality he's offloading about Phoenix. 

Chris begrudgingly leaves Phoenix to meet her at the I.V, where she demands her testimonial, claiming that Chris still owes her for what he did to Dallas. 

Chris contains his fury and gives her the letter; after which she warns him that his feelings for Rachel are obvious. 

 Chris is determined to protect Harry when he's upset by the break-up, and he decides to keep Phoenix a secret until the paternity results come back.

Penny secures access to Scotty's house by sparking up a friendship with Phoenix. 

Penny then diagnoses a poisoning when a young boy is sick.  Maxwell is impressed. 

He wonders when she learned so much about poisons. 

Penny is frustrated when thanks to Phoenix she misses an opportunity for foul play. 

Scotty is thrown to find Penny in his house, but is impressed when Penny helps Phoenix feel at home. 

At work, Penny poisons Scotty's protein shake.

Wednesday 4th August (ep 4553)

Penny is pleased when Scotty unwarily ingests poison.

Brooke is concerned for Sophie when she hears of Kieran's death. 

Brooke shares the emotional turmoil she went through after Ethan's death and Sophie breaks down, admitting that she doesn't want to care that Kieran is gone but she does. 

Off Brooke's advice, Sophie decides to go and visit Justine, leaving the bar to be managed by Brodie under Callum's watchful eye. 

Brooke is glad she's helped, but still struggling with her own loneliness, invites Gerald to live with her.

Wendy reveals that she and Murray are under considerable financial pressure at the petrol station. 

Sarah bolsters and Wendy is hopeful that the bank will grant them a loan which would bail them out. 

Wendy also faces problems with Vasa who insists that she carry out medical tasks her way. 

Wendy checks with Scotty who supports Vasa and Wendy feels foolish for being overly cautious. 

She follows Vasa's direction on another task only to be berated by Scotty for not following hospital protocol. 

He tells her to stand up to Vasa and Wendy does so. 

Wendy visits her friend, Eileen, who has been in hospital for over a month after developing a post-op infection. 

Eileen is miserable and blames Wendy for giving her the idea to deliberately injure herself to force Isaac to operate. 

Isaac overhears and tells Wendy to be careful what she says to patients in future. 

Wendy feels terrible and the pressure she's under is compounded when she learns that the bank have turned down her and Murray's loan application. 

When Scotty flip flops yet again on Vasa, it's the final straw for Wendy and she angrily tells Scotty that he is a failure as nursing manager. 

Scotty threatens a written warning and Wendy quickly realises that she has badly overstepped the mark.

Thursday  5th August (ep 4554)

Rachel's contract is ending; Callum offers her a job as project manager during the hospital restructure. 

But it's more work for less money, and Rachel feels undervalued.  She confides as much in Chris, who rants that Callum doesn't appreciate her. 

Rachel expresses her reservations to Callum, unsure whether she'll take the job. 

Rachel's discusses her decision not to have children with Brooke which clarifies for Rachel that her career is her top priority. 

Rachel turns down Callum's job offer, aware it will end their working relationship. 

But when Rachel learns Chris is now available, they experience a momentary longing for one another.  

Rachel returns to Callum to take the project manager role, with the stipulation that once the contract is finished, she will go where her career takes her.

Then it will be Callum's choice to follow her or end their relationship. 

Meanwhile a grumpy Scotty directly confronts Chris over his feelings for Rachel.

Maia's concerned when Wendy reveals the financial and personal pressure she's under. 

Maia has a word to Scotty, who acknowledges Vasa is adding to Wendy's stress.  He transfers Vasa to ED.

Wendy is grateful she still has a job.  Vasa arrives to work in ED, and Maxwell fears it's a recipe for disaster.

The shift goes well and Maxwell and Vasa return home on a high. 

However, when it's Sarah that collects Maxwell's good mood, Vasa grows jealous.  Sarah's pleased when she gets a chance to work in ED as a locum.

Vasa's intrigued to note that Sarah is having problems with her leg due to her MS. 

She witnesses a close moment between Maxwell and Sarah.  She sabotages Sarah's ED stint by tripping her up with a carefully placed schoolbag.  Sarah goes sprawling. 

Maxwell is forced to acknowledge that Sarah's MS is preventing her from doing her job. 

Oblivious to a smug Vasa, Maxwell stands Sarah down, leaving her mortified.


Friday 6th August  (ep4555)

Rachel worries that Phoenix could be an imposter, but Chris has connected with him and considers the paternity test a mere formality. 

He plans to meet Phoenix so that they can go together to get the result, but Chris has double-booked - Harry's soccer team will be playing at the same time. 

Chris makes an excuse and Isaac offers to take him.  Harry's team wins and Isaac brings him in to the hospital so that he can tell Chris. 

Harry runs into Phoenix who is waiting Chris's exam.  Phoenix doesn't reveal who he is and Harry assumes he is a patient.

The paternity test concludes that Phoenix is his son.

Sarah seeks out Wendy to complain about Maxwell.  Sarah is furious that Maxwell didn't believe she was telling the truth about her competence to work. 

Maxwell stands by his decision. A tense Sarah and Maxwell arrive home where Vasa arranges for Sarah to head to bed early so that she can have time alone with Maxwell.  

The next morning, Maxwell keeps his late night bonding session with Vasa secret from Sarah. 

In ED, Maxwell and Sarah enjoy working together, leaving Vasa feeling on the outer. 

Sarah realises Vasa is competing for Maxwell.   

Hunter catches Brodie giving his friends free drinks.  But he makes up for it when he pulls in a bar full of paying customers that night. 

Later, Rachel and Callum are served by Brodie and, despite initial misgivings, Brodie does well when he charms some female diners. 

However, when a table of businessmen walk out without paying Callum decides to Brodie isn't responsible enough to run the IV alone. 

Brodie laments to Hunter about Callum's decision to demote him. 

Later, the businessman who skipped out without paying his bill returns and settles his debt and makes another booking - making Hunter reconsider Brodie's potential as bar manager. 

He asks Rachel and Callum to give Brodie another chance.  They do and Hunter is pleased. 

However, when Penny gets a call from the landlady at the flat, she and Hunter learn that Brodie has been ripping them both off by over charging them on their rent.